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You are healthy because of wisdom: Unveiling the secret of brown rice and white rice

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Rice is a grain used around the world and is especially indispensable in our Asian meals. Because rice is a major food source, learning about rice becomes even more necessary, right?

However, rice comes in many different colors and names. Each type of rice has its own outstanding characteristics and nutrients. White rice became more familiar and popular while brown rice was recognized as healthy. There is also dragon blood rice, wild rice is also quite strange.

Well, can’t wait any longer, now, let’s go learn about these types of rice with me! Let’s compare together to see which rice is better for us.

Well then, let’s get started!

– Series You are healthy because of wisdom:

#1, What’s the difference between brown rice and white rice?

white rice vs brown rice
Source: www.foodstruct.com

There are two types of rice that are quite familiar that we are always easy to find and buy, which is brown rice and white rice. So what is the difference between brown rice and white rice? You and I, let’s go together Compare brown rice and white rice right here!

The only thing in common between all types of rice is that they all contain carbohydrates, some protein, and seem to contain no fat at all.

However, Brown rice is a whole grain. This means that brown rice contains all parts of the grain, including the outer fibrous bran layer, germ and endosperm.

White rice, on the other hand, has the bran and germ removed during the milling process, which are the most nutrient-dense and high-fiber parts of the grain. They only have the endosperm left, which is where most of the carbs are.

Thus, white rice is less nutritious, less fiber than brown rice. Brown rice is considered a health product because the content of carbs, protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals remains the same.

To see more clearly the content of vitamins and minerals between white rice and brown rice, please see the picture below:

so good and bad
Source: www.foodstruct.com

Through the image above, with 100g of white rice and brown rice compared, most of the advantages are in favor of brown rice with vitamin B3, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, fiber, choline higher than white rice. And white rice is more powerful in iron and vitamin B9!

#2, Why is brown rice better than white rice in controlling diabetes?

What's the problem?
Source: www.vegkitchen.com

First we need to talk about the glycemic index GI of rice. Published by Harvard Health Publishing, the glycemic index of white rice is GI-73, while brown rice has a GI-68. Thus, the use of white rice will make our body raise blood sugar faster than brown rice!

Next is fiber. Fiber is essential for diabetics because it helps them feel fuller for longer and helps stabilize blood sugar levels better. And brown rice contains more fiber, about 7 times more than white rice. Specifically, with 100g of brown rice contains 3.5g of fiber while 100g of white rice has only 0.3g of fiber. This happens because brown rice has the bran and germ intact of the grain, which contains the most fiber, while white rice has been milled to remove the bran and germ.

Finally, the nutritional composition. Because brown rice is a whole grain, it is 100% intact bran, endosperm and germ. That makes brown rice a superior source of vitamins and minerals than white rice. Brown rice also contains a lot of thiamin and B vitamins, which help metabolize carbs better.

Thus, it is too obvious for us to conclude that, Brown rice is good for diabetes control And it’s the right food for people with diabetes too!

#3, Is Dragon Blood Rice Brown Rice?

We always hear people call dragon blood rice brown rice, is that true? Let’s compare brown rice and dragon blood rice with me!

Dragon blood rice

great deal

Brown rice

good luck

SourceBelongs to the rice variety that grows in deep flooded areasDerived from normal rice but milled with fiber, just enough to remove the outer husk and keep the bran layer intact.
Shapes, colorsSeeds, reddish brown. The seed has a red core insideBrown color due to outer bran layer. The inside of the core is white
Nutritional valueRich in carbs, protein, fiber, B vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium,…Less starch, protein. Rich in fiber, B vitamins, minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, …
Glycemic Index (GI)High glycemic index. GI-75.1Has a glycemic index GI-68
BenefitGood for bone and joint health, improving anemia and helping to nourish the bodyReduce osteoporosis, reduce cholesterol and the accumulation of blood fat. Good for the heart and regulate blood sugar
Suitable target audienceGood for pregnant women, children, and sick people who need to nourish their bodiesGood for dieters, people with diabetes, obesity or heart disease

Through the table above, you can see that, about the origin of dragon blood rice and brown rice belong to 2 different rice varieties. Furthermore, dragon blood rice has a reddish brown color with a red core while brown rice has a characteristic brown color of the bran layer and white core. So we can assume that, Dragon blood rice is not brown rice you guys!

I’ve seen a lot of you mistakenly think: Brown rice with dragon’s blood is brown rice. So when you want to go on a diet, you often buy the wrong dragon blood rice for your diet. But after understanding about dragon blood rice and brown rice, please pay attention to your use depending on the purpose to achieve the best effect!

#4, Is brown rice brown rice or not?

good luck
Is Brown Rice Brown Rice?

If you refer to foreign documents, you will see that they mention the concept Brown rice. So is Brown rice brown rice as we know it?

Again, let’s repeat, brown rice is rice that has had the outer husk removed, which means they have not been milled well. Brown rice has the brown color of the bran layer that covers the grain. That is what makes brown rice contain more vitamins and minerals than white rice. And by definition, BROWN RICE is brown rice.

So we can assert that, brown rice is brown rice the whole family!

In addition, on the market today is also quite diverse with both red rice or black rice with the English names Red rice and Black rice.

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#5, Wild rice is what rice?

wild rice
Wild rice – Wild rice

Wild rice, which translates to wild rice. And in recent years, wild rice is gradually being bought by many people.

Wild rice – wild rice comes from the wild grasslands of North America. They grow in shallow freshwater marshes and grow along the banks of streams or lakes.

In 100g wild rice, we get 101 calories (lower than brown rice), 21g carbs, 4g protein, 2g fiber, 7%DV vitamin B6, 6%DV folate, 8%DV magnesium, 8%DV phosphorus, … (Refer to the article on how to read the nutrition facts table to know what %DV is!)

Thus, compared to white rice, wild rice contains more protein and fiber!

The University of Manitoba, Canada has shown that the antioxidant content in wild rice is 30 times higher than that of regular white rice. These antioxidants will help our body fight aging and reduce a number of diseases, including dangerous cancers.

In addition, wild rice also works to support heart health, reduce bad LDL cholesterol in the body and prevent the accumulation of plaque in the arteries.

Wild rice also has a low glycemic index, GI-57. It is a good food for people with type 2 diabetes.

Rice family

Tada, you and I have finally lifted the curtain on the popular types of rice in our nutrition, everyone! However, these are only brief and general answers about rice. To understand more about brown rice for our health, please read more of our brown rice article. Join TKCB to add a lot of knowledge about nutrition, so that eating becomes healthy for a good health, everyone!

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