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Turn a mixed garden into an economic garden in the midland and mountainous areas

Converting crops from a mixed garden

Turning mixed gardens into economic gardens is like a new wind blowing into the midland and mountainous districts. Economic efficiency from fruit trees has brought a new life to the people here.

The government gives power – the people agree

More than a decade ago, the picture of the garden economy in the midland district of Hoai An (Binh Dinh) was still very blurry, although the area of ​​garden land here is immense.

The large gardens are scattered with dozens of jackfruit trees, dozens of coconut trees and a few banana trees, areca trees, etc. The trees grow by themselves over the years without anyone taking care of them, but no one cares. Because of that, the income from the garden is almost not counted in the family’s economic income every year, which means that the garden is there but it is not.

But in recent years, Hoai An district has become a bright spot in the garden economy of Binh Dinh province.

Turn a mixed garden into an economic garden in the midland and mountainous areas

Realizing the potential of garden economy of the midland land, the local government of Hoai An district has many policies to support, advise and guide the people here to turn mixed gardens into economic gardens with plants. valuable fruit, for high income. The former gardens have become the land of gold for the people here.

According to Mr. Nguyen Huu Khuc, Vice Chairman of Hoai An District People’s Committee, since 2016, the district has planned areas to develop fruit trees in localities. Simultaneously, the district mobilized farmers to renovate home gardens and hill gardens in the direction of reducing the area of ​​crops of low economic value, switching to planting fruit trees of high economic value, such as green-skinned pomelo. , avocado, Siamese coconut…

Hoai An district has implemented a policy to support 100% of seedlings and partially support the cost of building a water and fertilizer system for the first 3 years to stimulate people to participate in garden renovation, building gardens with high quality. economic return, high income for each household.

In particular, Hoai An district also pioneered in planting green-skinned pomelo and Siamese coconut in the direction of good agricultural practice (VietGAP) to then replicate the model in the area. At the same time, the area also applies a smart and economical drip irrigation system in many gardens.

The guidelines and policies, along with the support in many aspects of the local government, along with the desire to change their lives, have motivated Hoai An people to renovate their home gardens and hill gardens into economic gardens. orchards bring high income.

In Hoai An today, people’s lives are more and more stable and affluent. According to Mr. Vo Dong So, owner of a green-skinned pomelo garden in Thanh Tu neighborhood, Tang Bat Ho town (Hoai An district), in the past, Mr. So’s garden was planted with many kinds of plants. a little bit of each.

In the harvest season, his wife picks fruits to retail in rural markets. The income from fruit trees is just enough to buy food for the day. In 2013, Mr. So destroyed all the trees standing in the garden, then bought green-skinned pomelo from the southern provinces to plant.

“The pomelo trees are suitable for the soil and climate here, and are well cared for, so the 40 pomelo trees in my garden grow very well, giving large, regular and succulent fruits.

In particular, green-skinned pomelo grown on Hoai An’s land gives very good fruit quality, so before the harvest, traders come to the garden to deposit money and pay for all products,” said Mr. So. Image: Vu Dinh Thung.

The goal of Hoai An district is to expand the area of ​​fruit trees to 2,300 hectares in 2020, including 800 hectares of citrus fruit trees; By 2030, the area of ​​concentrated fruit trees with high economic value in this district will grow to 1,591ha.


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