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How to plant the wrong fig tree, you should know

The fig tree is planted on the terrace
The fig tree is planted on the terrace

With all the great benefits, now how to grow fig tree has become the hottest keyword on newspapers, social networks, etc. People race to plant fig trees with the desire to get rich.

So is it difficult to grow figs? Let’s also Agri find out!

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Prepare the soil before implementing the way to plant figs for high efficiency

How to grow fig trees, no matter how easy it is to do, but as long as there is a problem with the soil, all efforts become meaningless. Therefore, preparing the soil before planting figs is extremely important.

Land for planting trees must be secure
Land for planting must be secured

Fig tree is a plant that is not picky about soil, but like other plants, with enough moisture and nutrient-rich soil, the tree will grow well, quickly, and be strong. And vice versa, for soil that is poor in nutrients and arid such as rocky soil, the tree will grow slowly, difficult to grow or large but weak.

The way to grow figs for high efficiency is to choose to plant in sandy clay soil with a pH ranging from 6-8.

It is recommended to mix the soil with the growing medium to help the soil develop better and at the same time, mix the soil with lime or dry it in the sun for 1 to 2 weeks to clean the soil before using it.

How to grow fig trees will be effective if fertilized properly

When applying how to plant figs, don’t forget to fertilize the soil!

Organic fertilizer from vegetables
Use organic fertilizer to fertilize fig trees

As for how to grow figs with seedlings, you should fertilize before planting. It is best to apply 15kg of organic fertilizer with 0.1kg of urea, 0.05kg of Potassium. For the final application process, you should add 5kg of organic fertilizer and 0.05kg of Urea and Potassium compared to the dose at the time of planting. Subsequent years also increased by a similar amount compared to the previous year.

As for how to grow figs by seed or by cutting method, you should also apply primer before planting. Different from how to plant fig trees with seedlings, fertilizing before planting for the two above methods will help you save effort in taking care of the tree during the process of growing the tree. Just re-fertilize twice a year, namely in spring and summer. And especially should not be applied directly to the ground, but should be diluted with water and then watered at the base of the tree.

How to grow figs with seeds (seeds)

beautify sprouts
beautify sprouts

Choose to buy seeds of fig trees with a high germination rate, free from pests and diseases. Dry the seeds in the sun before sowing soft to ensure they will be thoroughly disinfected.

Soak seeds in warm water about 30ºC for 2 to 3 hours to stimulate seed germination.

Sow the seeds in the prepared potting soil.

Place the potting soil containing the seeds in a well-lit place for plant growth

After about 1 to 2 weeks the plants will sprout. Take care of the plants until the seedlings are about 10-12cm tall and have 6-7 leaves. Choose healthy plants to grow in pots or gardens.

How to grow figs with seedlings

Dig a planting hole and fertilize the hole before planting

Tear off the plastic bag, plastic bottle wrapped outside the potting soil

Place the plant in the hole, pressing firmly around the nursery bag until the surface of the bag is level with the hole where you planted the fig tree.

Compact the soil around the base and over the surface to help the plant stand. Support more sticks if needed to stabilize the tree.

Some factors to keep in mind when planting fig trees


How to grow figs does not require intense bright light. Just the right amount of light, low intensity, natural light.


Water the plants
Water the plants

How to grow any fig tree requires adequate moisture and especially this species is drought tolerant, does not need a lot of water. Only need to water twice a week. When the plant is in the flowering period or in winter, it is advisable to cut back on watering the plant. Watering should be done only when needed.

Trim leaves for the tree

How to grow fig trees to achieve high efficiency, you should pay attention to pruning leaves for the tree, especially in late winter and early spring – when the sap is starting to flow. More specifically, during the flowering period, when the nutrients will not be scattered too many leaves, but only focus on fruits and flowers.


If it is too cold, you should bring the plant indoors to take care of it. Add more straw at the base of the plant to keep the plant warm. How to grow fig trees will not achieve the effect you want if the tree is too cold-tolerant


No matter how perfect the way to plant figs is, it is inevitable that the tree will be attacked by pests and diseases. The easiest to detect is rust, spiders, aphids, etc. Then you should use insecticides or use scissors to cut off the infected part to avoid spreading. Another way is to use a homemade pest control solution to clean and clean the infected part of the plant.

Harvest figs

How to plant fig trees to earn money
How to plant fig trees to earn money

If you follow the standard way of planting figs, only after 6-8 months you can harvest 1 crop. With experience, 1 year can harvest up to 2-3 crops.

When plants secrete white sap, they are not yet ripe. You should wait until the figs droop and feel soft to the touch.

Absolutely do not cut off the flower pulp clinging to the stem. This will be where the new fruit grows.

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Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
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