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Watermelon Planting Techniques For Large Fruits – Large Quantity

Watermelon is an aromatic, sweet and cool fruit that adds many nutrients to the body and is loved by many people. However, buying watermelon in the market is not guaranteed, making many people uneasy, the quality is difficult to control. There are many places that sell watermelons that use preservatives to help keep the watermelon fresh for a long time. So choosing to implement how to grow watermelon at home is a great idea. Watermelon cultivation technique for large fruit, a large number will be revealed in this article.

Preparation before planting watermelon

  1. Time to plant watermelon

Watermelon planting season has 2 main crops in a year. There are spring-summer and winter-spring crops.

Winter-spring crop: The winter-spring crop can be divided into two phases. Phase 1 from 5/10 solar calendar to 15/10 solar calendar. Will harvest watermelon on Christmas. And the second phase is from November 10 of the solar calendar to November 20 of the solar calendar, the second phase will yield watermelons and Tet holidays.

Spring-summer crop: For the spring-summer crop, you can sow in early February and start harvesting watermelons at the end of April. Or you can start sowing earlier in December. last year as well.

Watermelons can be planted at any time of the year
Watermelons can be planted at any time of the year

You can proceed to plant watermelon at any time, as long as you take care of the right technique, the tree will still produce large and sweet fruit.

  1. Prepare the seeds

Currently, the application of advanced breeding methods produces many different types of watermelons. Can be known as light green, dark green, striped, yellow fruits. Or the type of meat with bright red, dark red, yellow, …

Depending on the preferences of each person, choose the appropriate watermelon variety. Seeds you should choose to buy at reputable seed stores, choose high-yielding varieties to achieve high yields.

  1. Prepare the pot to plant watermelon

Watermelon is a large canopy plant with strong roots. If you want to harvest big fruit and healthy growth, you should choose large pots that can hold a lot of soil.

You can immediately make use of used paint cans, or large styrofoam boxes to grow watermelons.

The way to grow watermelon in a styrofoam container is applied by many people and yields high. The trick is to punch many small holes in the bottom and side of the pot.

This helps the soil to be aerated, the ability to transpire higher. If the watermelon plant is waterlogged, the soil is not well-ventilated, sooner or later the plant will be underdeveloped, gradually leading to death.

  1. Soil treatment for watermelon

For watermelon to grow and develop well, it needs a nutrient-rich soil environment. The easiest way is to buy watermelon soil at a seedling store, the soil there is soil that has been treated and rich in nutrients.

The soil environment for growing watermelon needs a high source of nutrients
The soil environment for growing watermelon needs a high source of nutrients

In addition, you can also manually create a soil mix suitable for plants. By: mixing the mixture of soil and meat with rotting cow manure, chicken manure.

Along with that is mixed with coconut fiber, rice husk, organic humus. You should dry the soil for about 7 to 10 days to reduce pests and diseases, along with a little lime before putting the soil in the pot.

  1. Where should I plant watermelon?

Watermelon is a wind-loving, sun-loving plant. So you should choose a place where the sun shines for about 6 to 8 hours a day to grow watermelon. Suitable locations can be mentioned as terraces, balconies or on the walls of the house.

You should note that the place to implement the watermelon growing technique requires space, the lowest height is 1.5 meters. To have enough conditions to grow, for high yield.

Make a trellis for watermelon

When implementing the technique of growing watermelon for a period of 1 month, you should consider designing a trellis for the tree.

This has the purpose of helping to support the trunk during the growth phase, as well as directly bearing the force of the fruit. Helps fruit to grow freely, succulent and sweeter.

How to do it: Use existing bamboo, plastic or wooden sticks. Form fixed frames, criss-crossed. Next use string to tie the watermelon stem to the trellis.

As the fruit grows and develops to maturity, you can use a hook or mesh bag to hang the watermelon directly on the trellis.

Watermelons will be better supported if they can climb the truss
Watermelons will be better supported if they can climb the truss

Watermelon care techniques

  1. Sprinklers

Watermelon is a water-loving plant. You should regularly water this plant with regular regularity 2 times a day, in the early morning or in the cool afternoon.

Note that you should not water too much, the amount of remaining water will cause the plant to grow poorly. In addition, you can use rice water to irrigate watermelon plants, it helps to increase the nutritional value of the soil.

As the fruit begins to form, you can reduce the amount of water you water the plant. Should be watered directly into the soil around the root, you should not water the stem, flowers or fruits.

  1. Fertilizer

In the early stages of plant growth, you can add vermicompost to fertilize watermelons. Organic fertilizers should be added during the flowering and fruiting period. The purpose of this is to make the fruit bigger and sweeter.

Fertilizers help provide more nutrients for watermelons to grow and produce large, sweet fruits
Fertilizers help provide more nutrients for watermelons to grow and produce large, sweet fruits

You can do it in the following way:

Use phosphate fertilizers to fertilize the roots 3 times: use them immediately after planting watermelon, after 25 days of planting and 25 days after the second application.

Fertilizer: Watermelon plants are especially fond of biological fertilizers. You can use fertilizers such as NPK, Super hume, etc.

Treat diseases and pests

The implementation of how to grow watermelon at home makes it easier to care for the plant and less susceptible to pests. However, you should pay attention to watermelon plants when encountering too cold or too hot weather, there are measures to prevent as well as treat.

If the climate is too cold, you should water the watermelon with a little warm water while blocking the wind direction to keep the plant warm. If the weather is too hot, you should shade the sun and increase the amount of water for the plants.

Pests that are often encountered when growing watermelon such as aphids, beetles or rats can destroy watermelon gardens. When plants are infected with pests, you should actively go to the shops selling plant protection drugs for guidance and timely treatment.

Watermelon harvesting techniques

According to the original plan, after planting watermelon about 80 to 90 days, you can start harvesting. Or after 30 to 40 days after flowering, the fruit will ripen and can be harvested.

Watermelons can be harvested after 40 days from the time of flowering and fruit set
Watermelons can be harvested after 40 days from the time of flowering and fruit set

The time to harvest juicy watermelons lasts about a few weeks, if the weather conditions are favorable, the time can be longer.

How to identify ripe watermelon is quite simple. You just need to use your finger and tap on the fruit, if you hear a “pop” sound, it means the fruit can be harvested.

We are happy to share with farmers information related to watermelon growing techniques. Farmers can apply this melon growing model to practice.

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
My name is Emilia Chaney. I'm a social girl from Romania with a big smile and 3 passions: Agriculture, Travel and Social Media. I try to make this blog practical, full of great advice and inspiring ideas.

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