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Wind hanging persimmons – Da Lat agricultural products are hunted by many people today

Wind hanging persimmons - Da Lat agricultural products are hunted by many people today
Wind hanging pink
Wind hanging pink

Tet is approaching, preparing meaningful gifts is indispensable for everyone. Some people choose flowers and plants, others choose souvenirs and food. And persimmons hanging in the wind – agricultural Da Lat is hunted by people all over the world to use as family gifts on Tet holiday.

delicious agricultural products
Delicious Dalat agricultural products: Persimmon hanging in the wind

Pink agricultural products hanging in the wind – the product of a miracle

Referring to Dalat and agricultural products here, it is impossible not to mention the persimmon hanging on the wind. The persimmons are beautiful, soft, dry on the outside but supple and sweet on the inside. With the raw materials to make this agricultural product, it is sunny and windy, but the result is extremely rich and strange, addictive.

Persimmon is a nutritious fruit and can be prepared in many different ways. In addition to crispy persimmons, flexible dried persimmons, there are also wind-hanging persimmons. Da Lat is truly a paradise of agricultural products, but each has its own characteristics and values. Especially the wind hanging persimmon is an agricultural product that requires a lot of work, not just hanging on the wind and sunshine. Here, let’s find out how people make the most standard agricultural products in Dalat.

How are wind-hanging persimmon agricultural products made?

Agricultural products are sought after by the family
Agricultural products are sought after by the family

The famous wind-hanging persimmon is an elaborately crafted agricultural product. To produce 1kg of persimmons, it takes 7-8kg of fresh persimmons. The selected persimmons must be those that have just arrived, have turned orange-yellow but the skin is still hard. During the making process, the stalk must be kept to hang, this is the most necessary and important process to create the trademark of the wind-hanging rose.

After picking persimmons, they will be washed, peeled, heat treated and aseptic then hung on strings in the greenhouse. After hanging for 5-7 days, you must use your fingers to gently squeeze around the fruit to help the persimmon create honey, neither hard outside nor soft inside. After 20-30 days, depending on the type of persimmon, it is possible to harvest. The persimmon hanging from the wind is delicious perhaps because it is cherished by human hands, by the meticulousness of people, without the intervention of other machines.

The resulting product will have the stem, the shell intact, the intestines will be thick, smooth, and fragrant. All natural sweetness with no added sugar. Eating a persimmon, enjoying some tea, is so wonderful. In fact, making persimmons hanging by the wind is not difficult, but requires meticulousness. Therefore, the price of wind hanging persimmons on the market also has many different prices based on quality and unique packaging.

However, making persimmons hanging in the wind also has many uncertainties. Because it’s hanging outside, if it rains, it’s likely that the persimmons will be damaged, and people will throw that batch away. Making persimmons hanging in the wind will encounter many uncertainties and losses.

How to preserve persimmons hanging in the wind

wind rose
How to preserve persimmon agricultural products hanging in the wind

Wind hanging persimmon is a natural agricultural product, so preservation must also be done carefully if you do not want to spoil quickly. Store at a temperature of 0 – 10 degrees Celsius, the product will be more delicious when stored in the refrigerator.

After a while persimmon will appear white powder outside, but this is not harmful mold but a probiotic that helps protect persimmons and helps persimmons stop being acrid.

Persimmon hanging in the wind is a delicious gift, a special agricultural product from Da Lat. Agricultural products in Da Lat need not be discussed, famous for its deliciousness and cleanliness. However, buyers should also learn to buy from reputable places to avoid buying poor quality products.

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