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2 secrets to making delicious, crispy salted roasted cashews at home in 15 minutes

Roasted salted cashews are a popular dish, widely sold on the market. But if you are someone who loves to cook, loves new experiences, and wants the whole family to enjoy the taste of food you make yourself, then this article is for you.

This article will help you be confident, clear up doubts (like what if you don’t make it as delicious as when you bought it, what if it burns or isn’t crispy) with a clear cooking sequence and provides useful tips in each step. From how to choose delicious cashews, how to determine the right amount of salt to the roasting process. There are 2 popular types of salted roasted cashews: Roasted with salt and still has silk skin and Roasted white cashew nuts with salt.

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Roasted salted cashews with silk shell


Cashew nuts still have grade A shells and large seeds because the bigger they are, the tastier they are. (See more about Useful experiences when choosing cashews). You should choose newly produced raw kernels that are fresh, not moldy, and not contaminated with seed shell oil. You should pay attention to removing damaged seeds and separating broken seeds. Walnuts are easier to cook than whole nuts, so they can be added later or roasted separately to avoid burning the nuts.

Table salt is relatively fine, there is no need for refined salt to season the soup or too finely ground salt because it easily penetrates into the nuts causing excessive saltiness, losing the inherent sweetness of cashews. Moreover, refined salt is easy to make nuts. It turns yellow-black.

Experience in measuring salt and cashew nuts depends on the cook’s taste. Usually there will be more salt than cashews so that the salt covers the cashews because salt helps transfer heat better, browns the cashews more evenly and prevents the cashews from coming into direct contact with the pan, causing scorching. The ratio can be 6:4 or 7:3 with the principle of ensuring the cashews are submerged in salt.

Large, spacious pan. Avoid using non-stick pans because when roasting, you need to stir and mix continuously, which can cause peeling and deformation of the non-stick layer.



How to make salted roasted cashews with silk skin

Turn on the fire to heat the pan, you can use wood fire or gas.

Add salt to the pan and stir well.

When the salt is really hot, add the cashews and stir well. The heat should be moderate because if the fire is too high, the outside of the cashew nuts will easily burn, while the inside will not be cooked. If the heat is too low, it will take a lot of time for the nuts to cook, and the longer the roasting takes place, the more salt will seep into the cashews, making them easily too salty.


After stirring regularly for about 10 minutes, you can check the dryness of the cashews. Cashew nuts, after being harvested and processed, have different moisture levels, so the roasting time for each batch is also different. If the cashews are not yet very dry, lower the heat and roast for more time until the cashews reach dry and crispy enough. When ripe, the aroma of cashews will exude more and more, the salt will dry, and the cashews will ripen crispy with an attractive yellow color. You can check if the cashews are roasted by taking out a few seeds, blowing them to cool, and peeling off the outer shell. If the color of the cashew kernel is golden throughout, your dish is complete.

Put the salted roasted cashews in a sieve, bamboo or stainless steel sieve, then sieve and gently shake to filter out the excess salt, so that the salty taste of the cashews is evenly distributed, avoiding the situation where some parts are too salty and some parts are too bland. Heterogeneous.

Wait for the cashews to cool down then enjoy immediately or put in a storage box. Freshly roasted cashews are delicious to eat, extremely fragrant and crunchy, but if left out in the air for a long time, they will become soft and mushy because salt-roasted cashews have strong water absorption properties.


How to preserve: put it in a glass jar or plastic jar with a tight lid and close it. If possible, you can divide it into portions and put them in a vacuum bag to save for later consumption. Vacuum bags are effective in preserving the flavor and crispness of cashews for a long time, up to 1 year.


Roasted white cashew nuts with salt (no skin left)

The method of making salt-roasted white cashews is similar to salt-roasted cashews with skin, only slightly different in the way of choosing ingredients and roasting tools.


The ingredients here are white cashew nuts that have been peeled and dried. The experience of people in the cashew industry is to break the nuts in half vertically or horizontally to observe the following factors to evaluate whether they are good cashews or not.

  • Intestine: dense, heavy grain
  • Surface: The seeds are even, the body is round, and the skin is smooth
  • Color: Dried cashew kernels have a light, uniform yellow color throughout every position of the nut. It’s not like the outside looks golden, but the inside is pure white.
  • Odor: The smell is still fragrant, new, not oily.

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In addition to roasting salt in a pan similar to roasted salted cashews with skins, roasted white cashews with salt also have another extremely unique and convenient way to prepare them in the microwave:

How to make salted roasted white cashews

Put the peeled cashews in the microwave, Select roasting mode. The amount of seeds depends on the size of the oven and your needs.

Let the oven roast for 5 minutes, then pause the oven, stir once, then roast again. Continue the process until the cashews exude a sweet aroma and the nuts reach the desired dryness and crispness, then stop.


Take the cashews out of the microwave, put them in a stainless steel mesh tray, sprinkle with salt and stir until evenly distributed. The amount of salt depends on your taste and preferred saltiness. It is not necessary to have more salt than cashews like when making cashews with silk shells.


At this point, the microwave salted white cashew kernel dish is completed. You can enjoy the delicious, hot flavor right out of the oven or put it in a plastic jar, glass jar or vacuum bag for preservation.



Hopefully the above sharing can help you make your own unique, delicious, nutritious salted roasted cashews for yourself and your family members. If you want to enjoy the flavor and take advantage of the benefits of cashews but are not comfortable cooking them yourself, the good news is that there are currently many units supplying salted roasted cashews on the market with good quality. Tested, competitively priced for you to freely choose.


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