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What is special about Japanese hi-tech agriculture?

It can be said that, in the world, Japan is one of the leading countries in technological development – modern science. Based on the achievements of high technology, the Japanese have developed a comprehensive economy, especially the agricultural industry. Starting from rice, high technology is gradually applied to many kinds of agricultural crops, vegetables and fruits with high yield and quality. The following article, we will introduce you to the features of Japanese high-tech agriculture and typical models are being imported into our country.

What is special about Japanese hi-tech agriculture?
What is special about Japanese hi-tech agriculture?
  1. What does hi-tech agriculture bring to Japan?

Many years ago, Japan brought modern scientific and technical achievements into agricultural reform throughout the country. Their main purpose is to overcome the disadvantage of small agricultural land while still ensuring productivity and annual output of agricultural products.

With high technology, Japan’s agricultural industry is not divided into seasons like Vietnam but can be harvested all year round.

Japanese hi-tech agriculture mainly focuses on the following aspects:

  • Grow vegetables, fruits and agricultural crops in greenhouses to overcome weather conditions, growing in layers, not just in the ground
  • Applying high equipment in irrigation, crop care, repelling pests
  • The method of preserving agricultural products for a few months is still as fresh as freshly harvested
  • Livestock farms all apply a system of modern machinery and equipment from rationing, drinking, health monitoring, breeding, waste treatment, and environmental protection.
  • Develop selective production, improve the quality of finished products for domestic use and export
  • Developing cooperatives and service cooperative economic organizations

It sounds hard to believe, but in fact, only 2% of Japan’s population is involved in agriculture, but it is enough to provide food and agricultural products for both them and the remaining 98% of the population. That is not counting the amount of agricultural products exported to countries around the world every year.

High-tech agriculture makes Japan a country with top quality agricultural products
High-tech agriculture makes Japan a country with top quality agricultural products
  1. Japanese hi-tech agricultural models in Vietnam

Learning from Japanese hi-tech agriculture, many modern models are being applied more and more widely in Vietnam, bringing unexpected success. Here are some of the most typical models:

Model of growing clean vegetables in a greenhouse

The model of growing clean vegetables in a greenhouse is the most typical example of the process of learning high-tech agriculture from Japan. The foundation of this model lies in the greenhouse environment with a net system, a screen to avoid the influence of natural conditions and insects from the outside.

So far, many localities in Vietnam have successfully applied this model not only to vegetables but also to fruit trees with high economic efficiency. Not only improving the annual yield but also the quality of agricultural products is also more assured.

The 2 most modern techniques applied to growing clean vegetables in the house are hydroponics and aeroponics.

In particular, the hydroponic method is to grow plants in a nutrient solution or substrate, without planting directly in the soil.

(Hydroponic system for growing clean vegetables on the balcony – terrace)

The aeroponics method is to grow plants without soil or water, but grow in an atmosphere containing nutritious dust particles.

Model of growing clean vegetables according to hydroponic technology in greenhouses in Vietnam
Model of growing clean vegetables according to hydroponic technology in greenhouses in Vietnam

Breeding model in a standard barn system

Not only farming, the livestock models in the standard barn system are also learned a lot from Japanese hi-tech in our country.

These models are applicable to both poultry such as chickens and ducks and livestock such as pigs, beef cattle, dairy cows, etc.

The characteristics of these Japanese hi-tech breeding models lie both in the barn system and equipped with machinery, equipment, and livestock breeds:

  • Breeding varieties are carefully selected for high yielding varieties, good quality, few diseases
  • The barn system is suitable for each breed of livestock and poultry such as closed cages, cold cages, etc.
  • In the barn, there are temperature control systems, cooling fan systems, air intakes, automatic feeders, etc.
  • Food rations, health status monitored by electronic chip through information technology application system through a main control center
  • Equipped with waste treatment system, environmental protection
High-tech breeding model is being widely applied in our country
High-tech breeding model is being widely applied in our country

Not only poultry and livestock, high-tech aquaculture models also bring many achievements to Vietnamese agriculture. Especially fish and shrimp farming.

It can be said that the introduction of Japanese hi-tech agriculture has brought many positive innovations to our country’s agricultural industry, from cultivation to animal husbandry.

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