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Why should you choose salted roasted cashews with silk skin?

After a period of “hiding” in the world of salted roasted cashews, I have discovered a very startling truth. And that’s why, today, I will “expose” the whole truth about roasted salted cashews with silk shell This is for you!

Talking about salted roasted cashews, we always see up to 2 types of products, that is, salted roasted cashews with silk shells and those without the outer silk shell. So tell me, what kind of roasted cashews have you been choosing for yourself?

If roasted salted cashews without skin is a convenient choice to use, then roasted salted cashews with silk skin contain a much greater power. Are you wondering that great power? So let’s discover it right in this article!

Salt roasted cashews with silk shell, the choice is not wrong!

Sometimes you try to ask, why does nature give cashews 2 shells, 1 hard outer shell, and 1 thin inner shell? If the hard shell is the part that protects the seed from birds, animals, insects, the environment, what is the use of the silk inside?

And if you are wondering about roasted salted cashews and salted roasted cashews with silk skin, which is better, better? Which one should you buy for yourself and your family? Then the following day will be the answer that you should know!

Well, those are some of the reasons that you should choose salted roasted cashews with silk shell there! But wait! Don’t rush to stop here, you need to know how to eat this roasted salted cashew nut! It’s not like you can eat it!

How to eat roasted salted cashews with silk shell “standard without adjustment”

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How to eat roasted salted cashews with silk shell

How do you eat this roasted salted cashew nut? Eat it directly or peel the silk and then eat it?

Let’s try with me to see if you have eaten properly!

If you eat salted roasted cashews directly, without peeling, will you find that thin layer of skin crispy and melt in your mouth? It is also fragrant and very less labor-intensive to peel. Ah, however, that’s the wrong way to eat!

In fact, if you eat this silk skin, it won’t kill you, but it doesn’t have any nutrients either. Moreover, when eating a lot of this silk shell, it causes you to feel heavy stomach, indigestion. Not to mention the mildly acidic silk peel makes when eaten, you will feel thirsty, itchy neck and cause coughing too!

And so, How to eat salted roasted cashews with silk shell The best thing to do is to peel off that silk shell! Although it takes a little bit of work, this silk shell is not good for health if it gets into my stomach. However, the silk shell has many benefits in giving us a delicious, nutritious and safe roasted cashew nut. So, don’t be afraid to peel this shell, everyone!

[Mua hàng không sợ hớ] – How much is 1kg of salted roasted cashews?

If you take a walk around the markets, or shop online, you will find the price of roasted and salted cashews is quite diverse and makes you wonder. To strongly buy delicious – good products without fear of being spoiled, try it How much is salted roasted cashews 1kg? you guys!

The price of cashew nuts ranges from 290k – 350k/kg. As follows:

If you are looking for a reputable place to buy cashew nuts, let me “tip” for you!

Where can I buy salted roasted cashews?

Price of roasted cashew nuts with salt
Where to buy delicious salted roasted cashews?

I have received a lot of questions that: where to buy good cashew nuts in Ho Chi Minh City or where to sell quality salted roasted cashews. And you can easily buy goods at Lazada, Tiki or Shopee, the big e-commerce sites in Vietnam!

However, there is a fact that the goods on those commercial websites are too much, it will be difficult for you to choose a satisfactory place to buy, so what is the solution to this problem?

Tada, if you’re a fan of I’m Healthy With You, you’re always following all of our health articles, then you won’t be able to miss an interesting thing, it’s the cashews of I’m Healthy And Where Are You! You will not need to go far, do not need to “dive” in dozens of online shops selling cashew nuts, you can still easily choose for yourself the most delicious, best quality cashew nut boxes with the best first-class goods! And also, you can inbox us for more advice on cashews, how to choose cashews or how much to eat a day!

And above all, our cashews are healthy and our friends don’t just stop at roasted salted cashews with silk shells, you can choose for yourself more attractive flavors such as garlic and chili cashews, wasabi seeds or cashew nuts. more coconut. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

So what are you waiting for, please click on our online shop to consult and order now! There are many attractive offers waiting for you to discover more!

Teng teng, so we have discovered one more interesting thing in the cashew world. I hope that, through this article, you can confidently choose and buy salted roasted cashews for yourself and your family!

Well, if you haven’t learned about the benefits of cashews, find out in this article!

And now, what are you waiting for, but we don’t want to quickly order a box of roasted salted cashews for you and your loved ones. Let’s eat together every day for good health.

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