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Top 5 new pets are changing the face of our countryside

New high economic livestock
Top 5 new pets

New livestock is the choice of many farmers in the process of economic development or even getting rich. While raising the traditional animals is precarious, difficult in the process of raising and the price, the new livestock is completely different. They can adapt to the environment well, low cost, environmental protection, and give high productivity, good efficiency.

Egyptian Chicken

Egyptian chicken is a new pet that everyone is interested in
Egyptian Chicken

This new breed of livestock originates from Egypt and was bred in Vietnam, raised in the direction of experts to get eggs. This species is quite difficult to raise but suffers well, suitable for rearing gardens, gives good meat, and lays many eggs. After 20 weeks of age, the chickens begin to lay, the eggs are more delicious than other types of chicken eggs, the percentage of high yolk accounts for 34%.

Egyptian chicken eggs in the market are priced from 3,000 to 5,000 VND / egg. On the market, the price of chickens is 70,000 – 80,000 VND/head, 1-day-old chicks are sold for 15,000 VND/head. Commercial chicken also sells at a high price because of its delicious and firm meat, priced from 90,000 to 110,000 VND/kg.

Suffering well, giving birth a lot, delicious meat, these are the reasons why this new breed of livestock is chosen by many people to raise a stable income or even get rich.

Sea Duck 15 Dachuan

Daichuan 15 Sea Duck is a new breed of strict breeding
Sea duck 15

It is a new animal researched and bred by Dai Xuyen Research Center. Raising this new livestock is advantageous for farmers because it is less prone to diseases than conventional ducks.

It is a dual-use duck breed with a size of 2.7 – 3 kg when only 70 days old. This new animal has delicious meat quality, especially can be raised in a variety of methods.

15 Dai Xuyen sea ducks are well adapted to the environment, can be raised in brackish water, salt water, raised in many coastal provinces. In our country with a complicated climate change situation, many natural disasters, facing saltwater intrusion, this 15 sea duck will be the best choice.

Deputy Director of Dai Xuyen Duck Research Center Vuong Thi Lan Anh shared: “We estimate that using only 5% of the water surface area to raise sea ducks, we can produce 21 ducks. thousand tons, earning more than 2 thousand 1 hundred billion dong.

On the market, 15 Dai Xuyen sea duck eggs cost 4,000 VND / fruit, even at peak times it can be up to 6,000 VND / fruit.

Super lean duck

new pet
super lean duck

This is a new type of livestock with high productivity because of its superior reproductive ability compared to ordinary animals. This line of ducks can give up to 230 eggs per hen within 10 months, 10-12 eggs higher than usual, profits can be increased 2.5 times compared to conventional ducks.

This new animal has thick and fragrant meat, delicious, raised for nearly 2 months to be released, and can adapt well to terrestrial farming conditions. Therefore, the cost of breeding is low, just need a dry, clean and cool living environment.

But this duck species has high efficiency, good productivity, can shorten the rearing time, the rate of feed consumption during laying is low, the egg hatching rate is high, the duckling production rate is high.

It can be said that this is a safe direction for many breeders. Many times, the selling price of super lean duck ranges from 35 to 45 thousand VND/kg.

Hybrid sugarcane chicken

Raising Cane Hybrid Chicken earns up to one hundred million
Hybrid sugarcane chicken

Hybrid sugarcane chicken has good self-feeding ability, high resistance, suitable for industrial farming and grazing. The weight of Cane hybrid chicken is about 2-2.5kg/head.

Thanks to the good quality of chickens, fragrant and chewy meat, and a guaranteed time to raise chickens, the hybrid sugarcane chicken always ensures stable output.

Mr. and Mrs. Phung Viet Thuy, Ngoc Nhi village, Cam Linh commune (Ba Vi, Hanoi) regularly earn 300-500 million dong/year thanks to this hybrid sugarcane chicken farming model.

Every year, grandparents sell thousands of breeding chickens to the market, earning hundreds of millions of dong in profits, helping to develop the economy and even get rich.

The weight at the time of sale of roosters is 2-2.1 kg/head, hens from 1.6-1.7 kg/head. The selling price on the market depends on the time, ranging from 70,000 to 90,000 VND/kg.

Beef 3B

Cow 3b is a new pet with the characteristic of muscular shoulders
Raising cows 3B

As a new livestock imported from Belgium, this is a meat-oriented beef breed, well-adapted, fast weight gain, delicious meat and high economic efficiency. After nearly 20 months of rearing, each cow weighs from 700 to 900 kg, sells for from 60 to 70 million VND/head, achieving higher efficiency than the previous cow breed.

Raising 3B cows does not need to be grazed like local cows, has high resistance, and is less susceptible to diseases that cause risks or losses. It is one of the safe and sustainable directions for farmers. In addition, the waste from cow dung is currently being treated according to good modern technology and serves as a good source of nutrients for many crops.

Advantages of new pets

Productivity, high quality, good adaptability to the environment, and attractive appearance are the advantages of new livestock breeds. Not only that, new animals are created by means of crossbreeding, rigorous selection of breeds, selection of good and superior traits.

Things to keep in mind when raising a new pet

Although new livestock is suitable for tastes, has high productivity and is economically stable, not everyone is successful. Raising new pets also needs orientation and calculations, if raised to “follow the movement”, it will face many great risks, even failure.

The market is always fluctuating, sometimes the price of new livestock breeds is very high, but sometimes the price will drop a lot. Therefore, farmers must be active and grasp the market to be able to raise livestock in a favorable way.

Emilia Chaney
Emilia Chaney
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