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You are healthy because you are wise: Basic nutrition Q&A

If you are looking for a healthy diet, a standard diet for you and your family, there are bound to be a lot of questions you need to find answers to.

Why balance nutrition? Is eating a lot of meat good? What does fiber do? Clouds and clouds, clouds and clouds and immense ^ ^!

Let’s try to refer to some issues that the talkshow “You are healthy because you are wise” mentions below! Who knows, there may be answers to the basic nutritional issues you care about!

Here we go!!!

1) Is eating a lot of meat good?

Are you okay?

The basic choice that appears on almost every family’s menu is meat. Can be pork (most common in Vietnamese family meals), chicken, beef, etc.

Ahem! So is it good to eat a lot of meat? This is also a question that many people are interested in, especially when you want to healthy eating to maintain health and beauty.

The essence when you eat a lot of meat, is to load a lot of protein. But many reliable studies have shown that eating more protein is not necessarily good. If you eat too much meat, you will experience digestive problems such as bloating, indigestion, constipation, difficulty controlling weight, bad effects on kidney function and an increased risk of heart disease and cancer.

So eat in moderation, don’t eat too much meat. The amount of meat you consume each day, should be dosed based on your body weight. If you weight 60 kg then On average, you should only eat 48g of protein per day.

Of course, this number will certainly vary depending on age, gender, daily activity, health, total diet as well as a number of other objective factors. You can learn more magic formula to find the right amount of protein each day to calculate a reasonable diet.

Remember not to eat too much meat!

2) Why do nutritional needs vary from person to person?

everyone's nutritional needs

It is obvious that nutritional requirements vary from subject to subject. And it’s also very easy to understand.

Imagine, you have three jars of three different sizes that get smaller and smaller. The biggest can be considered as the husband, the smallest is the wife and the smallest is the baby. Put 2 Oreos in the smallest jar and get it full, put 2 more in Mom’s jar and get half, and put 2 in Dad’s jar and get a third of the jar.

Do you see? We humans are the same, just in terms of size or weight alone has led to different nutritional needs. As I have shared, the energy needs of each different object will be different.

You who don’t exercise will need fewer calories than someone who exercises three times a week, and this person also needs less energy than people who train every day, athletes or people who work hard.

Simply because nutrition provides energy for the body’s activities, the body that is active will need more energy and therefore need to supplement a higher amount of nutrients than those who are less active.

chat content for children

Children need nutrients just like us but in less quantity because their bodies only need so much to stay active and can only absorb so much. If you feed your baby too much, it will become too much and cause illness. Another example, if you prepare lunch for your husband with the same portion as yours, he will see that “I just finished eating two pieces”, “I was hungry after eating”, … dizzy, how can you still work? again.

There is neither excess nor deficiency, the standard of one person will not meet the needs of another. So, learn about the necessary nutrients as well as reasonable consumption levels for each object to build a suitable menu for your whole family!

Nutrition knowledge you need to see more:

3) Why pay attention to the diet for each object when organizing family meals?

cover for security

This is very simple. The answer lies in the two words “fit”. You are a man, you should not wear women’s skirts; If you’re a twenty-year-old adult, you won’t be able to fit a five-year-old’s shirt in the house, and vice versa.

As I just mentioned above, each person’s nutritional needs will be different depending on age, gender and factors such as daily activity, absorption capacity, consumption and body condition at each person. time.

At each age, our body will have higher nutritional needs in some types and less in others, paying attention to the diet for each object will ensure health. of all members present at the meal!

shelter for the family

Older parents should pay attention to eating less fat, less protein, less cholesterol and starch, increasing fruits and vegetables, and adding healthy foods such as calcium for strong bones. healthy, omega 3 helps anti-oxidant and good for eyes, …

On the contrary, the baby needs more calcium, protein and other vitamins and minerals to ensure that the body can develop fully and be healthy. If a baby eats like grandparents, don’t ask why I’m small with pepper!

4) Why balance nutrients in meals?

