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Serious consequences of improper vegetarianism

Improper fasting will backfire and bring negative health consequences. What is that?

1. What are the consequences of improper fasting?

1.1. Anemia disease

Your body is supplied with many different vitamins from eating meat. Therefore, stopping eating meat and switching to plants needs a lot of attention. You should not just eat vegetables with rice and let it be enough.

Improper fasting causes anemia

1.2. Deterioration of memory, skin aging.

To make your facial skin dark, lack of vitality, lack of elasticity and firm muscles need protein nutrients. Such as: collagen, amino acids, elastin, myosin, etc. So an improper vegetarian diet will prevent you from absorbing these substances and lead to bad skin conditions.

In addition, the lack of protein in the body is one of the causes of gastrointestinal tumors.

The nutrients necessary for brain development need to be provided from animal food sources, otherwise your brain can age and lose memory.

1.3. Obesity

Many people mistakenly believe that a vegetarian diet will bring a beautiful body, no longer have to worry about weight problems, but they are wrong. If you are a person who wants to switch to a vegetarian diet to lose weight, you should pay attention to foods containing a lot of starch, sugar and vegetable oils. Because they will stimulate the taste buds, make you eat more delicious and the weight will still increase as usual.

1.4. Causes cardiovascular diseases

If fasting is not correct, your body will be severely deficient in vitamins B6, B12, causing anemia or demyelination of nerve fibers, in addition to causing hymocysteine ​​​​stagnation.

Hymocysteine ​​acid is one of the acids capable of breaking blood vessels, causing atherosclerosis, heart disease and possibly a stroke at any time.

Improper fasting causes cardiovascular disease

1.5. Fasting too early affects reproductive health

Vegetarian foods are very poor in cholesterol, so although cholesterol causes cardiovascular diseases, they are extremely important for young children.

If fasting too early, the body will lack these hormones, affecting the child’s puberty, growth retardation, and serious effects on reproductive health, reducing sexual desire later in life.

Therefore, children should not be given a vegetarian diet too early to ensure their normal development.

1.6. Hair loss

A recent study found that severe protein deficiency and a lack of certain other nutrients can lead to hair loss. Meat is a nutrient-dense food. Meat contains iron, B vitamins and zinc, all of which are important for hair growth.

Although iron is found in foods such as dried beans and dark green leafy vegetables, it is more difficult to absorb on a pure vegetarian diet. But it is very easy to supplement with supplements. Vegetarians and vegans need special attention to get enough iron for the body. Functional foods should also only be added if your body lacks.

2. What is the correct vegetarian diet?

Nutrition By Color

In the meal should include: mushrooms, vegetables by color (red, orange, blue), fruit dessert. One of the most serious consequences of a nutrient-deficient fasting is anemia.

Besides the main meals, you should supplement nutrients from the snacks. Snacks can be nutritious nut milks or cereal germ powder made from 12 kinds of nutritious seeds.

Article source: Industry and Trade Magazine.

Emilia Chaney
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