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How to make cashew sweet soup in 7 simple steps at home

If you are familiar with sweet soups such as corn sweet soup, grapefruit sweet soup, black bean sweet soup, green bean sweet soup, Thai sweet sweet soup, Khuc Bach sweet soup, etc., today I would like to introduce a rare but delicious sweet soup. extremely delicious: cashew tea. Cashew sweet soup is a dish that sounds quite strange to many people, but it has rich nutritional content, delicious flavor, fat, nutty, and is especially good for health, guaranteed to bring you a unique dessert. , strange and attractive. Come to the article to discover how to make the dish Extremely simple cashew tea 7 Steps along with notes when using cashew tea from nutrition experts!


  • 300g white cashew nuts, peeled.
  • 500g of sticky rice has been soaked in water for about 30 minutes so that it will become softer when cooked
  • Ground coconut
  • Filter bags
  • 3 small spoons of salt
  • 400g sugar
  • 2 large spoons of tapioca starch
  • Pressure cooker
  • Electric cooker


Step 1:
Soak the cashews in water for about 6 hours to soften them. You can refer to how to choose cashews here.

Then, put the cashews in the pressure cooker to stew. After stewing, you should check the softness of the cashews. Unlike beans such as black beans, red beans, green beans… when they are soft, they crack and are easy to see. You can check cashews by squeezing them with your hand. If the cashews are easily crushed, they have reached the required softness. Then, take the stewed cashews and put them in a basket to drain.

Step 2:
Put ground coconut in a thin, thin filter cloth, wrap it up, and put it in a pot or bowl.
Use warm water to pour into a pot or bowl to make the coconut come out easily, then squeeze it with your hands. Under the pressure of the hand and the heat from the water, the coconut will mix with the water to form coconut milk. The coconut milk obtained after squeezing has a milky color, looking similar to cow’s milk.

Then, with the remaining coconut pulp, you can make coconut water by adding warm water and continuing to squeeze. You can add water 2 or 3 more times to squeeze depending on the amount of water each time and the dilution of the juice you want. Coconut water can be simply understood as coconut milk, also made from ground coconut but thinner.


Step 3:
Add a little salt (about 2 small spoons) to the coconut water to enhance the flavor. Note, when cooking cashew sweet soup, if you only add sugar, the dish will be bland and difficult to eat.

Then add the coconut water into the rice cooker to cook. You can also cook with a pot directly on the stove, but cooking with a rice cooker has the advantage of not worrying about burning.

Step 4:
After the coconut water boils, add the cashews and sticky rice mixed well into the pot. Use chopsticks or spoon to stir the pot evenly. You can adjust the amount of water in the pot to suit the amount of cashews and sticky rice. If there is too much water, it will be thin like porridge and not delicious.
After the cashews and sticky rice have been mixed well with a moderate amount of water, continue to adjust the pot to cooking mode, similar to when cooking rice.

Step 5: Cook coconut milk
Add 2 tablespoons of tapioca starch and 1 teaspoon of salt to the coconut milk, then put it on fire, stirring well throughout the cooking process until the coconut milk has a thick consistency.

Step 6:
When the tea is cooked, open the lid of the rice cooker and stir well.

While the sticky rice is still hot, add about 400g of sugar and continue stirring until the sugar dissolves and seeps into the tea.

Step 7:
After pouring coconut milk, you can enjoy it with shaved ice or eat it hot. For the remaining tea, before adding coconut water, you can put it in a box and put it in the refrigerator to preserve.

Note: Who should not eat cashew nut soup?

Through the above, with just 7 simple steps, you can make your own attractive, delicious and nutritious cashew sweet soup. However, too much nutrition sometimes has its limitations. Here are some people who should not use cashew tea:

People with kidney failure

Cashew nuts contain many minerals such as potassium and oxalate salt. Potassium can worsen kidney failure while oxalates can lead to kidney stones. In addition, cashew nuts provide a rich amount of protein, which causes the metabolism of this protein to produce many toxins that must be eliminated through the kidneys. If the kidneys are not working well, they will be more affected.

The person is suffering from hoarseness and hoarseness

In oriental medicine, cashews have a sweet, nutty taste that has a soothing and phlegm-relieving effect. However, people who are losing their voice or are hoarse should limit eating cashew nuts because the fat in cashew nuts can easily irritate the throat mucosa, making hoarseness worse.



Hopefully with the above sharing, you can add cashew sweet soup to your list of favorite desserts. With just the 7 simple steps above and very easy-to-find tools that every home has, plus a little cooking enthusiasm, you can treat yourself and your family to a delicious, nutritious dish. unique. Wishing you success with cashew sweet soup!


Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaneyhttps://agrisearch.net
My name is Emilia Chaney. I'm a social girl from Romania with a big smile and 3 passions: Agriculture, Travel and Social Media. I try to make this blog practical, full of great advice and inspiring ideas.

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