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Where to buy diet sugar?

Diet sugar is an ideal condiment for people on a diet and diabetes. However, finding a reputable, reasonable price shopping address is not easy. Let’s find the answer to the question of where to buy dietary sugar.

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How to classify dietary sugar?

Artificial sweeteners

Are artificial sweeteners with no carbs, no calories. Some typical artificial sweeteners are as follows: Aspartame, Acesulfame potassium, Saccharin, Sucralose, Cyclamate…

Among the above diet sugars, Aspartame and Sucralose are the most popular. Aspartame is widely used in carbonated beverages. Aspartame is quite suitable for adding to beverages, but because Aspartame decomposes at high temperatures, it is not suitable for cooking.

Sucralose is the ultimate artificial sweetener, because in addition to its almost white sugar taste, it is also heat resistant (up to 180 degrees Celsius). Therefore, Sucralose is the best choice for Low Carb believers for baking, ice cream, and cooking. Sucralose is known under the popular brand Splenda. That’s why people call it Splenda Street.


Dietary sugars of natural origin

Fructose: Unlike normal sugar extracted from sugarcane, Fructose sugar is extracted from fruit, so the taste is very delicious. Fructose has the basic property of having a slower effect on blood sugar than sugar. But the carb content is very high. Therefore, Fructose is not suitable for Low Carb use.

Alcohol Sugar (alcohol-based sugar) includes: Sorbitol, Isomalt, Xylitol, Maltitol etc. These sugars have a slow effect on blood sugar, and the carb content is only half that of regular diet sugar. Therefore, these sugars can be used when on a Low Carb diet in a moderate amount – about 50 grams.

Stevia: Although it is a sugar extracted from stevia plants, of natural origin, stevia has an extremely low Carb content and almost no Carbohydrates. Moreover, because stevia sugar is 300 times sweeter than normal sugar. Therefore, for Low Carb, Stevia – stevia can be used comfortably. This is the ultimate diameter substitute.


Dietary sugars mixed with artificial sweeteners and natural dietary sugars

For example, Equal sugar: The main ingredient is Aspartame mixed with Lactose sugar – extracted from milk. Or Hermesetas Granulated Sugar, which is composed of Fructose and Fibre extracted from chicory root and Aspartame. Therefore, Hermesetas sugar is ideal for high-temperature cooking.

The above sugars can be used no more than 100g/day.


Where to buy diet sugar?

To be safe, you can buy diet sugar at pharmacies and supermarkets. In some large stores also sell this product. In addition, some people also import dietary sugar from abroad for sale on websites at different prices.

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