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What is planting gravel? How to use gravel to plant trees effectively.

Growing vegetables on light gravel
Growing vegetables on light gravel

Today, substrates such as coir, coal, rice husk, mud, and especially gravel for planting trees It is widely used in hydroponic growing methods.

What is planting gravel?

Gravel for planting Keramzit
Planting gravel

Planting gravel, also known as light gravel, scientifically known as Keramzit, is essentially clay pellets. People produce this plant gravel by heating at temperatures from 1400 to 1600 degrees Celsius of molten clays. This gravel is non-toxic and has a special structure: a honeycomb structure with small, closed pores. Gravel has a certain porosity and firmness.

Benefits of using gravel to plant trees

Because of the special structure inherent in the gravel, it has many holes for ventilation, retains moisture and water longer, and has micro-organisms inside. The roundness of the gravel allows the roots to cling and wriggle through to absorb water.

Roots when planted on gravel
Roots when planted on gravel

In addition, this type of gravel is durable and can be used forever, after finishing the previous crop, it can be stored for the next crop instead of throwing it away. At the same time, the roots when harvested will be very clean without stagnation like normal planting

No need to water every day, but still moist enough thanks to the special structure of the gravel and even submerged in water, there is no worry of waterlogging or root rot.

How to use gravel to plant trees

Choose gravel

– If the tree has small roots, only gravel with a diameter of 0.7 – 1cm . should be selected

– If the tree has more moderately large roots such as fruit trees (zucchini, cucumber, tomato, etc.), then it is okay to use gravel with a diameter of 1 – 1.5cm.

– As for flowers or woody ornamental plants, the selected gravel size will be larger than the above two types.

Implement planting

– After buying seeds and sprouts, soak them in warm water for about 4 hours, then take them out to drain.

– Put pebbles in water, if they float, throw them away. This is a very effective way to choose good gravel. Then take it out and put it in a container filled with water 2/3 of the substrate.

grow trees with gravel
grow trees with gravel

Spread the seeds so that the density is not too thick and not too thin, spread a thin layer of terracotta on the surface and cover with paperboard or mesh.

Pay attention to when the seeds germinate, open and move to a sunny or artificial light. After 5-7 days, harvest. The rest is put into the water so that the roots and shells of gravel float to the surface, picked up and removed.

– Note that if you reuse gravel for the next time, it must be boiled first to kill harmful yeast and bacteria before reuse, avoiding infected plants.

Currently, gravel is widely used because of its affordable price and high applicability. One-time investment but long-term use. At the same time, the roots of the plant also grow stronger.

People should look to buy gravel in reputable and reliable places to get thorough advice and buy good, quality gravel for their farming process. Avoid cheap greed but buy poor quality and unsecured ones, which costs money but also wastes time.

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