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Uses of melon

Uses of melon
Melon – pregnant mothers should not be ignored

melon flavor no longer strange to every family. This is not only an economic product but also a familiar dish, especially for Vietnamese people. However, melon is not just a food. Find out more amazing uses of this fruit!

Nutritional benefits of melon

Nutritional benefits of melon
Loofah stuffed with shrimp

This is the use almost everyone knows of the melon. That is also the reason why melon has become a familiar dish in every family’s menu. Not only delicious and attractive, but also fragrant melon is processed in many different forms from sophisticated to elaborate, very popular with many mothers.

Besides, gourd is also used to make cooling water to help clear body heat, chemical phlegm, reduce mouth heat, etc.

Medicinal uses of melon

The melon is considered the fruit of a mother with milk and is a panacea for women. It has the ability to relieve abdominal pain and regulate menstruation. Along with that is the treatment of engorgement, lactation, helping the baby have milk to drink evenly, but the mother is also a great worry.

The elderly or those who do heavy labor, or who lack a machine, or have low blood pressure can use melon as a medicine to help increase blood pressure and provide energy for a long, active day. This use has turned into a cure for many people and each such treatment will last 10 days.

melon juice
melon juice

Loofah helps to treat respiratory diseases such as sore throat, asthma, dry cough that does not go away.

Many people use this remedy to relieve colds, treat fever, treat headaches and treat seasonal allergies (urticaria).

For those who suffer from foot odor, the ashes of the loofah after burning can be used to incubate the feet. After two weeks, you will see amazing results.

Contraindicated for people with weak spleen, or abdominal pain, loose stools.

Beauty uses of melon

Beauty uses of melon
Skin care mask from melon

Women can use the resin of the melon to whiten their skin. In addition, the moisture capacity of this plant is very high. For women’s skin, if it is well protected from the sun, moisturized and comprehensively whitened, there is nothing like it.

Not only that, the loofah also has the ability to reverse the signs of age, fade wrinkles, treat melasma, freckles. It also helps to tighten pores. Anyone who likes to drink but has a red nose can be cured.

For those who are in a weight loss and slimming mode, they should know that this type of melon has the ability to inhibit melanin to help your body slim without having to fast. If you intend to lose weight but are hungry, add melon to your menu, no matter how much you eat, you can’t get fat.

Turn loofah into everyday items

Loofah dish washing pads
Loofah dishwashing pads

A typical use that has existed since the time of our parents is to use loofah to make bath towels and dishwashing pads. Although today, people have replaced them with more modern materials, but with the trend of environmental protection, dishwashing products or bath towels made of loofah suddenly become hot and become best-sellers.

Many people, because they don’t know, throw away the loofah and spend a few tens or even hundreds of thousands to buy bath towels or sponges when they can make their own. Unfortunately!

Here are the uses of melon. Which application are you most impressed with? For me, living environmentally friendly, using loofah as household utensils is an extremely useful finding!

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