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Treatment and prevention for cats with asthma – bronchitis

The treatment and prevention of asthma – bronchitis for cats is not difficult and complicated. However, because the exact cause is unknown, the treatment is long and difficult. If your cat has asthma, you should immediately take them to the hospital to avoid

disease progression is more serious.

Treating cats with asthma – bronchitis

Acute cases of asthma require urgent treatment. Miu will be monitored from the time of admission, during the course of treatment until full recovery.

  • Oxygen therapy will be started immediately. Combined with the use of emergency medicine to open the airways to help the cat breathe easily.
  • Cats with asthma – acute bronchitis often have constriction and swelling of the airways. As a result, your veterinarian will likely give them medication to reduce swelling so they can breathe normally.
  • Steroids, and other anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce inflammation in the airways

After the acute emergency has ended, a long-term treatment plan will be developed to avoid recurrence of the disease.

In the case of asthma – chronic bronchitis. Your veterinarian will order removal of the irritant or prolonged treatment for your cat.

Prevention and management of cats with asthma – bronchitis

You may have to change your home environment to avoid irritants that affect your cat’s breathing.

  • Do not cool the air (air conditioner).
  • No smoking in the house.
  • Do not use chemical sprays.
  • Avoid certain foods. For example: cold food, shrimp, eggs, canned food, limit salt intake, etc.

In chronic cases, you should be prepared for lifelong treatment. Be sure to ask your vet about any issues you still don’t understand.

Recurrence is common and can quickly lead to death. If you notice that he coughs or breathes uncomfortably, you can take the medicine that was prescribed from the previous treatment. Or, take it to a veterinary hospital for emergency treatment.

Note: please follow the instructions and regulations of your doctor about diet and drug dosage. In particular, do not arbitrarily stop treatment when seeing signs of improvement.

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