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What plants to plant with little care for busy people?

What plants to plant with little care for busy people?
What plants to plant with little care?
Refresh the space with low-maintenance green plants

Perhaps everyone loves nature and bonsai, but not everyone has time to take care of them. Sometimes time takes us away, making us just follow life and not enjoy what’s around. So, What plants to plant with little care? for busy people will be today’s topic, for people who come home from work can still relax with bonsai.

Butterfly jasper and butterfly

What plants to grow with little care at home?
Stone Lotus Marble and butterfly wings

Coming to the topic of planting trees with little care, it is impossible not to mention the stone lotus plant. The tree is meant to bring fortune and luck to the homeowner, not only that the tree is easy to take care of, it is not picky about the soil (except for acidic soil) nor does it require meticulous care.

With lush green leaves shaped like butterfly wings, succulent leaves, the plant has enough water for itself, so it doesn’t need to be watered often. In addition, the tree also has a very beautiful meaning: it brings fortune and wealth to the owner.

However, it is also necessary to provide enough light for the plant, because the lotus jelly needs a lot of light to make the leaves green and beautiful. If left in the study table, desk, the plant should be sunbathed once a day, once every 8 hours. The light is soft, not harsh, or it will burn the leaves.

Dewdrops dewdrops of stone lotus

What plants to plant with little care for busy people?
Special dewdrop ice lotus

Also in the category of succulent plants, dewdrops are the 2nd racers in the race to grow plants with little care. The reason it is named Dewdrops because the leaves grow in strips, the leaves are small, oval like drops of water, dew drops, suitable for decoration at study tables, desks.

Although easy to care for, you still have to pay attention to the location of the potted plant. Place in a cool place, with moderate light, should not be exposed to direct sunlight too hot. Always keep the soil moist to avoid drying out the leaves.

Orchid plant

It is a plant that is native to Africa but has the ability to adapt to the environment very well, so it is grown a lot in Vietnam, often planted as an ornamental tree to decorate bedrooms, balconies, desks. The plant is very suitable for indoor use because it has the ability to filter the air.

orchid grass is easy to take care of
Orchid is beautiful

The roots of the plant contain water, so the plant can tolerate drought well, without frequent watering, avoiding wet watering that makes the plant waterlogged and easily damaged. It should be placed in a cool, well-lit place. If left indoors, water 1-2 times a week, while outdoors, water more depending on the weather and climate.

How to identify leaves lack of water: At that time, the leaves of Orchidaceae will be very soft, indicating that the plant lacks water. At that time, it is necessary to add water urgently. With two beautiful and easy-to-care features, Orchidaceae is a great answer to the question of what plants to grow with little care for busy people.

Princes prince

Meaningful white horseradish tree
Meaningful white horseradish tree

As the name implies, Prince Bach Ma tree is like a gift sent by angels to us busy people, both having the effect of increasing the humidity of the air, suitable for air-conditioned workplaces, and easy to care for. Squirrels don’t worry about plants wilting if they forget to water.

The reason the tree is suggested for the topic of what to plant with little care is because the tree only needs to be watered 1-2 times a week and is suitable for growing indoors, where the temperature is not too high. Leave the plant under light sunlight or electricity, the greener the tree will be, the faster it will grow.

Peacock Tail Tree

beautiful red peacock tail
Potted red peacock, beautiful, easy to grow

With the characteristics of colorful leaves, beautiful appearance, easy to care for, the Peacocktail tree is a suitable plant when someone asks what plants should be planted with little care. It is a plant suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, in addition to its ability to filter the air very well.

Peacock tail tree is different from the above plants because the tree loves water but is easy to care for, does not like hot sun, but can still withstand drought but not waterlogging. Indoor should be watered once a week, for outside, water more often.

How to keep the plant always full of water: put an item like a dish under the pot and fill it with water, when the water runs out, pour it back in. This will help the plant stay hydrated if we accidentally forget to water.


easy-to-grow cactus
Beautiful cactus

No stranger to the type of plant that can live in the desert, if you want to plant something with little care, the Cactus is the best choice. To be able to adapt well to the harsh environment, the leaves of the Cactus turn into spines so that the plant can grow in the best way.

Cactus should be planted outdoors, the most beautiful when placed on the terrace, balcony, in the yard. Depending on weather conditions, water 2-3 times a week if it doesn’t rain. Indoor plants should only be watered once a week. In the rainy season, cactus should not be placed directly outdoors, which will lead to waterlogging and plant death. Cactus loves the sun, so it should be exposed to the sun for about 6 hours/day.

Golden Palace Tree

What plants to plant with little care?
Golden Palace Tree

As a plant belonging to the aphid family, suitable for the topic of growing plants with little care today because the Golden Palace tree can live in low temperatures such as in rooms and air-conditioners. For indoors, water once a week, for outdoors, water twice a week. The plant is suitable for mild sunlight in the early morning or late afternoon, avoiding hot places.

How to tell if a plant is lacking water: the leaves of the Golden Palace plant will soften if there is a lack of water, so water must be provided to the plant immediately. You can buy automatic self-watering discs so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to water the plants.

Tiger Tongue Tree

Tiger tongue does not need fussy care
Tiger tongue does not need fussy care

Talking about growing plants with little care, it is impossible not to mention Tiger Tongue. This is an easy-to-care plant, with a lot of water, little water, a lot of sunshine or little sunshine, the tree still grows and develops well. It even has a great air purifying effect. Depending on weather conditions and location, there are different watering regimes from 1-2 times/week. The plant likes the sun but also does well in the environment with fluorescent lights.

Tree of Happiness

Planting a tree of happiness
Happy tree

With a special name – Happiness, happiness in life is difficult to hold, but Happiness tree is very easy to care for, suitable for all weather conditions even in air-conditioned places. If indoor decoration only needs to be watered once a week, do not water the soil, let the soil dry completely before watering otherwise the plants will be waterlogged and die. With these factors, this is a suitable plant for the question of what to plant with little care.

Can live in low temperatures but basically Happiness is still very fond of sunlight, the most ideal sunshine for plants is from 8 am to before 5 pm, so everyone should regularly bask in the sun for their happy pot. Please.

Who said that busy people can’t grow bonsai, above are the plants suitable for the topic of planting trees with little care for busy people. All of them are beautiful and special plants, so why not take one of them and plant them right away.



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