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Top 5 extremely attractive Dalat agricultural products do not fall in love without taking money

Da Lat agricultural products
Dalat agricultural products are super delicious and clean

Da Lat agricultural products have been famous for a long time because of their deliciousness and cleanliness, if you intend to travel to Da Lat and want to buy some gifts for your loved ones, do not ignore this article.

Strawberry Dalat

Da Lat agricultural products
Delicious ripe strawberries

Referring to Dalat agricultural products without mentioning strawberries is a mistake. Strawberries make people remember thanks to their eye-catching appearance, sour taste, sweet and cool, eat once and remember for a lifetime!

Da Lat strawberries are often grown by hydroponic strawberry growing on trellises, producing large, succulent, quality fruits.

Strawberries are most ripe in the spring, when ripe, the fruit is bright red, about the size of a big toe. Not only delicious, eye-catching but strawberries are also very good for the skin and health. Strawberries are not only delicious, but the strawberry garden is also very good, a place that many people often check-in.

In Da Lat, there are 3 main types of strawberries, each with its own characteristics, so the price is also different:

– The average Da Lat Japanese strawberry variety is about 300,000 – 400,000 / kg.

– Newzealan strawberry varieties range from 250,000 to 395,000/kg

– American strawberry varieties range from 120,000 to 200,000 VND/kg.

How to choose delicious strawberries: Avoid choosing green fruits with many white spots, choose large red berries, bright green petioles. You should come in the strawberry harvest season to buy the best quality strawberries.

Da Lat wax

Da Lat agricultural products
Delicious Da Lat wax

Another extremely famous dish when talking about Da Lat agricultural products because of its delicious and fatty taste. Avocado has a green skin, lots of flesh, supple flesh and very fragrant. The fruit is round with large seeds but little fiber, greasy aroma with attractive chicken fat yellow color.

Da Lat waxy season focuses from May to early August, so buy in these months because avocados will be very delicious and good quality.

Wax butter is not only delicious but also good for health, especially for babies who are coming of age, women are good for their skin if they know how to use them.

Butter is often used to make smoothies and to make sugar. Or more interestingly, you can use avocado with tomato salad or prepare it with salmon sushi. Only one avocado we can transform into unique and different dishes.

Avocado is an expensive gift when you only need about 40,000 VND to own 1 kg of waxy butter, which is both delicious and nutritious, and can be bought at any stall at the Da Lat farmers market.

How to choose waxy avocados: Choose slightly old fruits, green skin, rough, choose fruits with yellow spots with high wax ratio, flexible and fatty flesh, fresh stalks. Choose the fruits when gently shaken, you will feel the seeds rolling inside

Flowers ATISO Dalat

Da Lat agricultural products
Artichoke flowers have many uses

When it comes to artichoke flowers, people immediately think of Da Lat city, a very famous Dalat agricultural product here. Going to Da Lat in October, seeing the purple artichoke flowers, there is nothing more wonderful to describe.

The main active ingredient of artichoke is cynarine, which has a bitter taste, flowers also have the effect of laxatives for the liver, bile, urination, digestive stimulation… Artichokes are used in the following forms: Artichoke tea includes parts: stems, roots, flowers, leaves – is an oral medicine that has good effects on the liver and diuretic.

People use artichoke flowers to make cooling tea or prepare nutritious food.

The selling price of artichoke flowers in Da Lat will vary from time to time, averaging about 100,000 – 200,000 VND/kg of fresh cotton, 50,000 VND/kg of dried leaves, 200,000 VND/kg of dried roots, 100,000 VND/kg of stem dried. There are times when the price of fresh cotton is up to 500,000 VND/kg.

Crispy persimmon Dalat

Da Lat agricultural products
Delicious Da Lat persimmon

Crispy persimmon will be a Dalat agricultural product that can please everyone because of its delicious taste.

Crispy persimmon is a special gift that nature bestows on this land, because it does not take care of it, is not afraid of rain and wind, is not picky about planting soil, just sowing it, the persimmon sprouts and produces sweet fruits. when the season comes. The season when the hips begin to bloom is in the autumn, when the whole fruit-laden region is filled with eye-catching yellow colors.

Persimmon contains many minerals beneficial to health, good for the digestive system, preventing cardiovascular diseases, anti-aging, making the skin beautiful and rosy naturally. In addition, persimmon is also a fruit that helps to cure alcohol very effectively.

Usually, tourists coming here will buy persimmon jam and dried persimmons as gifts for their family, relatives and friends, both meaningful and nutritious for only 100,000 VND – 150,000 VND/500gr.

Da Lat sweet potato

Da Lat agricultural products
Da Lat sweet potato

Looks like sweet potatoes in other regions, but potatoes in Da Lat, when ripe, have the aroma of honey, chewy and delicious when eaten. Sweet potatoes are grown a lot in Ta Nung, Lac Duong.

With only 24 thousand to 40 thousand VND, you can buy yourself 1kg of high quality sweet potato, typical in Da Lat.

Banana Laba Dalat

Da Lat agricultural products
Laba bananas are delicious only in Da Lat

Laba bananas, also known as Tien Vua bananas, are famous for their delicious taste, soft and sweet when ripe, not sour and pasty like regular bananas, good for health.

Laba bananas are not as fat as a seed banana, not as small as a pepper banana, nor as round as a banana, but are elongated, slightly curved, and have a small stem. When ripe, the fruit has a smooth golden color, a very pleasant yellow color.

This banana line is a specialty of Da Lat, because it is only when grown in the soil and climate here that it produces its right taste, and grown on other soils, although delicious, but not as good as when grown in Da Lat – where there is land. basalt red, has a pleasant mild climate.. Therefore, Laba banana is typical when talking about Da Lat agricultural products, only Da Lat has it.

Coming to Lam Dong, visitors can find Laba bananas easily at markets in the inner city with prices ranging from 10,000 VND to 15,000 VND/kg. With a price that is too reasonable to be able to enjoy the characteristics and quintessence of Da Lat, nothing is better.

Da Lat agricultural products
Dalat agricultural products are super delicious and clean

Da Lat agricultural products always make customers near and far satisfied by guaranteed quality and diversified and rich products. Most tourists visiting Da Lat bring back at least one agricultural product here to use or as a gift for relatives and friends.

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