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Top 5 Tet plants are always the best choice of every home

Top 5 Tet plants are always the best choice of every home

top 5 flowers tet
Of course, it is indispensable for kumquat trees on Tet holiday

Tet only comes once a year, so everyone in the family wants to decorate their house with Tet plants to add more vitality and spring color. In addition to the house must be clean and airy, bonsai is an indispensable thing in Tet. The following are meaningful and easy-to-grow Tet plants that everyone should know.

Yellow apricot tree

plant Tet trees

Apricot tree is the most commonly seen Tet crop in the spring. In my memory, I can’t forget the scene where my father worked hard pruning, watering, hoping for the apricot tree to bloom on the right occasion. Currently, it is possible to buy a beautiful blooming apricot tree, but it makes more sense to plant and take care of it yourself, isn’t it?

The image of yellow apricot flowers is colorful, budding and budding with the meaning of wishing for a new year of fortune and prosperity. It is believed that yellow apricot flowers blooming on New Year’s Day will help homeowners prosper and everything will be as they wish.

Potted apricot trees should be chosen from the end of October of the previous year’s lunar calendar to February of the following year’s lunar calendar to be able to bloom during Tet.

Peach tree

plant Tet trees

With a strong red color, the peach tree will make your home more bright and full of life. There are many types of peaches: peaches, peaches, peaches, etc. But the most popular is still peach, which is a popular Tet crop.

Peach trees are not as easy to grow as apricot trees. It is a soil-loving plant, moderately fertilized, requiring a lot of light, ventilation and ventilation. In the North of Vietnam, people plant peaches to get flowers to celebrate Tet, after Tet, people continue to plant peaches again.

In the past, peach blossoms meant to ward off evil spirits in the house. Today, peach blossoms bring warmth to the family, bring happiness and prosperity, and represent the close friendship and family-oriented hearts of children far from home. Therefore, the peach tree is the most popular and popular Tet crop.

Peach blossom only blooms once a year in spring. About 15 days before Tet, peach growers have to pluck leaves to dig the wrong flowers on the right occasion of Tet. Peach blossoms usually bloom 4-5 days and then fade.


top 5 flowers tet

Besides the yellow color of the apricot tree, the red color of the peach tree, the orange color of the kumquat tree will further complete the picture of spring, which is a popular Tet crop. A beautiful ornamental kumquat branch must have all four quarters, including: Beautiful shape, beautiful fruit and green and yellow enough, leaves with tender buds and a few flower buds.

The kumquat tree also symbolizes many dreams, dreams that bear fruit and ripen through the orange-colored kumquat of hope. In addition, the tree also represents brilliant luck in fame and money.

To get a satisfactory kumquat tree during Tet, we should go to kumquat gardens to buy. Depending on your preferences will choose different types of plants. Avoid buying trees too early to avoid smoldering and unsightly conditions during Tet.

Begonia flowers

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A favorite Tet crop no less than apricots, peaches…is begonias. Dressed in a beautiful red outfit, enveloping fresh yellow stamens, begonias bring us a feeling of warmth, comfort, and hope.

Place a begonia flower pot in the living room, completely attracting the eyes of all guests who come to play. Not only having aesthetic value, but also spiritually, begonia is a symbol of a rich, affluent and rich life full of houses.

A begonia flower that blooms to die usually lasts for 2 to 3 days. This flower usually blooms on Tet holiday.


Tet plants

Not the bright red or the lucky yellow, the pure white daffodils like the maiden also deserve a place in your home. Daffodils will make our Tet more rich and traditional.

There are many reasons to display daffodils during the New Year, one of which is because this flower is rich in meaning and highly symbolic. It is a messenger of happiness, luck and also represents noble friendship. In addition to the purpose of display, this Tet plant is also suitable for gifting colleagues and friends at the beginning of the year.

It is recommended to plant about 2 months before Tet with sufficient light and nutrition so that the plant can flower the most beautiful and most brilliant.

New Year’s tree flowers are indispensable spiritual food for everyone on Tet holiday. In addition to showing beauty, the tree is a Tet plant that also has unique meanings, expressing the wishes of people’s luck, warmth and happiness. There are many unique and meaningful Tet plants but need a harmonious and suitable combination for your home. The house should not have too many reds, yellows or too many gloomy whites, but must combine flowers with many different colors.



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