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Types of diseases on yellow apricot trees and how to prevent them.

Yellow apricot tree
Yellow apricot flowers bloom brilliantly

Yellow apricot is a tree that lives in the wild and is very healthy, the tree can survive on its own according to the changes of nature, can withstand harsh weather. Because apricot trees are very strong, when infected, yellow apricot trees will not die immediately but gradually die. Diseases on yellow apricot trees It is not difficult to treat and is also very easy to detect. Common diseases on yellow apricot trees are: anthracnose, rust, coin spot disease, leaf blight, yellow leaf disease on apricot trees, etc.

Diseases on yellow apricot trees and how to prevent them

– Pink spot disease

Symptom :
In the beginning, the lesions were only a few millimeters in size. If there are favorable conditions such as high humidity in the garden, lack of sunlight, those spots will spread

Diseases on yellow apricot trees including pink spot disease
Pink spot disease

Pink spot lesions are mostly round or oval in shape, gray-white or blue-gray. Over time, the disease will spread around. If heavily infected, many spots will mix together to create any shape, mottled color.

The bark of the yellow apricot tree will thicken due to many layers of disease overlap. Just like a layer of velvet around the base of apricot tree. The disease usually develops on the old bark, so among the diseases on yellow apricot trees, this disease is the type that often occurs in ancient apricot trees.

Prevention: Plant and arrange apricot trees a sufficient distance apart. This can be considered as one of the most effective measures to prevent the disease. Designed to be used for planting apricots or can be placed apricot pots in the shape of a tortoise shell, cut drainage ditches so that water does not stagnate on the garden surface in the rainy season, limiting dampness.

For apricot roots that have appeared many disease spots, you can use a brush to gently scrub the disease spots. Only this kind of disease can scrub against cdiseases on other yellow apricot trees. It is possible to use lime water or 1% solution of Borax and then sweep it on the trunk at the beginning of the rainy season to protect the tree from moisture. In addition, you can use some copper-based drugs such as Copper -B, Coc 85; Copper-Zinc or Zinccopper… to spray on frequent diseased areas on trunks and branches.

– creek (thrips)

In diseases on yellow apricot tree There are also diseases caused by insects and bugs, especially creeks.

Disease caused by creek compensation on yellow apricots
Lymphatic disease (thrips)

The feature of the creek is that every time the apricot tree has a young bud, the adult will move from another place to the young bud to lay eggs. The eggs will hatch after a few days.

The body of the creek is very small, at most it is just over 1cm long. Both adults and larvae feed on the sap of young leaves. Creates tiny white patches on the area they feed on.

The leaves that are compensated for being infected with one of the diseases on yellow apricot trees will lose nutrients and develop abnormally: the leaves are shriveled, the edges of the leaves are dry, burnt and curved, rough.

Among the diseases on yellow apricot trees, this is a fast-spreading disease. When the damaged leaves turn to stale and old stage, they are no longer suitable for food for them. They will move to other leaves to bite and damage. Compensating creeks often cause a lot of damage in the dry season and in the rainy season, the number will gradually decrease

When watering apricots, use strong pressure hoses to spray directly into the creek to wash them away.
You can use some commonly used insecticides to intervene if the amount is too much, such as: Malvate 21EC; Trebon 10EC; Confidor 100SL; Regent 5SC… evenly wet both the top and bottom of apricot leaves.

– Pink fungus disease

Among the diseases on yellow apricot trees, this is an equally complicated disease

Initially, the disease is just a small spot that is difficult to detect, but this spot will spread over time, causing the leaves of apricot trees to wilt and damage.

The diseases on yellow apricot trees with pink fungus disease are when the disease has covered a whole branch, the apricot leaves in the affected area will be yellow and green patchy and then gradually fall off, the branch above the affected area. The disease becomes dry and cracked, brittle and easily broken. If not detected early and sprayed with preventive medicine in time, sometimes the whole tree will be sick, the next flower will not be beautiful.

Pink fungus disease on yellow apricot trees
Pink fungus disease on yellow apricot trees

Among the diseases on yellow apricot trees, this disease usually only attacks on small branches like incense sticks or rice chopsticks. Rarely cause damage to large branches or apricots if timely spraying.

In fact, the disease often causes more harm in the dry season, when the rainy season comes, the disease shows signs of lessening. Most of the diseases on yellow apricot trees also have this feature

Prevention and treatment: Regularly check the apricot garden in the dry season to detect and prevent diseases early. When detecting infected apricots can use: COC 85WP; Vidoc 30WP ; Vidoc 80BTN; or Vidoc 50HP… to spray on the affected area. If the garden often suffers from this disease, in the dry season, it is advisable to schedule periodic spraying.

Collect unrecoverable diseased branches and destroy them regularly. Cut diseased branches to cut inside the disease by a few inches to prevent residual fungal disease from continuing to grow and spread.

– Algae spot disease

Among the diseases on yellow apricot trees, this disease appears as small spots like seaweed on the leaves, which do not affect the tree much. However, reducing photosynthesis leads to reduced nutrients. When spraying to prevent or treat other diseases, this disease also heals on its own

– Yellow leaf disease – green veins

yellow leaf disease on apricot trees
Yellow apricot tree has yellow leaf disease

Among the diseases on yellow apricot trees, most of the apricot orchards suffer from this problem, however, there are few gardens and many gardens. When the plant produces all young leaves or a part of young leaves, they will all have a light yellow color, the leaves are very thin and the green veins are prominent until the leaves are old. This phenomenon will cause the plant to grow unhealthy and even not flower, the tree just tries to live, not grow more.

Among the diseases on yellow apricot trees, this is a disease caused by natural influence and care regime.

Cause: due to severe lack of nutrients, roots are damaged. Lack of nutrients for a long time and not fully supplied, due to waterlogged plants.

How to prevent disease: Take care and provide enough nutrients for plants. and regularly change the fertilizer for the plant every year if the pot is small. If the tree has a phenomenon in a few leaves, it must be treated immediately, without delay leading to more severe disease.

Treatment: create a new or better environment for the roots of yellow apricot trees to grow (replace manure, till the soil, drain the plants). Provide micronutrients slowly and provide growth regulators to help restore the roots. For example: Only water B1+ root2 to make the leaves gradually green again, the roots recover, water continuously for several weeks. Irrigation substances will include Zn, Mg, … to supplement nutrients for plants.


Diseases on yellow apricot trees are countless, but they are all more or less harmful to apricot trees, and cause difficulties in the cultivation process for farmers. All diseases on yellow apricot trees have ways to prevent and treat, but not for that reason, farmers should be subjective. But it is necessary to learn carefully about diseases on yellow apricot trees to prevent and limit diseases for good growth of apricot trees.

Diseases on yellow apricot trees mostly thrive in the dry season, when conditions are favorable. So growers should pay attention in this season to plan periodic care to avoid diseases on yellow apricot trees.

Diseases on yellow apricot trees are actually not difficult to control and prevent, but growers should establish a reasonable care regimen and regularly monitor to detect diseases on yellow apricot trees early.

The diseases on yellow apricot trees are countless, but the above are the most basic diseases on yellow apricot trees for your reference.

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