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Ylang-ylang Like a Pure Maiden Flower

Ylang-ylang Like a Pure Maiden Flower

Orchid flower is also known with a number of other names such as: yellow orchid, porcelain ylang-ylang, the flower has the scientific name Michelia champaca. Ylang-ylang is a genus of flowering plants in the family Magnoliaceae – an ancient family of plants dating back to 85-95 million years.


Pictures of orchids

Ylang-ylang is native to tropical and subtropical regions of South Asia and Southeast Asia (mainly in India-Malaysia countries) and southern China.

Features of the orchid flower

Features of the shape of the orchid flower

The ylang-ylang tree is a large tree with an average height of 3 – 6m, the bark is smooth gray, the body is divided into many branches that grow straight, the branches are covered with hair.

Leaves are oblong oval, pointed tip, obtuse angle, upper surface petite, lower surface sparsely hairy, single, about 18cm long, dark green.

Flowers grow single in the axils of fragrant leaves, each flower has 10-15 petals, oblong strip shape arranged in a spiral, flowers are yellow-white and have a very characteristic fragrance. There are many short and narrow stamens, carpels many, separate, arranged in a spiral on the convex flower base.


The image of the shape of the orchid flower

Ylang-ylang fruit is an elongated club-shaped double fruit, each containing 1 to 8 seeds inside.

Growth characteristics of orchids

  • Ylang-ylang has an average growth and development rate, is a light-loving plant that tolerates partial shade.
  • In Vietnam, there are about 20 species of the family Ngoc Lan, of which about 5 species are commonly grown.
  • Flowers usually bloom in mid-July, long-lasting flowers, often propagated by cuttings or cuttings.

Meaning of jade orchid

In folklore, ylang-ylang is often compared to beautiful, dignified and gentle women.

Ylang-ylang is a representation of resilient wills, always filled with an intense vitality, loyal to life.


Pictures of the meaning of jade orchids

People often think that people who love orchids must have a noble soul, a simple lifestyle, and know how to feel and receive beauty subtly.

In addition to the lovely beauty and striking colors that create a prominent meaning, the orchid flower also has the meaning of attachment and strong impression, because of its unique scent.

Uses of orchids

Ylang-ylang is highly appreciated by medicine in improving blood circulation, fighting inflammation, and supporting a healthy circulatory system.

When combined with other herbs, ylang-ylang has a powerful effect in controlling blood pressure, preventing disturbances of heart rhythm.


Pictures of uses of jade orchids

At the same time, with the ability to directly stimulate the nervous system of the brain, ylang-ylang has a very good effect in raising the spirit, treating depression, eliminating negative thoughts and restraining. get angry.

In addition, orchid flower is known as the savior for the treatment of infertility in women.

How to propagate orchids

As known, ylang-ylang is mainly propagated by two main methods: cuttings and cuttings, but for healthy seedlings and better development, people often use cuttings to propagate.

Choose tall, healthy branches that are not damaged by fungi or pests, cut the roots to and beveled out.


Pictures of how to propagate orchids

In the middle, use a piece of tile and then pour soil into the pot, use a U-shaped steel wire to fix the branch.

Fill the root into the extraction pot, then take care and provide moisture for normal plants.

Wait about 3-4 months, when the cuttings have developed roots and young shoots, they can be planted.

How to grow orchids

Soil treatment for orchids

Before planting, you should plowing after cleaning the grass and then drying the soil to destroy all pathogens in the soil.


Image of soil treatment for orchids

Then proceed to dig a planting hole, should dig a hole with a size of about 60x60x60, then put and put about 5kg of organic manure in the planting hole, 0.2kg of phosphate fertilizer, 2kg of vermicompost, a little lime, mix well. with soil and then incubated in the pit for about 14 days.

How to grow orchids

  • Put the plants in the afternoon gently, avoid breaking the potting soil, fill a part of the soil into the hole, use your hands to compact the base to fix the tree.
  • Then cultivate the remaining soil for the tree so that the surface of the soil must be 25cm higher than the root neck.
  • Use bamboo poles to cross, then tie the seedlings with string to prevent strong wind.
  • Water the plant daily, so that the tree can recover quickly and adapt to the new environment.

How to care for orchids

Fertilizer for orchids

Every year you need to fertilize the orchid about 4-6 times, each time should be at least 1 month apart, the amount of fertilizer depends on the size of the large or small tree.

Note that in the first year, it provides mainly manure, can add a small amount of urea, phosphate or potassium fertilizer for plants.


Pictures of fertilizing orchids

When the plant begins to flower, only a little more manure should be applied, in addition, at the end of a flower crop, it is necessary to spray more good fertilizer for the leaves to develop comprehensively.

Watering the orchids

You should ensure that the humidity for ylang-ylang flowers always reaches 70 -85%, in the dry season should water the plants, in the rainy season you can reduce the amount of water and pay attention to timely drainage for the plants.

When the plant flowers, it is recommended to water at least once a day for the plant, so that the flowers bloom and the flower quality is more stable.

Regularly prune and create a canopy for orchids

Once every 2 months, you should prune dry branches, overgrown branches, branches eaten by pests or branches that grow close to the ground to create a spacious area for the tree to grow and help the tree to prevent pests. harmful disease.


Pictures of pruning, creating branches for orchids

Similar to the above, creating a canopy helps you control the height of the tree, as well as create the aesthetic of the house to your liking.

Pest control for orchids

Black spot disease

Seedlings often appear small purple-black spots on the leaves, then spread throughout the surface of the leaves, each spot often has ring veins, the center of which is grayish white or greenish brown powder. The disease will cause the young leaves of the tree to fall prematurely, the tree cannot absorb nutrients and die in a short time.

To prevent this disease, it is necessary to strengthen management and review how to care for trees. In early spring, 1% boocdo should be used to spray on the leaf surface.

Anthrax disease

  • When diseased leaves also appear small yellow-gray spots, when they develop they form large spots, when the disease is severe, the plant often wilts, is early yellow, the plant cannot absorb water.
  • To prevent, cut off branches with diseased leaves, use Daconil 0.2% to spray the tree.
  • With the above experiences, I am sure that you can confidently grow and care for the orchid as you like at home.



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