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Want the god of fortune to knock on the door

Breeding ornamental fish
Breeding ornamental fish full of fortune

Breeding ornamental fish is a special hobby of many families. Because the ancients have the saying “If you want to be rich, raise fish, raise pigs”, indeed, since ancient times, his fathers have thought that fish is a representative of wealth and luck.

In the Chinese language, fish is 鱼 (fish) which is homophonous with yu (abundance) representing abundance and prosperity, so fish farming brings the owner luck and prosperity. If you are intending aquarium fish farmingIf you want to find some beautiful fish both to display in your home, and to bring fortune to your family, please do not miss this article introducing beautiful ornamental fish!

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Golden Dragon Fish

For those who are “connoisseurs” of raising ornamental fish, perhaps it is impossible not to know about this fish known as the “king of fishes”.

Kim Long fish, also known as Arowana fish, has an elongated shape, covered by large, hard and round scales. This fish has many different colors such as: Metallic, pink, yellow, platinum, … looks very beautiful. The tail color of this fish is extremely diverse. Some species have red, yellow tails or alternating gray and black rays, etc. Adult fish will have bolder and more vibrant colors than juveniles.

Breeding ornamental fish to bring fortune into the house
Kim Long fish brings fortune

Kim Long fish has many types: Thanh Long, Kim Long Too Bei, Hong Long, Hac Long, Ngan Long… It can be said that this fish has many powerful and powerful names, likened to “Water Dragon” “.

The most selected fish are usually pale pink, gold, and silver in color and should have brilliant silver scales. Not only beautiful and easy to raise, but Kim Long fish also represents power, wealth and class. According to feng shui, the golden dragon fish is a fish raised in the house that will help the owner to prosper and prosper. The number of fish in the tank should only be 4 to 5, if you keep a lot of fish, it will not only be unlucky but also counterproductive.

Depending on the characteristics of the fish, there will be different prices in the market. The most expensive fish is the new Blood Dragon, which costs more than 20 million with an adult. Besides, there are also “popular” fish suitable for families with a tight economy but still want to own a “god of fortune”.

Koi fish

Another famous fish in the aquarium industry: Koi fish, also known as Japanese Carp. Koi fish are very special because of their very colorful colors, with large patches of color on the sides and along the back like special “tattoos”.

If you want to raise ornamental fish, you can't ignore Koi fish
Koi fish

Koi fish wear many different colors such as red, black, blue, yellow… Each color represents different meanings and messages, bringing luck to the owner. Yellow Koi fish usually represent wealth and affluence.

Black Koi fish show strength, not afraid of failure, rise to success. Koi fish has a great meaning, is considered a fire that inspires life, so there is a classic story of “the dancing carp turns into a dragon”. Therefore, keeping a typical ornamental fish such as Koi carp in the house has all the advantages, without fear of hardships, wealth and prosperity.

The most important factor for aquarists to choose Koi fish is color. The more beautiful the fish, the more meaningful and expensive the colors are. History has recorded an amazing case of Koi fish being sold for $ 2.2 million – ie nearly 50 billion VND, this is too much for an aquarium fish. Besides, there are still beautiful fish but the price is easier to breathe, ranging from a few hundred to a few million dong, which is quite affordable for those who want to raise beautiful ornamental fish.

Choose quality aquarium equipment

Arhat Fish

Arhat fish are loved by aquarium hobbyists due to their beautiful, strong appearance and colorful colors on the sides. This special name comes from the large hunched head like that of a fairy, so it is called Arhat. And the head with a big hunchback is more valuable, more popular.

Raising ornamental fish is impossible to ignore Arhat fish
Arhat fish is likened to a fairy

Currently, Arhat fish are favored by many fish farmers and choose to raise ornamental fish because it is believed that this fish brings prosperity and luck from its eye-catching sparkling body and special big humpback head. make this fish more beautiful and funny.
Arhats have been bred to create more than 60 different species. But the most raised and hunted are the Diamond breed, the King Kamfa breed and the King hybrid. This fish is easy to raise, has relatively few diseases, and has good adaptability to the environment.

Arhat fish often have a high price because of the number of mature fish with beautiful colors, but big humpbacks usually account for a relatively low percentage of the fish, only 10% to 30% even though the father and mother are both beautiful.

In the market, small Arhat fish fluctuates from 20,000-30,000 VND/fish, the first fish is 100,000 VND/head, the bigger fish is 200,000-300,000 VND/fish, the price of adult fish is at least 500,000 VND/fish .

Raising ornamental fish brings luck and fortune to the family, but if not properly raised, it will be counterproductive. Therefore, farmers need to learn the principles of feng shui aquarium farming on layout, regulations on the number of children, color … to be able to bring fortune and avoid bad luck for the family.

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