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With farmers to exchange techniques for growing green pomelos laden with fruit

Are you looking to learn about green skin pomelo growing techniques? In recent years, the green-skinned, pink-fleshed pomelo variety has been very popular with Vietnamese people. Not only thanks to the delicious taste, but this grapefruit also provides abundant vitamins, good for health. However, the market price of this pomelo is quite high, so many gardeners plan to make a profit from this crop model. The good news for people is that green-skinned pomelo is not too difficult to grow and care for. In this article, let’s talk with us about Green skin pomelo planting technique for fruit bearing branches.

Technical guide to growing green skin pomelos to earn high economic profits
Technical guide to growing green skin pomelos to earn high economic profits
  1. Prepare the land, choose the time to plant green grapefruit

We all know, green-skinned pomelo is a type of grapefruit with a thin light green skin, pink inside, and a lot of water, sweet taste, easy to eat. The weight of each pomelo is usually over 2kg, stored in a cool place for a long time, the market price is quite high compared to other pomelos.

Soils for growing pomelos with green skin are often chosen where the terrain is flat, the soil has meat, good porosity, and avoid planting in acidic soil that affects the quality of pomelos. In particular, the place where green-skinned pomelo is grown should have a good drainage system to avoid waterlogging. The surface of the soil needs to be 20 – 30 cm away from the surrounding water level, especially in the rainy season.

For bad soil, it is necessary to cultivate the soil, clean up the weeds, remove disease-causing microorganisms, and fertilize them with rotting manure to provide nutrients to the soil. Particularly in acidic or acidic soil areas, the soil should be removed with lime powder before priming.

Planting season green grapefruit The best time to achieve high yield and quality is from March to May of the solar calendar, which is the end of the dry season and the beginning of the rainy season. Mainly to ensure the water source to help the roots grow deep, the tree has enough moisture for the best growth.

The land for planting green grapefruit should be properly cultivated before planting seedlings
The land for planting green grapefruit should be properly cultivated before planting seedlings
  1. Choose varieties, proceed to plant seedlings

Those who are familiar with green-skinned pomelo will know that buying this type of pomelo will have two types: grafted pomelo and extracted grapefruit. If you want the tree to bear fruit quickly and have a long life, people should choose extracted pomelo varieties to plant.

The process of selecting varieties and planting seedlings takes place as follows:

  • Choose to buy green skin pomelo seedlings at a reputable seedling supplier to ensure the quality of the plants in the future, pay attention to choose good, healthy, pest-free trees.
  • Dig a hole for planting pomelos on previously cultivated land, the size of each hole is usually 1.2 x 1.2m, 25-30cm deep.
  • Spread lime powder for each hole dug and then fertilize with decayed manure mixed with the soil in the compost pit for about 1 month to improve the soil.
  • Remove the outer layer of plastic, carefully place the green-skinned pomelo nursery in the hole, fill it with soil
  • Watering immediately after planting, can cover straw or rice husks on top to keep moisture
High-tech irrigation system applied by gardeners for green-skinned pomelo
High-tech irrigation system applied by gardeners for green-skinned pomelo
  1. Caring for green skin pomelos in each development stage


The water requirement of green skin pomelo is not too high, it cannot tolerate waterlogging, so it should be watered regularly with a sufficient amount. In the rainy season, it is advisable to open more drainage ditches to avoid flooding, causing waterlogging, killing plants or affecting productivity.

At the time of seedling should be watered in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid water evaporation.

For gardeners growing green-skinned pomelo, the business model should apply high-tech irrigation systems with drip irrigation or localized rain.

Refer to how the sprinkler irrigation is reasonable

Fertilization, pest control

To ensure the yield and quality of green grapefruit, gardeners should apply fertilizer at each growth period of the tree. The most important fertilization periods:

  • First year: periodically fertilize plants once a month
  • 2nd and 3rd years: 4 times evenly spaced
  • After the 3rd year: fertilize in batches like years 2 and 3 but increase the amount of fertilizer

The fertilizers used for green skin pomelos are organic fertilizers, inorganic fertilizers including DAP spread far from the base and NPK sprayed directly on the leaves. Besides, growers also need to carefully monitor the amount to prevent and detect pests on the tree, eradicate the root.

Note that the top of the tree should be stopped when the tree has a height of 50 – 80cm to stimulate the growth of the canopy.


To get quality green-skinned pomelo, people need a plastic bag since the fruit is as small as an egg to prevent insect attacks. When the pomelo is tight and the skin is bright, the fruit begins to ripen, the gardener should cut both the stem and the fruit when harvesting.

Actively fertilize to help plants grow quickly and give high yields each crop
Actively fertilize to help plants grow quickly and give high yields each crop

The above article must have helped you better understand the technique of growing green skin pomelos for high yield and good quality, bringing high profits. Wish the gardeners apply successfully and trade expensively!

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