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Effective rabbit meat business increases profits and saves 5.6 million VND per month

effective meat rabbit business
effective meat rabbit business

Today, people raise rabbits highly industrialized, raised in large numbers. Profits are not small, so more establishments grow up, do not miss this great opportunity. Therefore, competition in the rabbit meat market increases, requiring the livestock business to be more innovative and professional than before. How to trade rabbit meat effectively?

Breeding and fattening for sale to increase profits
Breeding and fattening for sale to increase profits, effective meat rabbit business

Breeding method for fattening for meat in rabbit farm:

Efficient rabbit meat business
Efficient rabbit meat business

Rabbit meat is increasingly popular in the market because of the variety in food processing, the health benefits of chicken are three times higher than that of chicken, not inferior to other popular meats. Therefore, rabbit meat became widely consumed, the selling price was higher than before. Since then, many people have come to raise rabbit meat to get rich and have been successful.

  • Old male rabbit: Rabbits more than three years old are considered old. Therefore, it has reduced the ability to breed, the pregnancy rate in female rabbits decreased. These breeding males had to be brought out as commercial rabbits, fattened and sold for meat. Except for the old male rabbits, but the ability to transmit the breed is still good, they will be kept and raised.
  • Old female rabbit:Female rabbits need to give birth in the right way, every year from 5-6 litters to be able to exploit until the age of four or so. However, for those that give birth once a month, there is a risk that they can only give birth for less than two years and are exhausted. Like male rabbits, older female rabbits have difficulty conceiving and give birth to fewer offspring, and the offspring are not able to breed. Only the mother rabbits in the most fertile period, the litters born in the second year of age, are selected for breeding only.

Because old rabbits are not profitable to keep, they have to be eliminated and fattened for a few months to smooth their skin and then sell meat. In addition, among rabbits raised for meat, there are also male and female rabbits that do not meet the standards for breeding when they are still young.

Castrate male rabbits to make meat more delicious?

How to trade rabbit meat effectively?
Castration of male rabbits for better meat is an effective meat rabbit business

Female rabbits that are raised for meat, whether old or young, do not need to be castrated, but for male rabbits, regardless of age, they need to be castrated to make them fat quickly, and the new meat is delicious, so the rabbit meat business is effective.

Why are you passionate about raising rabbits for collective meat for effective business?

Doesn’t take up much barn space

Raising rabbits saves space for effective meat rabbit business
Raising rabbits saves space for effective meat rabbit business

On average, one square meter of floor can accommodate four to seven large breed rabbits. If they are so tight, they will be less active, so they will get fat quickly.

Meat rabbits grow up fast

Due to the competition for food, the rabbits grew very quickly. From there, the rabbit meat business is more effective.

Less work to take care of

Freer hands when raising rabbits
Efficient rabbit meat business

Although the labor for feeding and drinking, plus cleaning and sanitizing the barn, is a lot, but at one time, you can take care of many children at the same time, so you can do a lot and become a little.

If you want rabbits to grow up quickly, shorten the time of rearing to quickly “get out of the barn”, an effective meat rabbit business should provide a lot of nutritious and protein-rich foods such as fresh vegetables, fruits and food. pellets.

Here are the things you need to know for an effective rabbit meat business. Raising rabbit meat is a new and unique way, to get rich, farmers must pay attention to some points in this article.

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Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
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