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What are the benefits of neutering your cat?

Spaying your cat benefits both you and your beloved pet. It’s hard to imagine, but the reality is that there aren’t enough homes for cats in need. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), 3.4 million cats are abandoned each year. By neutering your cat, you will help reduce the overcrowding of this abandoned feral cat community.

So how will neutering cats bring great benefits to you as well as to them???

  1. Disease Prevention

Spaying female cats before the first estrus cycle significantly reduces the risk of cervical cancer and reduces the risk of ovarian cancer. Because removing the ovaries reduces the amount of hormone that stimulates the growth of cancerous tumors, reducing a cat’s risk of breast cancer.

Remember that there are diseases that arise from the natural mating behavior of cats. By reducing the female cat’s natural sexual needs you will also reduce the chance of certain incurable diseases being transmitted from other cats.

2. Reduces the risk of losing pets when they leave looking for a mate

When female cats go into heat, both their hormones and instincts prompt them to find a mate. So they will try to escape every time you open the door or window to follow the “call of love and instinct”. Remember that male cats are also driven by hormones and mating instincts, and they will do their best to escape for the same reason.

Both your male and female cats are at risk of injury when crossing roads and highways in search of a mate. By neutering your cat, they will reduce their hormone secretion as well as docilely roam around the house and beside you all day.

3. Minimize odors when they come on period

Male cats spray urine to mark their territory. And the pungent smell in their urine serves as a warning to other males that a cat has claimed this territory as his. Spaying a cat reduces or eliminates urine spraying, or if it does, the odor is much milder.

Female cats also shed body fluids when they get their period. These liquids also contain scents that notify nearby male cats that a female cat “girl” is nearby. By neutering your female cat, you will eliminate the same problem as the male cats above.

4. Reduced combat and aggression

Male cats are hormone-driven during estrus to seek out mates and defend their territory against invaders. Therefore, two or more male cats that are not given much attention in the same household may compete with each other. Battles can break out. By neutering your cat, you will reduce their aggressive instincts.

With the great benefits that spaying your cat brings. You should have them sterilized when they are old enough. This is not only to avoid the consequences they may have, but more importantly, they can be healthier and live longer than other normal cats.

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