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Top 5 devices – solutions to water garden lawns

Top 5 devices - solutions to water garden lawns

watering the garden lawn

Watering the garden lawn

The lawn and garden appear everywhere, be it the Lawn, the garden in the school campus; maybe a corner of a park, maybe a football field, maybe just a small corner of a townhouse or villa…

And it is obvious that the scale, size, shape, irrigation conditions are very diverse. From an area as large as a football field, to an area sometimes only a few square meters of garden; Sometimes the water is abundant and is directed to the place, sometimes the water source is very limited and must be irrigated by tank trucks…

That’s why, that equipment – ​​solution for watering garden lawns also very diverse. Below is Agri’s product review department Top 5 devices – the most effective solution for watering garden lawns.

Garden lawn sprinkler Pop up Hunter PSU 04 (USA)

Hunter PSU04 . Garden lawn sprinkler

When it comes to Pop up sprinklers (the sprinkler heads will protrude when the pressure in the pipeline system increases) commonly found for landscape irrigation and traffic irrigation, the Hunter PSU04 sprinkler is considered to be the most popular sprinkler. Typical applications of the Pop up Hunter PSU are irrigation in road eels, lawn irrigation, as well as irrigation for resorts and tourist areas.

The Hunter PSU 04 sprinkler head has a radius of 2.1m – 5.7m and can adjust the irrigation angle, so it is very convenient and suitable for small and medium-sized garden lawn irrigation projects.

Technical features:

Highlights of the Pop up Hunter PSU 04 garden lawn sprinkler:

  • Firm, durable, no water leakage
  • Integrated garbage filter in the device core
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain
  • There are many sizes of throats to replace depending on the needs of the irrigation radius
  • Adjust the watering angle easily

TECO Orbita garden lawn sprinkler (Italy)

Teco Orbita garden lawn sprinkler

Teco landscape sprinkler sprinkler Orbita is suitable for garden irrigation, home lawn. The sprinkler set has a full range of accessories including a sprinkler, a 20cm high, or 31cm high body, a hose connecting the nozzle to the pipeline system.


Throat Size: 0.9mm, 1.0, 1.3, 1.5*1.8 and 2.0mm

Flow** corresponding to throat size: 38l/h, 47, 74, 101133, and 154l/h

Diameter** corresponding to throat size: 5.6m, 5.7, 6.7, 7.37.7, and 7.8m

*With the Kit, there is only one throat size 1.5mm

** Tested at 1.5 bar pressure, 20cm . height above the ground


  • The sprinkler has the feature of adjusting the flow and irrigation radius thanks to the integrated screw valve
  • The kit includes a full range of components and has two options for 20cm and 30cm stake heights. Including: Irrigation nozzle, pole mounted, flow control valve – on / off, wire and accessories connected to the water pipeline.
  • Irrigation throat 1.5mm

Ducar Green garden lawn gun 70

When you need to water a football field (ball field) or a large lawn like a park corner… you need a device with a long spray range, the uniformity can reach nearly 100%?! And then Ducar Green Garden Lawn Watering Gun 70 may consider using.

Highlights Ducar Green 70 . lawn lawn irrigation gun

Ducar Green garden lawn gun 70

  • The watering gun can adjust the sprinkler head and control box, can adjust the angle from 0-360 degrees, pressure from low to high (2-6 bars), high efficiency
  • The product is creatively designed with replaceable throats and adjustable tearing heads that distribute water more evenly even at the base of the sprinkler.
  • Used for all types of crops, from plants that require high uniformity, fine water particles such as vegetables to industrial crops such as coffee, dragon fruit; Pepper; Widely used in watering large fields such as pastures, corn, etc.
  • Rotate or adjust the irrigation angle with the same rotation speed;
  • Application in agricultural irrigation, stadium irrigation, mine irrigation; movable irrigation or fixed system irrigation.
  • High quality paint makes the product more durable against environmental influences.

basic technical parameter

Irrifrance self-rolling garden lawn mower

When you need a solution to irrigate a large carpet, a large area of ​​land that you do not want to invest too much in the initial stage, you can apply the mobile watering solution with a self-propelled lawn lawn sprinkler. Irrifrance book. This is a moving solution for irrigation projects for stadiums, golf courses, etc.

DIG Excel drip irrigation hose for garden lawns

Drip irrigation for garden lawns

And finally, in some cases you need to apply the Drip Irrigation solution to the garden lawn. Some typical cases you can drip irrigation for garden lawns such as:

  • Grass planted in between the slots of the garden tiles (you don’t want to waste water watering the entire area, just wet the lawn properly)
  • Narrow grass between the paths
  • Grass carpet planted between concrete niches
  • The grass has a special shape…

DIG Excel drip irrigation hose for garden lawns is a good suggestion for these applications. Specifications of DIG Excel 17mm . landscape drip irrigation pipe

  • Pipe diameter: 17mm
  • Pipe wall thickness 1.2mm
  • Pressure compensation feature
  • Hole distance 30cm
  • Flow 2.3l/hour



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