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In Medicine What Is Resin Used For?

In medicine, What is pine resin used for?? What is the most effective way to use pine trees? All the issues that you want to know about turpentine will be shared by us in the article below.

What is a plastic pine tree?

What is a plastic pine tree? Pine pine, pine pine, pine pine or Tenasserim pine, etc., scientifically known as Pinus Latteri. This species was first described scientifically by Mason in 1849. However, some authors, like taxonomists in Vietnam often do; considered the resin pine to be the same species as the Sumatran pine. This is a species with the nomenclature Pinus Merkusii.

Pine trees are widely distributed in the central provinces of Vietnam. Some provinces in the Northeast also have pine trees. Pine resin is grown mainly in Quang Ninh, Nghe An, Lam Dong (Da Lat). Pine has the characteristics of good cold tolerance, adapting to altitudes from 500 meters.

Pine trees for resin are widely distributed in the central provinces of Vietnam
Pine trees for resin are widely distributed in the central provinces of Vietnam

The characteristics of pine resin are as follows

  • Pine resin can tolerate heat, arid soil, climate near the sea.
  • It is a large tree, 25-45 meters high.
  • Canopy ovate, low branched.
  • Bark gray-brown below, orange-red above.
  • Often deep longitudinal cracks near the base.
  • The upper part of the stem is smooth and easy to peel off.
  • The trunk diameter is up to 1.5 meters.
  • In the body there is a lot of resin, the resin is fragrant.
  • Leaves needle-shaped, with two leaves clustered on a petite terminal.
  • Leaves are 20-25 cm long, over 1 mm thick, dark green in color.
  • Short branches with 1-1.5 cm long leaves, spiral attached to large branches.
  • Unisexual cones have the same root, female cones ripen in two years.
  • Cones are usually symmetrical egg-shaped.
  • Dimensions are usually:

4 to 5 cm high.

+ Width 3-4 cm when closed.

Width 6-8 cm when opened.

The peduncle is usually straight and 1.5 cm long.

  • The bracts are poorly developed, the carpels are usually woody when ripe.
  • Scale surface rhombus, with two prominent horizontal and vertical edges, umbilicus concave scales.
  • Each scale has two seeds.
  • Seeds 7-8 mm long, winged 20-25 mm.
  • Dispersion of seeds by wind.

Parts used and chemical composition

Pine resin, eye burns on pine branches, core, buds and leaves – Resina, Nodus, Lignum, Gemma et Folium Pini Merkusii.

Tree for resin used to make colophan and essential oil. In pine essential oil, there is a very high content of da-pinene (up to 90%). There is also camphen, b-pinene-A3-Caren in very small amounts, a little alcohol and ester. From the pinenes, camphor is synthesized. In medicine, camphor (photoactive form) is used as a stimulant for heart and respiratory activity and as a number of other pharmaceuticals. From a- and b-pinene, camphen, people also synthesize the pesticides clofen, toxaphen, polyclopinen, … with good insecticidal effect. They also use menthol synthesis.

Pine tree resin contains many components that are good for health
Pine tree resin contains many components that are good for health

The effect of plastic pine

What is the effect of resin pine? In many regions, pine trees are called pine trees. This is a symbol of eternity; because the pine tree has extraordinary endurance against all weather fluctuations. Pine has the effect of creating a green, clean environment rich in oxygen; Fragrant scent is beneficial for health care.

For the elderly, pine nuts help

  • Replenish kidney laxative.
  • Laxative.
  • Skin nourishment.

Especially suitable for the elderly because it does not adversely affect the political climate.

The kernel of pine nuts also works

  • Cure cough, phlegm.
  • Cure constipation.
  • Full body to increase vitality.
  • Eat well and sleep well.
  • The skin is fresh and rosy

Uses of pine leaves (tung Mao)

  • Cure colds and flu.
  • I hurt myself, I hurt people.
  • Itching, sores, ulcers.

The effect of pine bark

  • Cure whole body edema.
  • Treatment of systemic symptoms of ulcers.

Resin works

  • Asthma cure.
  • Treatment of inflammatory joint diseases.
  • Acne, boils, swelling of pus.
Pine resin is very good to treat bone and joint diseases and boils
Pine resin is very good to treat bone and joint diseases and boils

The use of the two-leaf pine tree has been confirmed by many people. You should learn and consult your doctor for peace of mind. Thank you for your interest in following the article.

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