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What is the fate of the fern?

What is the fate of the fern?

Ferns are plants that are often preferred by households to decorate, purify the air and remove dirt for the house. In addition to the above effects, the fern is also a type of good feng shui. So What is the fate of the fern?? What age people should plant ferns so that they can promote good feng shui. Let’s find out now.

Learn something about ferns

What is the fate of the fern?  first

Ferns are trees of the group of ancient trees, native to Southeast Asia, most commonly found in sub-equatorial tropical forests. The plant has the scientific name Microsorum Pteropus, belongs to the family Polygonaceae and has more than 40 different morphological forms, depending on the climate and weather in the place of cultivation. In Vietnam, the tree often grows in high mountainous areas, where shade and humidity are good for growth.

The fern is a small, flowerless, multi-leaved plant that grows along the stem. The tree is almost stemless, average height is about 15-30cm, width is about 15-20cm. The fern has many leaves so it is luxuriant. Fern leaves are compound leaves, about 20-35cm long, comb-shaped, tapering at the tip; young leaves curled, hairy. Fern leaves are often used for flower arrangements.

With delicate beauty, not fussy but on the contrary simple but full of life. Ferns are a good choice for every home because they are easy to care for, have the effect of purifying the air, rich in feng shui meanings.

The role of ferns in feng shui

In addition to the outstanding uses of the ability to effectively filter the air or a precious herb, the fern tree also has a good meaning in feng shui. With the dominant blue tone, bringing a fresh and comfortable space for everyone after stressful working hours. Besides, it also brings good luck to attract a lot of luck and fortune to people in life.

To promote the good use of feng shui ferns, you should put them on the desk or in front of the door of the house or living room. However, to bring real luck, you should learn carefully what ferns are suitable for, then find out if they are suitable for you to decide to plant this plant.

What is the fate of the fern?


Based on the five elements of life, Earth gives birth to Moc, this tree is suitable for those who are destined for wood, bringing a lot of luck and convenience on the path of career, fame or health. Manh Wood or Hanh Moc is a sign of spring and is a symbol of the intense and abundant life of plants and flowers. Therefore, the luxuriant growth of the fern is very suitable for those born in this destiny.

Par brothels

In addition to the Wood par, the fern is also suitable for the Earth par. It symbolizes resilience, perseverance in the face of all difficulties like the personality of this destiny person. Earth is the soil, the environment for cultivating, nurturing, developing and also the place where all living things are born. Earth symbolizes the land, nature and the source of life, representing peace. People of Earth destiny at any age, this plant also brings a lot of luck and inspiration in life and work. Depending on the specific year of birth, there will be a suitable fern, bringing a lot of luck and favorable for health and fame.


And so we have just finished answering the question of what is the fate of the fern. In order for the tree to promote its good use, it should be planted in the house of a person with the fate of Moc and Tho. Wished everyone success!

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