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Where to put ferns in the house to bring good luck?

Where to put ferns in the house to bring good luck?

Ferns are not only grown indoors thanks to their delicate beauty, high ability to purify dirt, but they are also rich in feng shui meanings. Ferns are often grown to bring good luck and good things to life.

There are many people who believe that each position in the house symbolizes good and bad meanings. There will be extremely good places to put trees, and vice versa, there will be taboo positions that make homeowners lose their fortune. So Where to put the fern in the house? to bring good luck? Let’s answer it right here!

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Some characteristics of ferns

Where to put ferns in the house to bring good luck?  first

Ferns are probably not too strange for bonsai lovers. The fern is an ancient plant, native to Southeast Asia, mainly in sub-equatorial tropical regions. In Vietnam, ferns often grow in high mountain areas, where shade and good humidity help the tree grow quickly.

This tree has a vertical or drooping canopy, the maximum height is about 0.5 – 1m. However, you can grow them in pots, decorate homes and rooms and need regular pruning.

The leaves of the fern have spiky ears or small serrated margins, and the tips are relatively broad and rounded. Their body often grows or crawls out according to each terrain. Ferns are often impressed by their green leaves. This plant is also loved for its easy-to-grow, easy-care, and fast-growing characteristics.

Currently, the fern tree is very diverse with more than 12,000 different species of ferns, the size and characteristics of other trees. For those of you who want to decorate ferns in your home or office, it is best to choose ornamental ferns. They have a compact feature that makes them perfect for display in small spaces.

Where to put ferns in the house to bring good luck?

Where to put ferns in the house to bring good luck?  2

To promote all the functions of the fern in feng shui, you need to pay attention to the location of the fern. In an overview of the house, a good feng shui corner is a talent gathering corner that will be an appropriate place to place potted ferns, both to help decorate and bring good feng shui elements.

As for the working corner, the fern is suitable for those who carry the Wood par. According to the five elements, the earthquake in the East belongs to the Moc element, and the cost in the South belongs to the Moc par. Therefore, when arranging ferns on the desk, you should arrange them in these positions in a reasonable way.

The fern is a symbol of abundant and strong energy, bringing the owner a lot of money and prosperity. Plants should be placed in good locations in feng shui such as the living room, the main door.

In addition, ferns can also be placed in the bedroom to help relax, sleep well and promote their feng shui uses. Besides, plants are often grown in pots, hanging pots, ornamental pots. You can place the fern pot in the balcony, window, skylight, entrance, garden, porch, cafe, restaurant, office, etc.

Putting a pot of fern on the desk is also a great suggestion for those who love nature and the intense vitality of this plant. Ferns grown indoors will help you a lot from protecting your health, beautifying your living space, helping to purify the air very well. From there, it helps us to live healthy, work better and achieve more success in the future.


Ornamental ferns are not only a beautiful plant, beneficial for health, but they are also plants with good feng shui meaning. Hopefully through this article you will answer the question Where to put ferns in the house to bring good luck? Thank you everyone!

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