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Where Is Soursop Grown A Lot?

Do you know Where is soursop grown a lot? are not? Soursop is a specialty in many provinces of the Mekong Delta in our country. Soursop is suitable for living in areas with high humidity and not very cold winters. In the last few years, the model of soursop soursop has been replicated and planted a lot in the provinces of Can Tho, Ben Tre, Hau Giang, Tien Giang… If you want to know more about soursop, don’t rush to skip this article. This is written by AgriSearch.net!

Suitable conditions for growing Soursop

Soil: Soursop can be grown on many different lands, depending on the specific soil conditions of each place, we can graft or plant seeds. The plant is suitable for growing in soil with a pH of 5.0-6.5.

Soursop plant can grow on many different types of soil
Soursop plant can grow on many different types of soil

Rainfall: Suitable for Soursop to grow and develop is 1,800 mm, the tree is less drought and cold tolerant than Soursop Ta.

The temperature that helps the plant to grow well is from 20 degrees C to -30 degrees C, where there is high humidity and the winter is not very cold.

Soursop is grown a lot in the southern provinces

In our country, the soil and climate conditions in the southern provinces, especially the Mekong Delta region, are very suitable for growing soursop.

Soursop is grown a lot in the South
Soursop is grown a lot in the South

Soursop tree can be grown on soils contaminated with salt, alum, etc., therefore, in islets or places where the soil changes suddenly due to salinity, people plant it on the base of the Binh Bat tree. In other areas, people can grow trees from seeds with a yield of 100-150kg/tree/year.

The North can also grow soursop but the yield will not be high, the fruit size is small and the taste is more sour than the custard apple grown in the South.

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