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Using smart technology, farmers are much “more leisurely”

Leading in the field of agriculture and crop care, Dong Nai farmers have now started to apply smart technology into production to have more idle time.

Many gardeners are now starting to apply smart irrigation systems to the production process
Many gardeners are now starting to apply smart irrigation systems to the production process

Smart technology application in agriculture

Visited Mr. Huynh Van Hoang, a gardener in Ruong Tre hamlet, Bao Quang, Long Khanh, Dong Nai province. He is one of the typical farmers of the movement to apply modern technology in agriculture. Thanks to that, his green-skinned pomelo planting model has brought high productivity and saved a lot of care.

Talking to us while adjusting the locking valves of the smart irrigation system, he shared: “Since applying smart technology instead of labor, I have found that the crop yield is very effective. but it also saves a lot of time and effort. Thanks to the automatic sprinkler irrigation system, I don’t need to be exposed to chemical fertilizers anymore, my family is also more assured about health.”

According to Mr. Hoang’s share, the initial investment cost for the whole irrigation system is not too high, only about 10 million VND for 1 hectare of land. In return, the efficiency of this system is very surprising, and it saves the cost of hiring labor and watering evenly, and the quality of the finished product is high. If all expenses are deducted, his garden can earn nearly 300 million VND a year.

The initial investment cost for smart technology is not too high
The initial investment cost for smart technology is not too high

In the next time, he started to invest in 2 more hectares of pomelos that are also bearing fruit. Not only him, but many other families in the hamlet also use this technology to save effort.

Mr. Hoang majored in mechanical engineering, but his passion for agriculture always burned in him. He loves to explore and apply modern technology to plants, especially new varieties. After much consideration and research, in 2017 he demolished the old mixed garden and started to renovate it with the famous green-skinned pomelo. Accordingly, 1 hectare of young pomelo trees are planted and cared for in a bio-organic direction with more than 300 roots. He also did not hesitate to install a smart irrigation system with “3 in 1” features including spraying, fertilizing and watering. The operation of the system can be easily controlled via phone ap. The whole system is operated thanks to a fixed machine with 4 control valves.

Thanks to this smart method of operation, Mr. Hoang can take care of his garden wherever he goes. This system also allows users to set automatic power on and off via mobile phone.

Mr. Hoang started to pick up the phone and proved it by opening the pressure, setting a watering schedule. In less than a minute, the entire grapefruit garden began to be sprayed with water. After spraying water, he also turned on the light to light up the garden with his phone. Mr. Hoang shared that adding all the equipment to install this irrigation system does not cost too much, only about 40 million VND for the garden (6000 m2).

Irrigation and crop care systems can be controlled remotely by mobile phones
Irrigation and crop care systems can be controlled remotely by mobile phones

Mr. Nguyen Van Quang is a farmer who received the certificate of GlobalGAP pepper garden in Lam San commune, Cam My has also invested in smart technology for his garden. He is not afraid to research and invest in an Israeli irrigation system for his pepper garden.

More than 3 hectares of pepper are installed with the entire irrigation system pre-programmed and controlled using a mobile phone. Mr. Quang shared, “The investment in smart technology helps him to reduce production costs, secure finished products and create a huge competitive advantage. This is very important, especially in the difficult period of pepper output.”

According to him, in the long run, the cost of clean production is much lower than using too much chemical fertilizer to increase productivity. Understanding this, he researched and composted himself, cutting grass to cover the soil instead of using herbicides. During the process of planting and tending, Mr. Quang prioritizes the application of biological solutions in the prevention and treatment of plant diseases. As a result, the finished pepper products from his garden have a higher price than the market.

Improve product value, get rid of the worry of “good season, price loss”

“Locals are actively replicating smart care models with acceptable costs and suitable for gardeners” – Share of Ms. Tran Thi Le Nhu – Chairwoman of Bao Quang Farmers’ Association. Gardeners who are constantly innovating and applying modern technology to cultivation have created a great boost for the agricultural industry and the local economy.

Clean production technology is creating great economic momentum for Dong Nai
Clean production technology is creating great economic momentum for Dong Nai

Nhu also added that for farmers, the application of smart technology should start from simple and easy-to-use techniques. Among them, the “3 in 1” irrigation system via mobile application is the most popular and effective.

Currently, many businesses are also starting to apply technology for the production process. According to the director of Viet Farm Trading Co., Ltd – Mr. Tran Quang Tinh, the waste treatment process is very difficult and costs a lot. Therefore, he has researched and invested in an organic chicken manure factory and a clean vegetable farm with an area of ​​​​more than 10 hectares with greenhouses, greenhouses, … Clean fruits grown will be exported abroad. .

His organic factory currently produces 5 different product lines. Farms that grow vegetables and melons according to standards GlobalGAP grown organically. Organic fertilizers are also used for many different groups of crops. Thanks to the application of smart Israeli irrigation technology combined with the automatic cooling feature, his garden can grow a variety of temperate vegetables.

The initial mechanical investment system of Viet Farm has many outstanding improvements compared to importing raw materials from Israel. Even, there are many homemade devices from equipment and machines available in greenhouses and greenhouses. Homemade robots are programmed to water plants automatically. At the same time, the cooling system also works by taking advantage of solar energy.

Viet Farm started to apply clean production technology to the production process
Viet Farm started to apply clean production technology to the production process

Tinh also added that besides nutrition, drip irrigation is equally important. This smart watering system both drip irrigation and allows users to control the soil moisture to suit the plants. Drip irrigation technology helps the farm save a lot of water and the plants have the best growing conditions.

According to Mr. Tinh’s share, businesses are always ready to transfer technology from membrane technology to clean production techniques and even product consumption. It can be said that this is an opportunity not to be missed for farmers to switch to clean production, improving the economic value of products. This will be the perfect solution so that farmers no longer have to worry about “good harvest but losing value” ever.

The functional sectors are now also recommending farmers to use the irrigation system sparingly during hot and dry times. You can refer to the instructions for installing a local sprinkler irrigation system for plants to save labor costs. This irrigation method helps farmers no longer have to be pressured about the source of water for irrigation, but the production efficiency is still very good.

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