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You are healthy because you are wise: Q&A about nutrition for pregnant women

It is not surprising that a healthy and balanced diet applied by pregnant women right before and during pregnancy will become a wonderful gift for the future development of the baby.

Every spoon you eat, every sip you drink, even every thought and action you take affects the baby in your belly. So in addition to being always cheerful and optimistic, knowing how to exercise appropriately, what should expectant mothers keep in mind in the diet so that the baby inherits the best?

Take a look at some of the issues we’ve raised below to get some more A little experience for pregnant women Please!

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1) What should pregnant women with iron deficiency eat?

Iron deficiency during pregnancy It is quite common in pregnant women, especially those who are in poor health or are pregnant for the first time, and have no experience.

If you experience frequent dizziness, lightheadedness, and fatigue, you may have anemia (iron deficiency).

But don’t worry too much about pregnant mothers, you can completely supplement iron by eating enough and properly for pregnant women.

During pregnancy, the body of both mother and baby has a need for more blood than usual, to be able to nourish a healthy baby. So Anemic pregnant women What should I eat to meet the required blood volume?

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You can refer to the pregnancy-friendly iron-rich foods in the following list to add to your daily nutritional menu:

vitamin c

In addition, adding vitamin C also helps pregnant women increase the body’s ability to absorb iron. Citrus fruits, tangerines, bell peppers, cauliflower are effective support warriors, pregnant mothers.

And in some cases, you should also use iron supplements to ensure that your body’s absorption needs are met. However, how to use it, how much should be consulted with your doctor!

You can read more about other minerals that are just as important as iron in this article: How vitamins and minerals have “double swords” with pregnant mothers?

2) What should I eat during the first 3 months of pregnancy?

During the nine months and ten days of pregnancy, the baby in the womb will go through many different stages of development, which also corresponds to the nutritional needs of both mother and baby changing from stage to stage.

I lost 3 months

In particular, during the first trimester of pregnancy, the baby’s organs begin to form, the most important of which is the formation of the brain and spinal cord. So that What should pregnant women eat in the first 3 months? This is a question that many pregnant women are interested in finding out.

The nutrients that pregnant women need especially during the first trimester include iron, folate (folic acid), DHA, zinc, vitamins A, C and D, calcium and protein. And foods that help pregnant women supplement this necessary amount of nutrients include:

See more: The miracle that nutritious nuts give you during pregnancy

During this time, it is likely that pregnant women will experience symptoms of vomiting, nausea, fatigue and discomfort due to morning sickness. According to my experience, mom can prepare some snacks such as nutritious nuts, dried fruits and citrus fruits to reduce uncomfortable symptoms, and still supplement. essential nutrients and strengthens the immune system.

Building a reasonable menu right from the first days of pregnancy is the basic thing that every pregnant mother needs to do, don’t forget it too!

3) What should pregnant women eat in the second 3 months?

3 months old

In essence, the foods and nutrients that pregnant women need must be supplemented throughout pregnancy, whether it is the first or second trimester. However, because the baby’s development in this second trimester will be different than in the first three months, the type of nutrients that you need to focus more on will be a little different.

During this period, when the signs of morning sickness have lessened and are almost gone, the mother needs to take advantage of the nutrients that may have been lacking due to the morning sickness in the first trimester.

This is the period when your baby in your womb enhances the development of the nervous system and brain, nerves, circulatory system as well as the formation of bones and teeth. Therefore, you need to especially add foods rich in calcium, vitamin D, magnesium and omega-3.

In addition, essential nutrients such as iron, zinc, folate, and protein are still adequate as in the first 3 months of pregnancy.

good food during pregnancy

Then What should pregnant women eat in the second 3 months? okay? The answer comes from the essential nutrients I just mentioned above. Please refer to the following table for a standard menu during this pregnancy:

NutritionAbundant supply of food
CalciumMilk, eggs, almonds, broccoli, sardines and salmon with bones, tofu, calcium-fortified foods like milk for pregnant women, calcium supplements.
IronLean red meat (beef), animal liver, cooked seafood, legumes, whole grains, dark green leafy vegetables (broccoli, kale, …) and iron-fortified foods.
FolateLegumes and whole grains, dark green leafy vegetables, including spinach, cabbage, citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, nuts and folate supplements.
Vitamin DOily fish: salmon, cod liver oil, beef liver, cheese and egg yolks, certain mushrooms exposed to the sun, and vitamin D supplements.

Sunbathe about 15 minutes early every day.

Omega-3 fatty acidsOily fish: salmon, herring and sardines, cod liver oil, flaxseed, chia seeds and omega-3 supplements.

4) What should not eat during pregnancy?

Did you know that, when you are pregnant, what you eat, the baby in your belly eats it. If you eat nutritious food, the baby can also eat, but if you consume unhealthy foods, the baby must also receive the harm from those foods.

what to do when pregnant

So What should pregnant women not eat?? What foods should be avoided during pregnancy? Here is the list you must remember:

What pregnant women should not eat, what should be eaten are all issues to be concerned about when you are preparing for pregnancy, and must be done well when you are in this sensitive period. Don’t miss any details.

5) What should new mothers eat?

I'm always born

Pregnancy needs nutrients like this, foods like that need to be avoided. What about after the baby is born, during breastfeeding? What should new mothers eat to ensure health? for both mother and baby?

Actually, after giving birth, you don’t need any special foods. Just choosing any candidate from the list of super nutritious foods is enough to meet the nutritional needs of both you and your little angel.

The key point here is that a mother must balance her calorie and nutritional intake, combined with appropriate gentle exercise, so that both mother and child can achieve their goals.

drink a lot of water

A few nutritional notes that mothers need to immediately note in their child care handbook:

Besides that New-born pregnant mothers should abstain from stimulants, raw food, etc. similar to pregnancy. Because everything you eat and drink becomes a part of breast milk. The baby likes the natural sweetness of your milk, not the bitter taste of tea or coffee, Mom!

Being pregnant, giving birth, and taking care of children is really tough, but it’s worth it, isn’t it? This is like a marathon, you can’t sprint because it’s very long, but you can choose how to handle it at each certain stage. Only then will the mother and daughter happily accompany each other.

If you have any questions you want to discuss, please contact our Facebook to discuss more! And don’t forget to share this article with those who are also interested like you and leave a comment below the article to let us know what you think!

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