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Why apply biotechnology in agriculture?

According to the actual survey, from the years of introducing biotechnology into agriculture, the product output has increased significantly. Not to mention, these clever and ingenious applications are even more secure in terms of consumer safety. So what exactly is biotechnology? Why should apply biotechnology in agriculture nation? How does the farmer get the effect? Let us answer all these questions through the interesting article below.

Should biotechnology be applied in agriculture?
Should biotechnology be applied in agriculture?

1. What is biotechnology?

In technical terms, biotechnology is a term used to generalize all the techniques of the life sciences. The special thing is that these techniques have the ability to exploit and transform organisms to create products with large-scale characteristics.

Biotechnology includes many areas such as:

  • Embryonic cell and tissue technology
  • Enzyme technology
  • Protein Technology

For many years now, biotechnology applied to the agricultural industry has brought many great achievements:

  • Creating more advanced new technologies
  • Create new treatments for plants and animals with higher efficiency
  • Creating new products for agriculture like crop varieties
  • Creating bio-fertilizers, pesticides, vaccines for livestock, etc.

It can be said that biotechnology is not only a necessary level but also a key element of each country’s agricultural sector in the future.

Biotechnology is widely applied in agriculture in our country
Biotechnology is widely applied in agriculture in our country

2. Check out some successful agricultural biotechnology applications in our country

In our country, biotechnology is applied in agriculture mainly in 3 fields.

The first is to use scientific and technical achievements to select disease-free plant varieties and apply pest control measures. From there, ensuring lush crops, no pests and diseases, and providing safe and hygienic products for consumers.

The second is the application of biotechnology to research and produce multi-functional multi-strain microbial fertilizers for crop cultivation. The main purpose is to gradually reduce the amount of inorganic fertilizers used in agriculture to reduce environmental pollution and improve the quality of output products.

The third is the research, production and successful application of plant protection drugs of microbial origin to support the growth and development of crops. It is also to improve plant productivity, help plants grow well, and prevent common pests and diseases.

Application of biotechnology to produce fertilizers and pesticides
Application of biotechnology to produce fertilizers and pesticides

Some successful applications of biotechnology in agriculture in our country must be mentioned as follows:

  • Fluorescent bacteria preparations effectively prevent diseases that damage the roots of coffee, lychee or peanut plants
  • Miroca and Biorat rat bait products are manufactured on the basis of specialized pathogenic bacteria to improve the efficiency of rat killing up to 80-90%.
  • Use beneficial fungi to kill insects such as:

Beauveria bassiana pine pest control, Metarhizium flovoviridae except for termites, grasshoppers that damage sugarcane, antagonistic fungi Trichoderma except for powdery mildew on maize,…

  • Biogas technology converts organic waste into gas
  • Large-scale production of disease-free, high-quality fruit trees
Application of biotechnology in the large-scale production of high-quality fruit tree varieties
Application of biotechnology in the large-scale production of high-quality fruit tree varieties

3. The important role of biotechnology in agriculture

Although the research and application of biotechnology in agriculture still have many shortcomings, we cannot deny its important role. The proof is that after only many years of application, biotechnology has brought a lot of benefits:

  • Improve the quality of human food supply
  • Greater assurance of the safety and hygiene of agricultural products including vegetables and fruits that are good for human health
  • Find out many new plant varieties for better quality, higher yield
  • Many biological products help to prevent the root cause of plant diseases
  • Applying many models of high yielding crops
Application of biotechnology to promote agricultural development
Application of biotechnology to promote agricultural development

In the future, biotechnology still has a lot of great potential, bringing prospects for the country’s agricultural industry to develop more and more strongly. Therefore, each of us should also equip ourselves with certain knowledge and understanding to contribute to improving the lives of ourselves and our families.

We hope that the article from us has helped you fully answer your questions about the application of biotechnology to the agricultural field. Thank you for taking the time to read this post!

Emilia Chaney
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