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Sung My is not only a bonsai but also a money-making machine

American fig tree - opportunity to get rich for farmers
My fig farm in Dong Nai

Currently, business Sung My is a business type that many people pay attention to. This plant is considered to have complete value in all three aspects: nutritional, economic and ornamental. Because of that, the farmers liken the fig tree to a money tree, just picking it and making money.

Why has this plant become so valuable? Is it really “making money” like word of mouth out there? Let’s Agri Find out through the article below!

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What is a fig tree?

Fig tree
Fig tree

The American fig tree is often referred to as the sweet fig tree. Scientific name is Ficus carica, related to mulberry of the lineage Moraceae. Native to the Southwest A and Mediterranean regions. That is why this plant occurs in California and is widely grown in regions with Mediterranean climates.

Although Vietnam is a country with a tropical monsoon climate, the American fig tree has been introduced to our country and produced miracles in agricultural production. Not only that, with simple planting and care techniques, high yield and high cost, figs have gradually become one of the favorite fruit trees of Vietnamese people.

The benefits of figs

Figs contain high calorie content, enough to give you instant energy. At the same time, with the content of minerals in the fruit, unlike many other fruits, eating figs not only does not cause intestinal pain, but also helps create a temporary feeling of satiety, stimulates joy, relieves pain, and relieves pain. stress. It can replace chocolate, candy, sugar water, etc.

In addition, figs are a fruit that contains many essential nutrients such as iron, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium to help supplement nutrients, increase the body’s resistance and especially help increase height in children.

Has a healing effect

American figs
American figs

Sung My is considered a friend of the elderly. It has the ability to resist spinal degeneration, effectively promoting the treatment of osteoporosis. In particular, it also increases resistance to the heart, repels cardiovascular diseases, anemia, …

In the American figs contain mucin, which helps to cure diseases of the digestive tract such as laxatives, constipation, etc. Thanks to the tiny particles, toxins, mucus in the intestines are cleaned, absorbed and expelled outside. through body waste.

In addition, people also use the fruit of this plant as a respiratory medicine, especially for asthma.

Has a feng shui effect, as a scene

Fig tree as an ornamental
Fig tree as an ornamental

From the past, on the five-fruit tray on New Year’s Day, figs have always been indispensable. Sung represents affluence, fullness, and fullness. All the houses are worshiped because they wish to have a prosperous and prosperous new year.

Besides, for good luck to stay for a long time, many people also choose figs to make bonsai and create bonsai. This not only brings beauty to the house but also proves the constant creativity of the fig grower.

Opportunity to get rich from fig tree

Consumption market – large buyer demand

Irresistible seductive taste

The effect of figs
hard to resist delicious figs

The sweet and delicate taste of this fruit is extremely mouth-watering, loved by many people. Especially pregnant women. Therefore, every day the amount of figs sold in the market is extremely large. Not to mention there are a large number of customers buying them to make medicine.

Many products are created from figs

In addition to being a simple fruit, figs are also processed into soft drinks, tea, cakes, gel medicines, animal feed, etc. Thanks to that, this plant gradually becomes a necessary product in the food industry. People’s lives, people’s needs also increase because of that. Export potential is high.

No effort and great profit – the advantage of the grower

Fig tree is a deciduous shrub. Has a long life, the oldest type has a lifespan of up to 200 years. Plant resistance is good. This helps growers save a large amount of money to buy seeds, money for treatment and reduce the worry of crop failure, etc.

Simple planting techniques for high efficiency. If planted in good conditions, it can be harvested after 6 to 8 months. More surprising when in the US, this type of fig is considered a 1-crop tree, but in our country, we can harvest 2-3 crops in a year.

There are many forms of processing and trading. People often grow figs to sell fruit or import goods for factories producing beverages, syrups, jams, etc. Besides, many people can also grow figs as ornamental plants to sell at high prices.

The fig farm model is becoming more and more popular. The farm size will increase gradually and in proportion to consumer demand. Therefore, the profits are getting higher and higher, and the fig tree automatically becomes a money-making tree.

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