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Top 6 ways to improve moisture for Monstera

Top 6 ways to improve humidity for Monstera 1

Monstera is famous for its unique giant leaves and distinctive slits and holes, making it an ideal choice for home decoration. Growing and caring for Monstera indoors is generally quite simple, the only thing is that they are quite picky about humidity. So what is the way? Improve moisture for Monstera? Please read the article below to know the answer.

How does humidity affect Monstera?

Top 6 ways to improve humidity for Monstera 2How does humidity affect Monstera?

Monstera originates from tropical forests – where the humidity is higher than the environment in Vietnam. So, to give plants the best habitat, you need to mimic their natural living world with the right humidity.

Since Monstera possesses huge foliage, its evaporation process is also faster. This is why you need to give them a large amount of water by watering them regularly. However, there will be times when you’re busy or away and can’t maintain this, so the best way to support your Monstera’s watering needs is to place it in a humid environment.

How much moisture does Monstera need?

Monstera will usually thrive in conditions of humidity above 60%. However, in reality, your indoor environment doesn’t have that much humidity. But don’t worry, Monstera will still survive even when the humidity drops to 40%.

How to measure humidity in your home?

Ice cube test – improve humidity for Monstera

This method doesn’t provide any specific measurements or exact humidity levels, but it’s still an effective method to check if your home is wet or dry.

Implementation process:

  • Prepare a glass of water and ice cubes.
  • Go to the room or area where you want to test the humidity (where you grow your Monstera)
  • Put 4-5 ice cubes in a glass of water and leave it on the table inside the room.
  • Leave it there for five to ten minutes.
  • When the time is up, check the glasses. If a lot of moisture forms on the outside of the glass, the relative humidity is high.
  • Conversely, if there is little or no sign of humidity, the air is too dry.
  • Again, this is just a good method for initial testing. If you want accurate results then buy a hygrometer to your nearest hardware or store.

Hygrometer test – improve humidity for Monstera

Top 6 ways to improve humidity for Monstera 4This is a method that gives specific, precise results, it works based on the amount of vapor present in space. Most hygrometers come with a built-in thermometer, as temperature affects humidity.

Implementation process:

  • If you are using a wall-mounted hygrometer, choose a good location to mount it. It is better to place it in the middle part of the room where all areas can be covered.
  • Turn on the meter and wait for a few minutes to allow the instrument to calibrate.
  • Set the meter to humidity and choose your preferred units to display.
  • Monitor and record readings every hour or two. Record the maximum and minimum percentage readings you will receive.
  • Make sure that the hygrometer is securely mounted to prevent damage and injury.

Help Monstera cope with high humidity

Top 6 ways to improve humidity for Monstera 5Although Monstera prefers locations with high relative humidity, living in an environment with a high humidity threshold also presents the plant with several disease-related problems.

If you find that your home is getting too humid, you can try the following ways to reduce humidity.

Avoid over-watering – improve the humidity for Monstera

When recognizing some signs such as yellowing leaves, weak roots, the cause is that you have watered too much, check the frequency of watering and reduce it. You should only water when the top layer of the potting soil begins to dry out, if it’s still wet, don’t need it. At the same time, add a growing medium for better aeration and drainage.

Improve indoor air circulation

  • Avoid placing plants near walls
  • Keep six to ten inches between your houseplants.
  • Use a fan to circulate air throughout the room. It will also prevent wetness and dampness on the leaves. However, you should not place the fan directly on the tree
  • If possible, install a ventilation system in the room. This will help circulate the air by removing stale air. It also allows fresh air and carbon dioxide to circulate regularly.

Place your Monstera near the window

Top 6 ways to improve humidity for Monstera 6

Placing Monstera near a window will bring the plant closer to natural light, increase evaporation, and reduce moisture from the environment.

In addition to receiving sunlight, the areas around the windows have air circulation, which also helps to make the space feel more open.

Monstera likes to receive indirect sunlight, so placing it in a south-facing window is a good choice. However, if you notice that the amount of sunlight is too much for the plant, try placing it on a different window or use a curtain to minimize sunlight penetration.

Use the right soil – improve moisture for Monstera

Top 6 ways to improve humidity for Monstera 7Use the right soil – improve moisture for Monstera

A soil mix that is rich in nutrients, well drained, aerated and holds moisture is the ideal environment for Monstera to grow.

To make sure the soil meets the above criteria, you should combine them with media such as perlite, orchid bark, coconut chips and coarse sand, etc. That way it can aid in moisture retention, Good drainage, breathable, limiting the lack of moisture or too high humidity.

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