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What trees should be planted during the November season change?

What trees should be planted in November?
November is here, let’s start planting flowers

After a tumultuous time, when we feel the cold wind surrounding us, we suddenly realize that November has arrived. She lazily passed by, she came to every house knocking on the door, how heartwarming it is to see a few flowers right now. Here, let’s find out what to plant? to create warmth this November.

Susi . chrysanthemum

What trees to plant in November?
Chrysanthemum Susi

To answer the question of what to plant in November, here, Susi chrysanthemum is the ideal flower to start planting. Susi chrysanthemums are easy to grow, easy to care for, suitable for planting in autumn and winter. There’s nothing better on cold, murky winter days that are adorned with a few golden hues of Susi daisies.

Susi chrysanthemums have a height of 25-30cm, size from 3-5cm, flower after 50-60 days, start planting now to have flowers blooming on Tet holiday!

Wild sunflowers

What trees to plant in November?
Wild sunflowers

If you are wondering what to plant in the winter, wild sunflowers are the right choice for you. Wild anemone flowers are grown a lot in Da Lat, Lam Dong, but we can grow them at home because this flower is inherently “easygoing”, easy to grow and easy to care for.

The flower that kneels in the hearts of people is not a noble or brilliant beauty, but because of its fragile and pure beauty. When this flower blooms, it is a signal of the approaching winter. Many often plant this flower in the home garden as a border for walkways, carpets, dust can also be potted …

Although it has a fragile pure beauty, it has strong vitality in the cold winter. Not only that, but also easy to grow, not too picky about soil, but must ensure enough light and moisture.

Chrysanthemum flowers

What trees to plant in November?
Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum

In the winter in the heart of Hanoi, the chrysanthemum flower creates a unique feature that makes people miss because of its white color and very delicate and pure yellow pistil.

This flower is quite fragile, so in the care process it is necessary to be careful and skillful. Flowers only appear for about 3 weeks and are usually in full bloom at the end of November.

Hanoi has many kinds of flowers, but people are still forever attached to the daisy even though it is not too eye-catching and unique. However, it is the simple and rustic beauty that makes this flower unique. If you want to make the house smell like Hanoi, what tree should you plant: start planting chrysanthemums right away.

Tea flower

What tree to plant?
Tea flower

Camellia is also one of the top contenders when it comes to what plants to grow. There is an old saying “The king plays orchids – the mandarins play tea”, unlike the noble and elegant beauty of orchids, camellia has a simple but attractive beauty, gentle but proud.

Camellia flowers bloom once a year, usually at the time of Tet and flowers can bloom continuously for 2-3 months. If you plant camellia in November, this will be a suitable flower for you to welcome Spring. There are many types of beautiful camellias, typically: royal tea, pomegranate tea, deep tea, Chinese red tea… Each type has its own beauty and meaning.

Camellia planting should be noted that the flowers do not tolerate the sun, so they have to make a grid, dry bamboo or a curtain to create shade. If you plant a few pots, you can put it in a place with the best shade at noon. Avoid locations with large trees or close to walls because they will be hot.

Honeysuckle flower

What tree to plant?
Honeysuckle flower

Another satisfactory answer to the question of what to plant in November: honeysuckle. Honeysuckle is a flower grown as an ornamental in many Vietnamese families. Newly bloomed honeysuckle flowers are pure white, after a few days they turn golden yellow, so there are always 2 attractive flower colors on the branches. Honeysuckle in addition to the white color turns yellow during the day, there are many varieties with many vibrant colors: orange, red, pink, purple pink.

The tree is also known as the Winter Ring – because the winter does not shed leaves, the leaves are green all year round, even if the temperature is low.

Honeysuckle comes in two forms as a shrub or a creeper. Honeysuckle bushes are often planted into beautiful hedges that both protect the walls, cover up unsightly locations, and bring in fresh air. Climbing honeysuckle is popularly planted into arches, planted as a shade in front of the door, planted from terraces, and drooping balconies downstairs.


What tree to plant?

A hydrangea flower is a combination of many petals, creating a cluster of flowers with gentle but very eye-catching colors.

Hydrangea is very suitable for chilly and cool weather, so in highlands like Da Lat and Sapa, you see this flower being grown a lot. This flower is easy to grow and care for, so you can completely grow it at home to produce beautiful hydrangeas for friends and relatives.

Hydrangea is widely grown in flower gardens, ornamental gardens, especially often used as wedding flowers.

This flower also has a very special feature, it can change color depending on the pH of the soil, is it interesting? If you are wondering what to plant this winter, please suggest “strong” this species of hydrangea.

We have just answered the question of what to plant in November, have you found the right tree for your home? Flowers are not only beautiful in spring, but also in winter, they also bring a feeling of warmth and freshness. Plant any tree, but you should choose the right type for your home.

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
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