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What techniques do you need to take care of papaya trees to make them bear fruit?

Papaya tree care
Papaya tree care

Papaya tree care is one of the necessary and long-lasting techniques to bring about the end result of fruit-laden papaya trees in your garden.

Papaya is a large herbaceous plant belonging to the Papaya family. This is a tropical fruit with a cool, sweet taste and attractive yellow or green color. The benefits of papaya have long been proven by miracles for health, making it a favorite fruit of many people. Papaya helps to clear heat, tonify spleen, cool the liver, laxative, detoxify, and defecate.

Papaya tree care
Papaya fruit with great uses

So, how to take care of papaya trees? Let’s find out with agrisearch.net through the article below!

To take care of the papaya tree, pay attention to fertilizing the tree

Time to fertilize plants

Fertilizer for papaya divided into 2 phases, that is before and after planting.

Before planting, you fertilize each tree cavity with about 0.5kg of powdered lime mixed with soil, 5 to 7kg of dried, decayed organic fertilizer with 0.5kg of superphosphate and 0.2kg of potassium chloride. This is the way to provide nutrients to the tree, helping you a lot in the process of taking care of the papaya tree.

When the papaya tree is 1 month old, you proceed to fertilize it. The work of taking care of the papaya tree also began to be periodically carried out from here. Once every 7 days with a dose of 50 grams of NPK Buffalo head 16-12-8-11+TE/root.

Papaya tree care
Fertilize papaya trees

1 to 3 months old is the time when we need to take care of papaya trees more often. Fertilization is carried out every 15 to 20 days. The amount of fertilizer from 70 to 100 grams of NPK Buffalo head 16-12-8-11+TE/root.

As for the 3 to 7 month old tree, it only needs to be applied once a month. The ideal amount of fertilizer for each plant is 100-150 grams of NPK Buffalo Head 12-12-17-9+TE. Pay attention to papaya tree care by fertilizing the right amount, not too much but not too little, dredging the soil in the trench to cultivate the root.

How to fertilize?

Dissolve fertilizer with water and then water carefully into the soil about 20 to 30cm away from the root. Proper care of papaya trees, for fast growth, can be sprayed with foliar fertilizer once every 3 to 4 weeks.

After 2 and a half months of planting papaya trees, the trees began to flower and bear fruit. Proper care of papaya trees will cause the tree to bear fruit. At that time, it is necessary to carry out anti-pilling so that the tree does not tilt or fall.

A next job in the process of taking care of papaya trees is to cut old leaves near the base, pay attention to the drainage for the tree and pull out weeds. However, limit tilling to avoid damaging the roots. In addition, you can compost the roots with straw, this method not only helps keep the roots moist but also prevents weeds from growing.


Papaya tree care
Water the right amount of water for papaya plants

Proper care of the papaya tree requires watering the right amount for the tree, because papaya needs a lot of water but is also very afraid of waterlogging. So you need to provide enough water for the plant in the dry season and limit the water in the flood season to make sure it doesn’t affect the roots.

How to prevent pests and diseases for the best growth of papaya trees?

The growth process of papaya trees has some problems that are often affected by some pests such as mealybugs, jumping beetles or red spiders and the papaya tree care is also more difficult at this time. People note Decis 2.5 ND (concentration 0.1%), Trebon (1%) to kill pests. To prevent curl virus disease, use integrated precautions such as using resistant varieties.

Papaya tree care
Avoid pests and diseases in papaya trees so that the trees are full of fruit

One way to take care of a simple papaya tree that you probably don’t know is that you should not plant 2 consecutive papaya crops on the same foot of the field, rotating with water crops.

To take care of papaya trees to avoid yellow spot, powdery mildew, anthracnose, etc., use Daconil, Topsin or Zineb, Mancozeb drugs to spray.

We have just learned how to take care of papaya trees to bring out the best results, delicious papaya fruits, cure all diseases, help your family be healthier.

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