The first thing you need to remember, nutritional balance means that you must get enough macronutrients and micronutrients from your diet. Nutritional balance is also when all of your nutritional needs are met without exceeding the calories you need.

can state the residence

Balanced nutrition not only helps you maintain a stable weight at a reasonable level for your age and gender, but also helps you keep blood cholesterol levels low and also stabilizes blood pressure at a healthy index. .

And doing this in every family meal is what you need to do to ensure that all members are fully loaded with the necessary nutrients, neither too much nor too little, just enough is perfect. ^^!

With my long experience, on my family’s table there are always the basic dishes that everyone needs, which are rice, soup, vegetables, and meat. (Hi hi, I’m sure your house is the same!) This has ensured the necessary macronutrients. Of course, reasonable or not depends on how you measure and measure!

can bang nong luong

In addition, practicing balanced nutrition is that you need to pay attention a bit, what should each person eat more, eat less? Who needs to eat a few more special dishes, for example, the baby in the house and grandparents can drink more calcium-fortified milk, for example. And abundant fruits and vegetables are always an important part of a healthy and effective eating strategy!

Balancing nutrition in each meal is not difficult, right? Start implementing it, you will find it much simpler than you think.

5) How important is breakfast?

Have you ever heard the saying “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar”? This sentence somewhat summarizes the importance of eating a nutritious breakfast, right?

In fact, it is completely scientifically based, not just joking. Nutritionists also recommend that we eat breakfast within two hours of waking up. And a “king” breakfast should account for about 40% of your total calories each day. The remainder can be divided between lunch (25%), dinner (20%) and snacks (15%).

Are you okay?

There are many reasons why I recommend eating breakfast. Not only forming a habit of having breakfast with the whole family to bond the feelings of members amidst the busy life of the new era, breakfast also gives you abundant energy to start a real working day. Effectively, an energy-rich breakfast also helps those with a “slightly thin” body to regain their waist 56.

Through a sleep, when we wake up, our brains and muscles need a certain amount of sugar to be able to start and function smoothly all day long. Breakfast will help you do that! Moreover, with a rich breakfast, you also get many other vitamins and nutrients, which if you skip breakfast, how can you get it! ^ _ ^

Not only providing you with the necessary nutrients, having breakfast like a king also helps you cut out the habit of snacking, and you also have a lighter lunch, and finally an extremely light dinner. So you have taken another step in the process of losing weight and keeping your figure.

For children too, make sure your baby has a full breakfast before going to school, so they can be alert and focused to study. There’s nothing anyone can do if they’re distracted by hunger. If you don’t have enough energy, you will feel sluggish when you sit idle, let alone study or play.


The foods that make up a perfect breakfast come from oats, bananas, berries, greek yogurt, eggs and cheese, nutritious nuts and nut butters, accompanied by a little tea and coffee if you are a real office worker (remember a little bit).

Breakfast is so important, so let’s start preparing breakfast for yourself and your family like kings!

6) What is the effect of fiber?

Fiber is an important part of our diet. You will not be able to have a healthy digestive system without adequate fiber intake. And this is also a good food for all members of the family.


Fiber is one of those complex carbs, which offers a host of great health benefits:

Fiber really has many great benefits, but the dosage should be considered rationally and scientifically, because everything that exists in this natural world has two sides. According to the recommendations of experts, men under the age of 50 should consume about 38g of fiber / day, the following years it is 30g / day. These two figures for women are 25g/day and 21g/day.

Eating well and evenly distributed at all meals will help your body get the necessary fiber, while limiting some symptoms of bloating and gas when consuming fiber. And eating too much or eating at one meal will cause the above symptoms. So you should pay attention to build a really scientific menu!

healthy food vs junk food

The treasure of knowledge is boundless, endless, especially on the topic of nutrition. All of these small discussions are just a small corner of the issues that you are wondering. Hope my answers can give you some basic nutrition knowledge.

Because healthy eating is not difficult, but it is necessary to learn enough to do it right, so we are always ready to listen to your questions and sharing. Please leave a comment on the issues I raised above, as well as message our Facebook to share the issue you are concerned about!

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My name is Emilia Chaney. I'm a social girl from Romania with a big smile and 3 passions: Agriculture, Travel and Social Media. I try to make this blog practical, full of great advice and inspiring ideas.

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