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Why is the high-tech pig farming model getting more and more attention?

Not only applying high technology to farming can improve production and quality, but applying it to livestock also brings great benefits. It can be said that, besides the models of raising beef cattle, dairy cows or aquatic products, high-tech pig raising models are also increasingly popular. According to the actual survey, this modern model helps farmers earn billions of dollars and improves the reputation in the market. The following article will explain more clearly why the model hi-tech pig farming increasingly popular.

Why is the high-tech pig farming model getting more and more attention?
Why is the high-tech pig farming model getting more and more attention?

1. What is high-tech pig farming?

Similar to high-tech agriculture, hi-tech pig farming also applies many advanced and modern methods and techniques of raising pigs. Or simply easier to understand is to apply modern technology 4.0 in pig farms.

From there, in order to promote the growth of pigs, quickly give birth to the next litter, ensure the productivity and quality of pigs.

Currently, many provinces in our country have successfully applied the pig farm model according to high technology, increasing competitiveness in the national market.

Some typical high technologies applied in pig farming are:

  • Breeding, choosing good pig breeds, strong growth
  • Monitor the health status of pigs through information technology software to promptly solve problems and ensure the quality of output pigs.
  • Using vaccines against swine diseases
  • Automating feed supply and pig care in a closed system
  • Equipped with modern equipment on the farm to provide the best care for pigs
Model of pig farm applying modern technology 4.0
Model of pig farm applying modern technology 4.0

2. Benefits farmers receive when applying high technology when raising pigs

Reality has proven that the transition from traditional pig farming to high-tech pig farming brings a lot of new breakthroughs.

Firstly, from good breeding and breeding, farmers can raise strong-growing pigs for high productivity and good meat quality.

In addition, many biological products as well as vaccines and modern methods help them prevent, detect and treat diseases in a timely manner. No longer have to worry about capital loss, fear of diseased pigs or stunted growth due to diseases.

Secondly, with a scientific barn system, advanced equipment and information technology systems, pigs are closely monitored for their health and fitness. Not only that, you do not need to spend too much effort to still bring the most perfect care for pigs.

Third, the high-tech pig raising model not only makes a breakthrough in productivity and output quality, but also helps farmers affirm their prestige. At the same time, it earns billions of dollars in profits, improves family life and contributes to the country’s economic development.

Only with that benefit is enough to make you determined to pursue this new and sustainable direction.

Modern equipment system in high-tech pig farm model
Modern equipment system in high-tech pig farm model

3. Learn high-tech pig raising model by computer

To better understand high-tech pig farming, let’s learn more about the computer-based hi-tech pig farming model. Typically here is the 4.0 technology pig raising model of Thai Duong company in Nam Dan – Nghe An.

Providing feed for pigs with modern technology

The feeding of pigs no longer has to be done by the breeder, but instead is automated by a pre-installed automatic system.

Every feeding hour, the computer system using liquid feeding technology will calculate and give the right amount of liquid feed directly to the pig feeder. After the pig is finished eating, this system will automatically clean the feeder and cage to ensure optimal hygiene.

Pig care, selection and breeding

Pigs are raised in a separate area and monitored via computer screens, each animal can walk freely in an area of ​​​​3m2. Ambient temperature is maintained at 17-22 degrees, even humidity and wind speed are controlled by online technology software.

The farm system is also divided into many zones to classify pigs according to age and weight for better management and monitoring. The most special feature is that each pig has an electronic identity card that stores information for up to 20 years in order to select and breed for the best performance.

Even the breeding, pig semen is also analyzed and selected the best sperm for breeding.

Model of the company's high-tech pig farm in Nghe An
Model of the company’s high-tech pig farm in Nghe An

The above are just a few typical advantages of the model hi-tech pig farming that we would like to introduce to you. Hopefully this information has also helped you understand what is the application of advanced technology in the field of pig farming and the benefits obtained.

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