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Treatment of parvo virus in dogs

Treating parvo virus in dogs is quite difficult. Because at present, medicine has not yet found a specific treatment while the risk of infection is too high. Especially foreign dogs like phoenix.

Treatments for parvovirus in dogs

Treatment of parvo virus in poodles

Path of parvo virus infection in poodles

Parvo virus is transmitted through the gastrointestinal tract. That is, the dog that swallows the pathogen will immediately get parvo. Dogs that come into contact with sick dogs or objects used by sick dogs are at risk of getting sick. Even if the equipment has been used by the sick dog a long time ago. Because parvo virus can survive in the air for up to 6 months. Therefore, during and after parvo viris treatment in dogs, you should throw away all old utensils. Necessary to disinfect the place of residence. In particular, healthy dogs and sick dogs should be isolated.

Treatment of parvo virus in poodles

There is currently no cure for parvovirus in dogs. All treatment regimens only support dogs to increase resistance, reduce symptoms, and avoid secondary infections. Our main task is to buy time until the dog’s body produces an immune response on its own.

The survival rate of pterygium depends largely on the ability to diagnose and the duration of intervention. Any minute or minute early intervention. During the onset of the disease, the veterinarian will inject antiserum for the dog to prevent shock from blood loss. In the first stage, doctors will give water to the pupa to balance water, electrolytes and supplement nutrients. Medications to help relieve diarrhea, nausea, and stop bleeding will also be used.

Nutrition in this process is also very important. At the stage of recovery, speaking plays a decisive role. Some notes on the diet during and after the treatment of parvo virus in dogs are as follows:

  • Do not give your dog food or drink until there are signs of recovery.
  • The time to begin to recover is to give your dog only soft, liquid, easy-to-digest food. For example, porridge, ground chicken, etc. Maintain this menu for 2 weeks or more.
  • Eat cooked, drink hot, clean
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Charlie Rosales
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