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Top 5 unique child rearing models but great income

Top 5 unique child rearing models but great income

raise a strange baby black soldier fly
Black soldier flies are one of the strangest ones that have been raised a lot lately

While many people in traditional occupations lost income due to the raging epidemic, prices were volatile due to volatile and saturated markets. Many people still earn income by adopting strange and poisonous children such as: flies, snakes, bats… Let’s find out what this poisonous baby model has!

raising a strange child
The model of raising children alone makes money

Buffalo cobra

raise a single child
Cobra and buffalo earn billions of dollars every year

There are many stripes on the body, the elongated head is clearly distinguished from the neck. Gray-brown color, looks quite “ferocious” but has no venom to harm humans. In the wild, they are meticulous species, their food is: toads, frogs, mice…but the prey must be alive.

But if you want to eat dead bait, you can practice it from a young age because snakes have not learned the habit of hunting at a young age. To make dead bait, depending on the solid weight to mince the bait to different sizes. Although it is dead bait, it must still be fresh and delicious.

Currently, the snake market is very rich and diverse. Commercial solids are supplied to restaurants and hotels in the country and partly for export. Here, an adult snake weighs about 2kg. With the selling price of grade 1 commercial products from 650-720 thousand VND/head. The investment cost of raising 1 snake is about 500,000 VND. Thus, a commercial snake makes a profit of nearly 1 million dong per year. Combined with the production of snake seed, such profits can be greatly increased. Raising cobras and buffaloes is a popular model of raising poisonous cubs to help farmers stabilize their economy.


Pineapple contains many nutrients

With just a little bit of corn, pieces of bamboo stalks or sugar cane, the moles can be satiated all day long, which is a safe and profitable model of raising children with low cost and high profit. Not only is it easy to find, but food for rats is also very cheap at just over 200-300 VND/head/day. Breeding has many advantages and advantages.

In addition to the crispy and delicious skin, the meat is also known as a food rich in protein and calcium.

Dui is considered a specialty served at restaurants and dishes. Therefore, the fruit is consumed in large quantities every year, the quantity of spawning has never been enough for farmers to supply to the market. Pushing 4-6 months of age, weighing 4-8 ounces, can get you for 700-1 million VND/pair. The price of commercial products can range from 500,000 VND/kg. The animal husbandry model is considered a new way for people to develop their economy in the context of fluctuating prices of traditional products.

Ca cuong

Fish stalks have many uses

Ca cuong is a fast-growing animal. After hatching only 32 days, adults reach a weight of 80 to 100 fish per kilogram. In their life cycle of more than 1 year, they lay 5 times, each time from 100 to 200 eggs.

45 days old does not fly but after 45 days old it flies, so have to make a shelter with a roof and release the water hyacinths inside. Here, people raise Ca cuong with the level of 1 square meter from 80 to 100 animals. In order for them to grow well, they will use oxygen aerators. Its food is live prey, mainly fish and crickets.

Ca cuong price is in the range of 40,000 VND per head.

Currently, ca cuong is used to make food or fish sauce. They also have medicinal effects. According to research, when using low dose Ca cuong essential oil will increase vitality in adults, treat bedwetting for children.

Black soldier flies

beautiful spirit
Black soldier flies

It is one of the single parenting models developed in many parts of the world. They partly solve the problem of environmental pollution. Not only that, it also has many potentials such as economic development. The cost of investment in breeding and breeding is very low, it only takes care of the main thing.

Fly food is just discarded agricultural by-products such as vegetables, morning glory…all kinds of rotten fruits along with tofu and additional bran to make the bait more abundant. The life cycle is from 28-35 days, when adults are about 10-15mm in size.

They often choose dark areas to lay eggs, after which the eggs become larvae, pupate and then molt into flies. Adult females lay between 500 and 800 eggs. Larvae are the stage of good waste treatment that can decompose tons of agricultural waste products to develop.

In particular, when adults after 4-5 days completely do not eat or drink, the flies die on their own and do not affect the human living environment. Raising black soldier flies is almost risk-free, it is important to improve the reproductive efficiency of flies, because fly eggs have a very high market value of about 20-30 million VND/kg.

Breeding mutant pythons as a scene

foreign country
Breeding mutant pythons as a scene

The model of raising poisonous offspring, which is a mutant python as an ornamental, has helped many households in the Mekong Delta become economically stable. Because each mutant python costs dozens of times higher than normal pythons.

On average, young pythons when newly hatched have the lowest price of 2-3 million, over time the weight changes a mutant python can bring to the owner from 20-40 million.

The market demand is large, so farmers are very excited and do not have to worry or headache about the joke of the product. White pythons, cotton pythons are the species that often produce the most mutant pythons, so any family lucky to own this breed is no different from five “golden warehouses” in the house.

Before the profits that this unique model of raising children brings, the authorities need to preserve and know how to replicate it to improve people’s lives and change the face of the new countryside.

It can be affirmed that Vietnamese farmers are not only industrious and hardworking, but also dynamic, enterprising, and risk-taking in raising unique children for economic development. Create new models suitable to the conditions of each family, each ecological region. They are the ones who contribute to the bright face of Vietnamese farmers every day.



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