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Vertical clean vegetable farm – effective but still have many concerns

vertical clean vegetable farm
Vertical clean vegetable farm – effective but still have many concerns

World agriculture is developing rapidly with many different models, including: clean vegetable farm upright, comfortable and automatic. The low dependence on natural factors as well as labor but high productivity makes many people think, is this the future of world agriculture?

the future of agriculture
Fully automatic and convenient vertical clean vegetable farm

How does a vertical clean vegetable farm work?

Make a vertical clean vegetable farm anywhere

Make a vertical clean vegetable farm anywhere
Clean vegetable farm in buildings

Vertical vegetable farms can be done anywhere, even in high-rise buildings. When modern society is surrounded by high-rise buildings and crowded traffic, the implementation of a safe green vegetable farm is quite difficult and challenging. But with the great advancement of technology, many places have implemented clean vegetable farms right in factories with smart devices.

This clean vegetable farm is grown vertically on towers up to several meters high with high-tech systems that use the motion of irrigation water to slowly rotate the crops in the soil tray to provide water and nutrition.

In the middle of each row of vegetables, small fans to provide oxygen for the plants are installed meticulously, the trays are regularly sprayed with nutrients and are always monitored with the most advanced technology, which is a sensor to ensure the process. normal plant growth.

Irrigation will be watered, then the top and bottom are arranged on the vertical part of the shelf frame, the excess water will be stored for reuse next time.

Use LED lights to grow vegetables

grow vegetables without light
Use LED lights to grow vegetables

Perhaps this is quite strange to some people, we think that plants and vegetables need sunlight to live. But not really, with today’s great technological progress, growing vegetables without light is not too hard to believe.

In these clean vegetable farms, the “vegetable gardens” are large shelves, operated by advanced lighting and irrigation technology equipment. One of them is using electric lights, led lights to grow vegetables. Specifically, the light for growing vegetables replaces 100% with LED lights. The tree is illuminated by red and blue leds.

And the results show that growing clean vegetables with LED lights is more productive and saves more energy than conventional light bulbs.

3 No clean vegetable farm: No soil, no pesticides, no sunlight

3 no clean vegetable farm
Vertical clean vegetable farm model

The special feature of this vertical vegetable farm is that it does not depend on soil, chemicals or even natural light. Vegetables are grown by methods such as hydroponics, aeroponics, and Aquaponics that do not require too much soil. Provide artificial light with electric or LED lights as mentioned above.

Advantages and disadvantages of vertical clean vegetable farm


– Suitable for people facing the problem of population aging

– Allows vegetables to grow all year round

Helps reduce energy costs by 50% and labor costs by up to 80%

– Use less water. In fact, vertical vegetable farms use 95% less water

– Not affected by weather because in vertical clean vegetable farms there are devices to adjust humidity as well as pH for vegetables to grow.

– Less exposure to chemicals and pathogens

– Products created are fresh, safe and clean


– Although the farming area is optimized, it is quite expensive to invest in modern machinery

– The pollination process is difficult because there is no presence of nature like insects

– Too dependent on technology, so manual labor in the future will be eliminated when farming but without the need for farmers?

– Although clean vegetables are safe, they also indirectly pollute the environment when using a lot of electricity

Is the vertical clean vegetable farm the future of world agriculture?

  vertical farm support in life
The future of agriculture

One of the dilemmas when implementing vertical farming is that this model is only suitable for certain plants and vegetables. Mostly short term vegetables. But food crops such as rice are the main food for humans, which vertical farming cannot do. Therefore, the vertical clean vegetable farm model can only support a part of human life, not the face of the entire world’s agriculture.

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