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You are healthy because of wisdom: Healthy weight loss foods

Hello everyone!

As promised in part 1 of the “revolving question and answer” column about weight loss, today we will learn about weight loss together! However, if in part 1 we learned about what to eat to lose weight nice How many calories do you need to lose weight per day?then in this article, let’s go with me to find “allies” to help with your weight loss!

Have you heard of eating sweet potatoes and brown rice to lose weight? Those are very familiar golden foods in our lives, aren’t they? And so that you and I believe that: “sweet potatoes, brown rice, turmeric starch, … help you lose weight effectively”, let’s go find the solution at home!

And now, the “you ask – I answer” column, please start!

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#1, Clarifying the truth: Does eating brown rice lose weight?

good luck
Brown rice – Brown rice effectively lose weight

Let’s do a little comparison!

With 100g of brown rice, you get 1.8g of fiber. While 100g of white rice, you have only 0.4g of fiber. Fiber is a healthy ingredient and also helps you feel full for longer. Thus, using brown rice will help you fill your body and not eat too much. This also means that when you take 200 calories from brown rice into your body, it will help you feel full longer and stop adding more food to the body. And with 200 calories from french fries, you will want to eat more!

In addition, substituting brown rice for white rice in your diet can also help you reduce your waistline significantly. Research from the Faculty of Medicine at Isfahan University, Iran on overweight women showed that consuming 150g of brown rice daily for 6 weeks significantly reduced their weight and waist circumference.

Thus, eating brown rice is the perfect choice for our weight loss. And most of all, brown rice contains more nutrients and is better than white rice.

And on the market today, there are quite a few types of brown rice that will make you dizzy when choosing, right? However, a tip to buy rice that I have accumulated after researching is: choose brown rice, true to the name brown rice! And dragon blood brown rice, I put her in red rice. And dragon blood brown rice contains more nutrients than most. Therefore, using brown rice to lose weight is the most ideal choice.

#2, Does eating grapefruit lose weight?

peace of mind
Eating grapefruit is good for weight loss

That’s right, we’ve always heard of grapefruit’s resounding reputation as a “healthy” food for your weight loss. And in fact, eating grapefruit is completely good for your weight loss problem, everyone!

Speaking of grapefruit, we know that “she” belongs to the citrus family, containing a proud content of vitamin C in it. And thanks to the high vitamin C content, she is considered to be able to burn the amount of fat in our body.

In addition, with 100g of grapefruit provides our body with 38 calories. So, with low calorie content, eating grapefruit does not make our body gain weight, right?

However, these are just sayings without specific evidence for you. So let’s come to the study from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Columbia, USA when conducting an experiment on 85 obese people. This experiment carried out for 12 weeks, 85 participants were given 127g of grapefruit (in the form of juice) per day 20 minutes before each meal. As a result, they felt less hungry and also lost weight significantly.

Well, so with this particular experiment, it is even more emphasized to us that: Grapefruit is good for your weight loss!

I would like to give you a bonus of some ways to use grapefruit in your meals to be more abundant!

In addition to you using grapefruit directly after peeling off the outer skin, you can use them to make pure juice quite well. In addition, grapefruit can be used in combination with yogurt, which is also very delicious. And to lose weight, following the Eatclean diet, have you tried Greek yogurt with grapefruit and granola? This dish is quite healthy for your breakfast or snacks! Best of all, you can also use grapefruit for your vegetable salad, which is also quite interesting. The sour taste of fresh grapefruit will make the dish more attractive. Try it even at home!

#3, Does eating sweet potatoes really lose weight?

sweet potato
Sweet potatoes are rich in fiber and contain a lot of water

First, please refer to the nutrient content of 100g sweet potato, and pay attention to the 90 calories, 3.3g fiber and 75.78g water contained in it! Close the game and analyze it with me to see if sweet potatoes lose weight.

Sweet potatoes contain a lot of fiber. Fiber is considered a type of carbohydrate that helps reduce our hunger hormones, and increases the production of hormones like cholecystokinin that keep us full for longer. Plus, the carbs in sweet potatoes are a complex carb – a good carb that slows digestion, keeps you fuller for longer, and curbs your appetite. Therefore, sweet potatoes can be considered a good snack for weight loss.

And in particular, sweet potatoes contain a type of fiber, called resistant starch – research from the Faculty of Medicine of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China said, resistant starch can reduce the risk of obesity of us too!

Together with 100g of sweet potato, we get 75.78g of water in it. Thus, the water content in sweet potatoes is quite high, it is an advantage to help suppress our appetite (like part 1, we have decided to drink enough water every day to lose weight, because water will help you lose weight). helps us take it long, no appetite, no calories but has the ability to burn calories).

Thus, sweet potatoes are really a great food that supports our weight loss, isn’t it. In addition, sweet potatoes are low in calories, but rich in fiber, other vitamins and minerals. It’s good that our body loses weight but still has enough quality, everyone!

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#4, Does drinking turmeric help lose weight?

listen to me
Turmeric powder – golden food for weight loss, beautiful skin

Yes, turmeric has weight loss. Why? Let’s find out the real reason!

Turmeric contains curcumin, an antioxidant that inhibits inflammation in fat cells, pancreas and muscle.

Research done at Tufts University shows that curcumin can prevent the formation and growth of fat tissue in our body. And so, turmeric containing curcumin can beat excess fat away. And that’s really helpful for our weight loss process, isn’t it?

In addition, curcumin in turmeric also helps our body regulate blood sugar, prevent dangerous insulin resistance and eliminate excess fat from our body. In addition, curcumin is also considered a companion of the stomach. It helps increase bile production in the stomach and improves metabolism.

Thus, turmeric is really our good friend in weight loss. And above all, turmeric starch is also considered to have a beautiful effect on the skin, anti-inflammatory, and heals wounds quickly. So please use turmeric starch for yourself!

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#5, Hey, does yoga help you lose weight?

yoga helps
Practicing yoga for supple health and perfect weight

Many of my friends told me that yoga just relieves them of stress and relaxes them. Others say that yoga makes them more resilient every day. And both groups said they did not find yoga to be related to weight loss. So that right?

To answer this question, remember part 1, the question about calories needed to lose weight? Our weight loss is highly effective when you can balance the calories you take in to be smaller than the calories you expend. And according to estimates, in 1 hour of yoga, you can burn 300-600 calories, not less! Some of the typical calorie-burning movements in yoga are Plank, Chair, Chaturanga dandasana (crocodile pose), Wheel (wheel pose) or Dolphin (dolphin pose),… To practice yoga to lose weight effectively, you need to have a regular practice time and a reasonable diet.

I must admit that yoga is a pretty good sport, it helps you stay healthy from the inside to the outside and helps you get in better shape every day. And usually, with a regular yoga schedule, in 5-6 months you will have a perfect weight with a supple, model-like body! So, be persistent with yoga for your health, everyone!

Let’s lose weight with TKCB today!

weight loss
Let’s lose weight with TKCB today!

Okela, so you and I have learned together about weight loss. Through part 1 and part 2 about “twisting and answering” about weight loss, I hope you have gained more useful knowledge about weight loss for yourself! Let’s summarize this knowledge about weight loss and exercise together, eat science to get the shape and weight you want!

If you have any more questions about weight loss or nutrition, don’t forget to leave a comment below or inbox us via facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tuikhoeconban/.

Don’t forget there are many articles about strong cold eating on Tui Khoe And You. Would you like to drop by for a bit?

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