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What do you know about high-tech agriculture in the world?

Not only one country, high-tech agriculture is gradually becoming an indispensable trend in all countries around the world. However, not everyone understands this concept, its application and its benefits. What did you understand about high-tech agriculture in the world? Join us with the interesting information below to better answer the concept that is popular in this new era.

What do you know about high-tech agriculture in the world?
What do you know about high-tech agriculture in the world?

1. What is high-tech agriculture?

Surely, the concept of agriculture is too familiar to each of us, but how is it called High-tech agriculture?

Simply, you can understand this is just an agriculture that is applying the most advanced and newest technology to improve output efficiency. This includes crop yield, yield and quality of agricultural products. The ultimate aim is to maintain and develop a sustainable agriculture for each country.

The high technologies applied in the agricultural sector are very diverse, the most typical can be mentioned as:

  • Applying modern machinery systems to save manpower and increase work efficiency
  • Applying advanced farming models according to modern science and technology to both overcome climatic conditions and ensure nutrition and moisture for the growth and development of crops, livestock and aquatic products.
  • Automation using information technology applications in the 4.0 era
  • Applying biotechnology in agriculture to select plant varieties, breed good varieties, prevent and control pests
  • Research, production and use of biological products to provide nutrition and overcome diseases of plants and animals
Hi-tech agriculture brings a lot of benefits to people
Hi-tech agriculture brings a lot of benefits to people

2. List the 3 most admirable high-tech agricultural models in the world

High-tech agriculture in the world is a very broad concept, we cannot understand the successful application of each country. However, to draw experience for yourself, do not miss the information about the 3 best models in the world today.

The largest vertical farm in the world – AeroFarms

AeroFarms is the most perfect model in the field of indoor clean vegetables that is admired by the whole world located in New Jersey, USA.

With only an area of ​​2,787m2, this farm produces nearly 1 million kg of vegetables annually. The most special feature of the AeroFarms farm is that vegetables are grown and grown indoors by aeroponics technology, the vegetable trays are stacked to a height of 9m.

From light, humidity to temperature, air is controlled by machines, saving water up to 95% compared to the previous hydroponic model.

Even more impressively, with information technology, the researchers also created photographic software to track each leaf and vegetable plant. From there, promoting the fastest growth and development while preserving the best taste and quality for vegetables.

The largest vertical farm in the world – AeroFarms in the US
The largest vertical farm in the world – AeroFarms in the US

Modular Farms

Equally modern next to AeroFarms is the Modular Farms container farm from Canada. This is a modular farming system.

The above farm model includes a lot of containers shipped from many places. Why use containers? Because they have an ideal insulation layer to help green vegetables grow and develop without fear of being affected by the weather and outside climate.

Modular Farms operates on the basis of a closed-loop main module and many additional modules with functions such as water supply, storage, preservation, etc. Farming efficiency is up to 150%.

Container Farms – Modular Farms in Canada
Container Farms – Modular Farms in Canada

Farm using wind energy – SkyFarms

The third model in the world that is interested by many countries is the SkyFarms wind farm in Italy.

This is a model launched in 2015 with an impressive farmhouse design in the form of a hyperboloid high-rise tower made of bamboo with a large and solid space as the main material. SkyFarms farm operates under a recirculation system, making the most of the light source, the perfect combination of growing plants and raising fish.

Playing the most important role are the rainwater tanks with wind power generating turbines on top of the tower.

Farm using wind energy – SkyFarms in Italy
Farm using wind energy – SkyFarms in Italy

3. Some hi-tech agricultural models in Vietnam

In our country, there are also many high-tech agricultural models that people are interested in, such as:

  • Smart farm model
  • Model of raising standard cows with 5-star quality
  • Model of shrimp farming in a greenhouse
  • Model of growing vegetables aeroponically, hydroponically
  • Closed supply chain model
  • High-class chicken farm model made in Japan
Model of growing melons in greenhouses in our country
Model of growing melons in greenhouses in our country

The above article has certainly helped you understand more about hi-tech agriculture in the world and the most typical models. Don’t forget to share this interesting information with family and friends!

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
My name is Emilia Chaney. I'm a social girl from Romania with a big smile and 3 passions: Agriculture, Travel and Social Media. I try to make this blog practical, full of great advice and inspiring ideas.

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