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Top vegetable seeds that are easy to grow at home for nutritious clean vegetables

Currently, the need to find seeds Agriculture Easy to grow to be able to grow, take care of at home is increasing. Instead of choosing to buy outside vegetables of unknown origin and safety, many people have spent time growing clean vegetables at home to use. If you are in the process of learning and preparing to grow vegetables for the first time, you can refer to the following easy-to-grow vegetable seeds to try.

1. Vegetable seeds

Vegetables are currently one of the most popular vegetables grown at home in styrofoam today because of their easy-to-grow, easy-care vegetable seeds and high demand. This is a popular, healthy vegetable that most people love to use in their daily meals. Cruciferous vegetables have many types such as: broccoli, collard greens, mustard greens, watercress, bok choy… Vegetables can be used to prepare many different dishes such as stir-fry, soup, boiled,… This vegetable is temperate, easy to eat, and contains many nutrients. People can completely grow vegetables at home in garden soil or in foam containers to use

Vegetables are quite easy to grow. How to grow is very simple, people just need to prepare loose soil and then sow the seeds directly into the soil. After sowing, cover with a thin layer of soil about 2cm and water evenly. 3-5 days after sowing, the plant will germinate, the plant will grow about 2-3 true leaves, then separate to plant. Fertilize plants to grow green vegetables. After about 25 days of planting, farmers were able to harvest vegetables. People just need to cut it to use, leaving the root and young leaves for the tree to continue to grow and use for the next time.

In general, the seeds of collard greens are one of the easy-to-grow vegetable seeds that people can refer to to add to their vegetable garden.


Choysum seeds (Source: Internet)

2. Spinach seeds

Speaking of vegetable seeds that are easy to grow, easy to care for, for vegetables rich in nutritional value, delicious, it is impossible not to mention spinach. This is a vegetable with a sweet, cool taste, frugal, used mostly to cook soup, used often in daily meals. Spinach is also a cooling medicine for health, a refreshing soup indispensable in hot summer days.

In addition, spinach is also considered a folk medicine that has the effect of curing many diseases. In oriental medicine, spinach is used to detoxify the skin, treat heat rash effectively. Some studies show that this vegetable contains the precious pectin mucus, which has the effect of eliminating fat, laxative, anti-obesity, suitable for people with high blood sugar and fat.

Growing spinach is also very simple. You just need to prepare the seeds, soak them to make them crack. Then, sow in the soil. When the seeds germinate into seedlings, thin and take care of the plants to grow. Taking care of this vegetable is not too difficult because the plant has the ability to adapt to the weather and resist pests quite well, so it does not have to take care of too much. After only about 4 weeks of planting, farmers have a garden of green spinach.


Spinach is an easy-to-grow vegetable, rich in nutrients, and is an ingredient in many cool soups (Source: Internet)

3. Water spinach seeds

Water spinach is a vegetable that is easy to eat and has a relatively cheap price, so it is used a lot. However, according to experts, water spinach is currently one of the vegetables with a very high rate of rapid growth spraying, which greatly affects human health. So, if you love this vegetable, you can grow them at home to use. Water spinach seeds are in the top of the top easy-to-grow and fast-harvesting vegetable seeds.

Water spinach is a year-round vegetable, you can grow it in beds if you have garden land or grow it in plastic trays or foam boxes on balconies or terraces for families living in the city.

After having seeds of morning glory, people bring them to the ground. Water the soil so that the seeds germinate quickly. For this vegetable, people just need to focus on making the soil, fertilizing the soil to make the soil loose and rich in nutrients. During the planting process, do not fertilize. After about 25-30 days, it can be harvested. When harvesting, people use scissors to cut 5cm above the ground, then water and add fertilizer. Every 7-10 days, the trees grow green again and farmers can harvest the next batch.

The article has just shared with you the top vegetable seeds that are easy to grow, easy to care for, and fast to harvest. If you are planning to grow clean vegetables at home, try growing one of the above vegetables!

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