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Top 6 indoor plants to help you be rich and healthy

Indoor plants make the family space bright

Green trees in the houseah Not only greening the space, but also playing the role of purifying the air, making your home more airy and fresh. Not only that, with some indoor plants that are related to feng shui, they also help bring fortune and luck to the owner when planted.


Phu Quy Tree

In the collection of indoor plants that people often display, Phu Quy is the most popular indoor plant. This plant has many uses: produces large amounts of oxygen, cleans indoor air by removing chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene or other toxins. Not only that, the name of this plant alone exudes the luxury and wealth of the owner.

Note, the resin and fruit of this indoor green plant are toxic.

Rosemary Tree

Today, indoor plants are often grown in the form of hydroponics and Hong Mon is one of them. In terms of aesthetics, a little red of the flower, a little yellow of the pistil, a little green of the leaves and a little clarity of the water in the hydroponic pot help Hong Mon to become a highlight in your home.

Plants have the ability to effectively absorb many toxins such as xylene, toluene from the air and convert them into harmless substances.

Perhaps it is the eye-catching red color of Hong Mon that in feng shui, species indoor plants This not only symbolizes love but also helps bring luck to its owner.

Honeysuckle tree

Honeysuckle is one of the most popular indoor plants with feng shui, the name of this plant (Honeysuckle – gold coin) has brought the meaning of wealth and luck.

Jade tree

Jade plant is also known as stone flower tree. Based on the ancient application of feng shui, a jade plant placed in the right place will bring health and good luck. With very easy to propagate, just take a leaf and put it in the wet ground, it will sprout and grow into a new plant. Jade is considered a symbol of sharing and friendship. In addition, the name evergreen also symbolizes eternal youth.

The sage tree

The plant is also known as the fortune tree (due to the Chinese reading: it is homonymous to the fortune), in feng shui, this is a houseplant that brings luck to the owner.


As a year-round green houseplant, ivy has a very strong vitality, even in the cold winter. Therefore, it is considered a very good plant according to feng shui. According to folklore, another use of ivy is its ability to exorcise evil spirits. Therefore, it is also a plant that brings peace and luck to the owner.

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  • When planting varieties indoor plants For you, you should put it in an office to help bring abundance of fortune, money in like water, good luck, and smoothness in everything.
  • For the plants that attract money, especially the money tree, it is best to place it in the best area near the main door of the house.
  • Place the tree in the living room, where there is plenty of light to help your home not only look beautiful, but also welcome the blessing into the house.
  • Some indoor plants have the ability to filter good air, so they should be kept in the bedroom, helping to improve health, mental relaxation, and deeper sleep.


However, there are still some indoor plants that are harmful to health and feng shui. Therefore, you should carefully choose the plants before planting in your home.

Emilia Chaney
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