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Top 5 interior plants to avoid – trendy but difficult to grow

Top 5 interior plants to avoid - although trendy but difficult to grow 1

The trend of planting trees has gradually become popular, especially during the recent Covid-19 epidemic. However, randomly choosing a plant that you feel looks good on Instagram or Tiktok to plant is quite risky. Including many Interior plants should be avoided Because although they are fashionable, they are very difficult to grow and take care of. Don’t let the media fool you and read the following article to know the truth!.

1. Interior plants to avoid: Betel nut – Caladium

Top 5 interior plants to avoid - although fashionable but difficult to grow 2

Thanks to its unique and fancy appearance, the Betel nut tree has become one of the trendy furniture trees loved by many people. Despite its “deadly” attractive beauty, this plant is very difficult to care for, its fragile leaves will shrink when encountering unsuitable living conditions.

Besides, you may not be able to take care of them to become real betel nut. There are many cases where growers do not know how to grow a betel nut with normal green color instead of pink. This is not the fault of the propagation but because you have not understood the principle of changing leaf color according to the light conditions of this plant.

In addition, this is also a “veteran” member of the water addiction club, they are always “thirsty” and require constant watering from the caregiver. Hearing this, people who are busy, no matter how much they like it, don’t dare to bring them home.

Thankfully, if you like the pointed arrow shape of the leaves, I can suggest an arrowhead leaf vine Syngonium podophyllum instead. The moderately green leaves come in a variety of interwoven colors such as pink, silver, white, purple, or cream – just as impressive as the Caladium plant!

2. Peacocktail (Calathea)

Top 5 interior plants to avoid - although fashionable but difficult to grow 3

Few people have been able to successfully grow peacocks and make them survive for a long time. Although plants in this family are beautiful, they have a reputation as the “television queen” of the houseplant world – super picky! They need high humidity and clean water to maintain lush green foliage. Otherwise, they will immediately leave you, ending their lives as the leaves turn yellow.

If you are really interested in eye-catching colorful foliage, I recommend displaying plants from the Aglaonema family. Their foliage is also varied and colorful, plus, they are low maintenance and low light tolerant!.

3. Indoor plants to avoid: Singapore Bang tree

Top 5 interior plants to avoid - although fashionable but difficult to grow 4

When it comes to the most popular interior plants today, one cannot help but mention the Singapore eagle. However, there is a rather sad fact that I still have to say if you are planning to display this plant, it is that they are not as easy to grow as you think. They often happen to drop leaves when slightly moved to another location or watered twice in one day

Instead of having to worry too much about a difficult pot of Singaporean eagle, I would rather stick with an artificial interior plant. Looks just like real trees, they don’t even take care of them.

4. Pearl string tree (String of Pearls)

Top 5 interior plants to avoid - trendy but difficult to grow 5

You may find it hard to believe when the pearl banana tree is on the list of difficult-to-grow interior plants. Many people, even knowing it, will not want to accept it because really this plant has a beauty that is too eye-catching. But the truth is still the truth, many people have brought them home and harmed them.

If you’re into the beauty of this plant, try a Teardrop or pea plants. They may not be perfect, not as captivating as pearl banana plants, but they have a super big plus that is extremely easy to grow and care for. Even if you sometimes forget them for months because of busy work or have to go away, they can still survive well. They’re fine with plenty of water and won’t rot at all if you water them too early!

5. Betel nut silk

Top 5 interior plants to avoid - although fashionable but difficult to grow 6

While many people are crazy about the foliage of silk betel nut trees and look for ways to bring them home, I have discovered some rather troublesome points in their care. Betel nut always grows without leaves, so growers must regularly prune it.

Instead, I think you should try to grow a rare but easier to grow plant, Cebu Blue Pothos, they have beautiful long leaves with a blue tint.

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