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Wear sunscreen “armor” for grapefruit

Nghe An farmers put 'armor' against the sun for pomelos

When the hot weather shines on, it will cause the grapefruit to be melasma and lose the aesthetic and value of the grapefruit. Therefore, farmers in Quang Ngai have put on “armor” of sun protection for pomelos in their garden.

Wear sunscreen for grapefruit

On these long, hot days, pomelo orchards are put on by farmers to add sun protection “armor” to pomelos. The garden is filled with the green color of branches and leaves that stand out with the white color of the “armor”.

Farmer Dau Tien Sy from Thanh Binh hamlet, Tan An commune, Tan Ky district, who has experience in garden economic development, shared: “When a pomelo is as big as a chicken’s egg, it must be “armor”. Cheap fruit packaging, each “armor” costs 1,500 VND / piece, with 7,000 pomelos, he invested over 10 million VND..

The “armor” has many effects such as sunscreen for pomelos to prevent the fruit from drying out due to intense heat, and to help repel some harmful insects. In the hot season, almost every orchard owner uses this method to protect it.”

Nghe An farmers wear 'armor' to protect pomelos from the sun

The way to wrap the bag is very simple, the bag made in the form of a draw-up bag is easy to use, simple to operate. Open the mouth of the bag to put the fruit inside and grasp the drawstring, the rubber piece at the end of the rope will automatically tighten without having to tie.

Advantages of the method of using sunscreen cloth bags for grapefruit

In the past, farmers planted pomelos wrapped in plastic bags. And wrapping the fruit with a plastic bag is easy to create a greenhouse effect for the fruit. The temperature inside the bag will be very hot, which will slow down the development of the fruit. Sometimes causing the opposite results, causing wilting, fruit drop due to heat and lack of metabolism, air with the outside environment. The canvas bag is made of non-woven fabric, the weight of the bag is light. Non-woven fabric is both waterproof, has very high durability, and creates ventilation, solves problems when wrapped with plastic bags and has many advantages:

  • The bag does not cause gas and water stagnation,
  • sun resistant,
  • Anti-UV rays make the fruit not tan, rotten, prevent harmful pests such as aphids, yellow flies, charm worms… increase garden productivity and solve farmers’ worries
  • Prevents the situation of frost that makes the shell rough.
  • Especially, 100% control is not contaminated with pesticides.

Besides, in order to ensure that the pomelo garden is green in times of severe drought, Mr. Sy’s family uses organic fertilizer made from bean powder to fertilize and pump water regularly to maintain high humidity for the garden. Grapefruit tree grows well.

According to the head of the Agriculture and Rural Development Department of Tan Ky district, Mr. Nguyen Cong Trung, said that the whole district currently has 90 hectares of pomelos and 190 hectares of oranges. In order to protect trees and fruits from being affected by the heat, people find ways to water and especially pomelos use cloth bags to wrap, for two purposes: Not being burned by insects and damaged by insects. Avoid sunburn on hot hot days.

Not only pomelo, gardeners in Tan Ky, Nghia Dan, Quy Hop, Con Cuong … also invest in “armor” cages for guava to prevent insects, worms and prevent direct sunlight from damaging guava. ensure the productivity of the garden.


Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
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