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What to eat on the 1st of January?

According to the concept of us Orientals, the first day of the lunar calendar or the beginning of the year is considered the beginning of everything. So whether the whole year or the whole month goes smoothly or not depends on how the 1st day will be.

On this day people usually abstain but the dish brings bad luck and is considered unlucky for the whole month. So what are those foods? And why should we abstain from eating that food on the first day of the month?

1. Dog meat

Dog meat is a “favorite” dish of many Vietnamese and is rich in nutrients. However, this is one of the foods to abstain on the first day of the month because it is believed that eating dog meat at the beginning of the month or the beginning of the year will bring bad luck and bad luck.

Do not eat dog meat on the 1st
Dog meat (illustration)

2. Squid

People often say “Black as ink”. This is the main reason why squid is included in the “black list” of a diet dish that should not be eaten at the beginning of the month of all 3 regions of the North – Central – South because of the worry that the whole year will have bad luck. Because of this, many parents do not feed their children squid before exams. Many people hate eating squid when they are away because they have an important job.

However, you can refer to the vegetarian squid cake on the 1st, which is also an interesting option.

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Squid, food should be abstained on the 1st

3. Duck meat

Duck meat is a taboo dish for people in the North and Central Vietnam on the first days of the year and the beginning of the month. It is believed that, eating duck meat, that month or year, business will not be favorable, unlucky, easy to “break the flock”. This concept has appeared for a long time, passed down through generations, so now not only business people but also others are “afraid” of this dish on the 1st day. However, duck is the It is a popular dish in the last days of the month, because it is believed that eating duck meat at the end of the month will help clear the black.

Instead of duck meat, people often replace it with chicken, bringing auspiciousness and peace.

Do not eat duck meat on the 1st
Duck meat, if you want to be red for a month, don’t eat it

4. Sesame fish

People in the North and the Central region abstain from eating catfish at the beginning of the year. Many people think that the reason is because the word “sesame” goes with the word “mène”. Moreover, the catfish is fishy and has more bones than other fish. Perhaps because of that, they think this fish will bring a bad luck month. Especially for people in the Central region, they believe that eating catfish at the beginning of the year and the first month of the month will be “deprived of money”.

unnamed 1 3
Sesame fish, don’t eat if you don’t want a whole month of bad luck

5. Duck eggs

In some regions, people abstain from eating duck eggs, for fear that they will be confused or disturbed in everything they do. They believe that if they eat duck eggs at the beginning of the month, everything they do in the month will be bad, happening against their will.

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Balut eggs, at the beginning of the month should not eat duck eggs

6. Shrimp

If Northerners do not abstain from shrimp on New Year’s Day and the 1st, Southerners rarely use this dish. Southerners believe that shrimps have big heads and walk backwards, if they eat shrimp at the beginning of the year, it will be difficult to “head down, tail fall”. Everything in the new year, new month will not be able to go smoothly, not promote and develop fortune.

4 mons to help me fight the bad guys in wMmQYX
Shrimp, a dish should be avoided if you want to have luck for the whole month

7. Shrimp paste

In the first days of the month, many people, especially people in the North, abstain from eating shrimp paste because everyone is afraid of bad luck.

Especially if on the first day, when going to communal houses, pagodas, temples… people abstain from eating shrimp paste and garlic, for fear of pollution, foul smell, and insulting the gods.

how to make mam tom 1
Shrimp paste, a dish to abstain from in the first days of the month

8. Banana pepper

According to the concept of Northern people, eating bananas and peppers on the 1st will cause property loss. Bananas in the South are pronounced “chui” (meaning they can’t raise their heads), so people abstain from eating bananas at the beginning of the month.

beautiful job 15393264483772087274308
Banana pepper, if you don’t want bad luck to follow you, you should abstain on the 1st

9. White Porridge

White porridge is an indispensable dish in the tray of offerings to the soul. It is unknown when white porridge became a dish that many people associate with worshiping ghosts, wild demons and the dead.

Eating porridge on the 1st day of the lunar month of the ghost month will make the devil think that you are “eating” with them, so they will disturb you and cause you to encounter misfortunes.

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White porridge, if you want to see red all month, you should abstain

10. Durian

On the first day of the month, many people do not dare to eat durian for fear of melancholy for the whole month.

after 1
Durian, should be avoided if you want to get lucky

11. Snails

To avoid encountering unwanted troubles in life, it is best not to eat snails on the first day of the month because eating snails will “talk out”.

good office
Snails, you should abstain if you meet a good thing late

The advice for everyone is that the first day of the month or the first day of the year should choose frugal dishes, eat more vegan foods, and eat less animal meat to pray for a lucky and healthy month!

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