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Turn the mini Monstera tree to grow fast

Transform the Monstera mini tree to grow fast 1

The trend of growing interior plants has emerged in recent years, because most families want to create green space in their home. However, for narrow houses or small apartments, the pursuit of this hobby becomes much more difficult. Fortunately, Monstera mini has appeared as a savior – eliminating the worry of being cramped – both prosperous and suitable for every position in your family. So, how to Make Monstera Mini grow fast when growing indoors?


Monstera Mini shape “flattering” you should refer to

Transform the Monstera mini tree to grow fast 2

Based on each region – where Monstera mini was born and developed, their leaf characteristics are different, creating rich forms. This makes them suitable for many interior spaces. In small apartments, the most commonly seen and popular mini Monstera is the Thai and Chinese Mini Monstera.

For those who like to experience the mysterious, wild feeling like being lost in the tropical forests, Monstera Mini form Thai is an extremely suitable choice. The tree has a unique and eye-catching, rounded, deeply split leaf shape. In particular, they are thicker and sturdier than usual with an attractive dark green color.

Meanwhile, Monstera Mini Chinese form has a lighter green color, thinner and more elongated leaves than Thai form. This plant is suitable for those who have a gentle style, a bit Korean, Japanese – feminine, elegant and elegant.

How to make Monstera Mini grow fast when growing indoors?

Turn the Monstera mini tree to grow fast 3

Compared to the natural environment in tropical forests, the indoor environment does not seem to be suitable for the Monstera tree to flourish, showing off its wild, eye-catching beauty. Therefore, when grown indoors, the growth of the plant will be slower or the leaves and stems will be weaker. Therefore, pocket a few tips to make the mini Monstera grow fast below!


Provide plants with the necessary amount of light

For ornamental plants, especially Monstera Mini, the amount of natural light when growing plants plays an extremely important role. After leaving the natural forests, trees can only grow and develop quickly when the new habitat provides enough light sources with appropriate light intensity – warm, gentle sunshine, etc.

That said, it doesn’t mean we’re going to expose them to the sun for hours. If you have to live in an environment with a bright, intense, direct light source, the plant can be scorched and damaged.

So, is it safe to put the plant in a dimly lit place? In fact, if you put the plant in a place that lacks light, it can still grow, but it will slow down and produce new, tiny, weak leaves. Therefore, try to provide enough light that the plant needs you! Ideally, put the plants next to a window with a curtain or a covered balcony, let them dry lightly in the sun for 1-2 hours a day.

Schedule and suitable watering regime

Transform the Monstera mini tree to grow fast 4

Born in a tropical climate with never-ending rains, Monstera Mini loves moist soil, not too soggy but still nutritious enough to feed the plants. To know when a plant needs water, you should use a two-knuckle tip to measure the amount of water to be watered. If it is difficult to put your hand deep into the soil, it is difficult to dry, then water the plant. If the soil is moist, soft, and slightly cold, the plants still have enough water that they need.

Humidity for fast growing Monstera Mini plants

Monstera Mini can grow with humidity normally found in the home (range 30-40%). However, if you want the plant to grow quickly, you must add more moisture than that. To improve the condition, you need to regularly steam the leaves or use a humidifier to humidify the plant and your room.

The soil is suitable for the Monstera Mini to grow quickly

Like many other plants, the soil to grow Monstera Mini must be porous, moisture-retaining and aerated, well-drained. You don’t need a sophisticated, expensive potting mix. Just homemade soil, mixed with some growing media such as perlite, pumice stone, pine bark, slaghum moss and processed orchid charcoal will bring great effects to the plants.


The secrets of how to quickly grow a mini Monstera tree above are extremely detailed and simple instructions, even if you are clumsy, you can still do it. What’s better than finding a beautiful tree shape that is both suitable for shaping your style, personality, and suitable for your living space?

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