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Vegetarian views of 8 world famous people


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The Vegetarian Views of Famous People

1. Lep Ton -xtoi’s Vegetarian View


There are numerous famous individuals in the world who have embraced a vegetarian lifestyle throughout their lives, such as Albert Einstein and Mahatma Gandhi. However, there are other lesser-known figures whose vegetarian views are worth exploring. One of them is Lep Ton -xtoi, a renowned Russian writer who adopted a vegetarian diet in 1885. Lep Ton – x Toi expressed his opposition to hunting and promoted the natural development of all species. In his essay, “First Step,” he controversially stated, “Slaughter transforms noble and altruistic souls into individuals who are only concerned with themselves.” Although this statement may spark debate, it is noteworthy that Lep Ton -xtoi’s commitment to vegetarianism remains clear even after nearly two centuries.

2. Léonard Da Vinci’s Vegetarian Perspectives

Léonard Da Vinci, a highly renowned Italian sculptor and painter, believed that vegetarianism was a matter of human morality and could help prevent the act of killing. Through his art and lifestyle, Da Vinci embraced the principles of vegetarianism.

3. Vegetarian View of Mahatma Gandhi – The National Hero of India


Mahatma Gandhi, a man revered by all Indians, adopted a completely vegetarian diet as an adult. Gandhi once made a profound statement highlighting the importance of animal treatment as a measure of a nation’s greatness and moral progress.

4. Thomas Edison’s Vegetarian View


Thomas Edison, the famous American inventor, had a clear understanding of vegetarianism. According to him, non-violence serves as the foundation of morality and is crucial for human development. Edison believed that humans remain primitive until they cease harming other living beings. He also emphasized the profound impact of vegetarianism on human behavior and psychology.

5. Albert Einstein’s Vegetarian View


Albert Einstein, the famous 20th-century scientist, was also a vegetarian. He valued peace and held deep respect for all forms of life. Einstein stated that adopting a vegetarian lifestyle is the most beneficial choice for human health and longevity on this planet.

6. Benjamin Franklin’s Vegetarian Conception


Benjamin Franklin, a renowned American scientist and politician, started practicing vegetarianism at the age of 16. Franklin firmly believed that vegetarianism enhances mental clarity, promotes sharpened thinking, and fosters progress. He regarded consuming meat as an unjustifiable act of murder.

7. Bill Clinton’s Vegetarian Conception


Bill Clinton, not only known as the 42nd president of the United States but also as a prominent vegetarian celebrity, attests to the positive effects of vegetarianism on his health. Clinton shared that since adopting a vegetarian diet, his blood test results and overall well-being have significantly improved. He claims to feel energetic and content.

8. Vegetarian Concept of Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs, renowned as a technical genius, inventor, and successful businessman, secretly embraced Buddhism and practiced meditation from a young age. Despite his immense wealth, Jobs led a simple life and maintained a vegetarian diet. He advocated for a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle, emphasizing the importance of animal protection. Jobs also highlighted the benefits of fasting in cleansing the body and even distributed containers of carrot juice on Halloween instead of candy.

Vegetarianism holds significant importance, offering numerous health benefits and fostering a positive impact on the environment. It is not only influential among the famous figures mentioned above but also among various individuals around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Lep Ton-xtoi’s view on vegetarianism?

Lep Ton-xtoi, a famous Russian writer, has been following a vegetarian diet since 1885. He believed in respecting the natural development of all species and opposed the hunting of the bourgeois and aristocrats. His view on vegetarianism is expressed in his essay, where he states that slaughter goes against a noble and altruistic soul.

2. What were Leonardo Da Vinci’s perspectives on vegetarianism?

Leonardo Da Vinci, the Italian sculptor and painter, strongly believed in vegetarianism as a human morality. He saw it as a way to avoid the crime of killing.

3. What is Mahatma Gandhi’s view on vegetarianism?

Mahatma Gandhi, the national hero of India, embraced a vegetarian diet during his adulthood. He believed that the greatness and moral progress of a nation can be judged by how it treats animals.

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